Society of Sim
Federation Name Society of Sim (SOS)
Shows Monthly
Time open 2005



Founder Buck Pelletier
Based in United States of America
Federation type Pre-Booked Sim
Status Active

Society of Sim (SOS) is a Pre-Booked Sim federation founded by Buck Pelletier. It was started in 2005 and produced 10 shows, however due to various reasons and complications it was closed down. It returned in early 2006 with the show 'Rebirth' that pitted the SOS Three against one another in a triple threat match for the SOS Championship. Since then it has continued to put on shows regularly hosting several new stars and SOS Veterans alike.

SOS closed down again after its "Scaffold of Sim" show from 8/1/07. It intended to close until January, where it would return to its original schedule until the end of summer.

However, on December 7, SOS owner Buck Pelletier announced that, due to many of SOS's writers losing passion, and the crash of popularity of Sim Wrestling, it would be a bad idea to re-open SOS. Instead, they plan to have one last show on 1/13/08, but close thereafter.

SOS's "Swan Song" event was held in Manchester, New Hampshire in front of a sold out crowd on 1/13.

Following the shut down, the SOS name and championship were used and referenced for storylines in other promotions. One of those was in WCSF, in which the SOS World Title was brought into the company during a feud between former SOS main-eventers Josh Outland and Daz. Daz won the title from Outland, making one of the only instances in e-fed history where a promotion's top title changed hands in another promotion.

In 2009, the WCSF moderators had a falling out with WWE-Club and WCSF owner, Bryan Eggers. The moderators left the promotion. When SOS founder and owner Buck Pelletier suggested re-opening SOS, the moderators were supportive of the idea. Several past SOS writers and new talent enthusiastically supported resurrecting SOS. On May 11, 2009, Buck sent a mass e-mail to all registered members of SOS, and posted in SOS's forum officially announcing the promotion's return.

10 days later, on May 21, 2009, the SOS return card was posted. The show will be named "From The Ashes" and will take place at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.


SOS: The First Era

Main article: SOS: The First Era

The First Era of SOS was the time period that began when SOS opened on April 4, 2005. The first event of the era was on May 14, 2005. The era officially ended on July 31, 2005, although many people also include the time of the failed promotion NGSW as part of the era.

The Rebirth

Main article: SOS: The Rebirth

The Rebirth Era of SOS was the time period that began with the SOS: Rebirth event on January 14, 2006, and ended on February 24th, 2007.

SOS: The Third Era

Main article: SOS: The Third Era

The Third Era of SOS was the time period that began on February 24, 2007 with the SOS Invades Canada event, and ended in September 12, 2007 following the cancellation of an event (the card of which was posted on August 30, 2007), and the announcement that SOS would be closed down until January.

Swan Song

Following the 3-month break after the failures of the Third era, SOS was scheduled to return full-time in January 2008, starting with a huge show on January 13 from Manchester, New Hampshire.

However, many things happened in the Sim world during SOS's absence. Many top indy Sims like IOW had closed down. Even the industry leader, WCSF, was suffering from increased no-shows and general lack of interest compared to previous years.

Due to this "crash" of popularity in Sim Wrestling, SOS Owner Buck Pelletier was convinced SOS couldn't continue. Even if it could, it could never regain its past success.

So, the only scheduled show for SOS's final season, 1/13 in Manchester, NH, would still be held, but it would be billed as SOS's final show, hence the title "Swan Song".

2009 Return

In 2009, the WCSF moderators had a falling out with WWE-Club and WCSF owner, Bryan Eggers. The moderators left the promotion. When SOS founder and owner Buck Pelletier suggested re-opening SOS, the moderators were supportive of the idea. Although reportedly, Buck initially made the suggestion in jest, the idea caught fire, and several past SOS writers and new talent enthusiastically supported resurrecting SOS. On May 11, 2009, Buck sent a mass e-mail to all registered members of SOS, and posted in SOS's forum officially announcing the promotion's return.

The SOS return show "From The Ashes", was held on June 3, 2009. The show featured 7 matches with both past SOS and WCSF talent. It also featured several SOS "flashbacks" which got new viewers up to speed on some SOS history. In the main event, Josh Outland defeated The Buck and Daz in a 3-way to earn the title of "SOS Legend".

The new SOS held a second show on June 27, 2009. The show was titled "Green Legacy" as a dedication to Japanese wrestling legend Mitsuharu Misawa, who passed away in the ring earlier in the month. SOS held a tribute to him at the start of the show. The show featured several quality matches including The Buck vs. Dante, Daz vs. Josh Outland and Team Catwalk vs. CmTp to crown the new SOS Tag Team Champions (which Catwalk won).

After SOS owner, and sole Admin/Booker Buck Pelletier went missing in action for over a month, delaying a Manchester, New Hampshire show, Pelletier offered a co-Admin and co-Booker position to Josh Outland (the writer for the character of the same name), and Dale (writer for Daz), both of whom accepted the position. Pelletier will remain the top Admin and Co-Booker, and will retain ownership of the company (he also paid for the new domain name). However, Outland and Dale will have significant roles in the company as co-bookers, and occasionally posting cards and shows.

The Manchester show finally went up on August 6. Because of the long wait, and the fact that the main event was a 3-month suspension match, the show was titled SOS: Suspended!. It was the first SOS show ever to be posted by someone other than Pelletier (it was posted by Outland).

SOS held its next show, SOS: War In the Hornet's Nest, on August 30. The show was named for the nickname "Hornet's Nest" given to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, in which the show took place. In a double main event to determine the finals of the SOS World Title tournament, Daz defeated Omega, and The Buck defeated Josh Outland. Both matches received glowing reviews.

The next show, SOS: High Society 2009 on 9/10/09, was a historic event. Held in the historic wrestling town of St. Louis, Missouri, the show was considered to be one of SOS's biggest shows. SOS owner Buck Pelletier had previously declared that, while each SOS show is as big as a Pay-Per-View, in the new SOS there will be three "huge" shows, unofficially called the "Big Three" (named after the WWE's "Big Four" events: Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series. Largely, the same principle applies to SOS's "Big Three"). The SOS "Big Three" would be "Save Our Souls" in January, "SOS Anniversary Show" in May, and "High Society" in September. Since SOS made its return in June, "High Society 2009" is the first of the "Big Three" to take place in this format. The next scheduled is "Save Our Souls 2010" (working title), set for sometime in the month of January, 2010.

At "High Society", two new champions were crowned. First, Los Luchadores defeated Team Catwalk to win the SOS Tag Team Titles. Then, in the main event, Daz defeated The Buck in a "Three Stages of Hell" match to be crowned the new (and the first two-time) SOS World Champion. Another notable match from the event was BFF defeating The Hawk in an Anything Goes match. Later in the night, BFF became a surprise entrant in the High Society 3-Way Gauntlet Match, winning the match and securing a future shot at the SOS World Title.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
SOS World Championship Daz The Buck September 10, 1009 St. Louis, Missouri High Society 2009
SOS Tag Team Championships Los Luchadores Team Catwalk September 10, 2009 St. Louis, Missouri High Society 2009
SOS International Championship Vacant N/A N/A N/A N/A
SOS Hardcore Championship Vacant N/A N/A N/A N/A

SOS Matches

  • Four Corner
    • Two men are legal, the other two wait on the aprons. Tags are necessary, one fall to a finish. Variations on this match include the Four Corner Elimination, with the same rules but as an elimination match, and Cha0s Four Corner which uses the no tags rule of the T0tal Cha0s tag.
  • T0tal Cha0s 6-way
    • a 6-man match, with every man for himself. Only two men are legal in the ring at a time, but no tags are needed. When someone leaves the ring, someone else can just come in. It starts with the other four men standing on the apron in the corners, but later on in the match it may break down and have everybody fighting on the outside as well. This match is one fall to a finish.
  • T0tal Cha0s Tag
    • The same as the T0tal Cha0s 6-way, but now it’s three teams of two. All other rules from the T0tal Cha0s 6-way apply here.
  • 5-Count match
    • Another rare match for use only when it becomes a true argument over whether the referee counted too fast in a match. The two participants wrestle until one of them can pin the other for the referee to slap the mat 5 times while the opponent’s shoulders are down. Submissions do not count in this match as it’s all about getting the pinfall. However, you can be disqualified in this match.
  • Mountevans Rules match
    • The rules in which all one on one SOS International Title defenses will be under. The match is 2 out of 3 falls, consists of 6, five-minute rounds (with 30 second rest periods in between rounds). No striking to the face of any kind is allowed because this is all about pure wrestling. In the event of a draw at the end, the person with the most falls wins, but if there is a tie, then it goes into one final sudden death round in which the next fall wins. If there is no winner at the end of Sudden Death, the match is considered a draw. Other rule changes in this match include a 10 count on the floor, as well as all submissions on the ropes or chokes must be released within the count of 3 by the referee as opposed to 5. Non-severe rule breaks, such as failing to release a hold on the ropes or choke, a strike to the face or the like earns you a yellow flag, which is a warning. More severe offenses such as weapon usage results in a red flag, or an automatic disqualification.

Celebrity Appearances

SOS has had several celebrity cameos.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone appeared on the SOS show "Contested Legacy". He congratulates Josh Outland for winning the SOS World Title. It may have been the first and only time in his career, maybe his life, when Outland was speechless. He was able to force out a stuttering "thanks" afterwards.

Kiefer Sutherland

Sutherland was noted to have been in the crowd for several SOS shows including "Rebirth" and "Zero vs. Buck". He first made an on-screen SOS role in the same Outland segment on "Contested Legacy". Sutherland didn't speak in the segment, but Outland mentioned rival The Buck idolized Sutherland. He later made another appearance in the crowd at "Save Our Souls". Sutherland has claimed to be SOS's "biggest fan".

Sutherland was reported to be in the front row of the crowd at "Swan Song", and was also later backstage talking with the wrestlers. he said he would've liked to have had a speaking role, but he said he "loved the show" and will "miss SOS".

On May 14, upon being told that SOS was returning, Sutherland reportedly said "The timing couldn't be better. My schedule is opening up because 24 is wrapping up for this season. I'll be in the front row when SOS comes back. Just tell me the time and place, I'll be there."

Kanye West

At SOS: A New Proving Ground in Montreal, Quebec on 10/19/09, Josh Outland and Daz were exchanging harsh words at the end of the show following Daz's victory over Tony Sanchez (retaining his SOS World Title). In the midst of the argument, "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West played over the loudspeakers. Kanye West himself walked through the curtain to a mixed reaction from the fans.

Upon entering the ring, Kanye forceably grabbed the mic out of Outland's hand and said "Yo Josh, I'll let you finish, but Daz had one of the best World Title matches of all time! One of the best matches of all time!". Kanye then dropped the mic and exited the ring, leaving Outland, Daz and his manager, Shinsuke shocked and stunned in the ring.

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