Sonny Williams is an Afro-American wrestler currently working with Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment.

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Training History

Sonny Williams was trained by the former WWE Champion The Rock at a wrestling development center in Los Angeles. Sonny learnt all he knows today from the future Hall of Famer and it has taken him far in his career. The Rock stated when he had his first group of ten wrestling students (one including Sonny Williams) that Sonny had the most potential to succeed in this business out of all students. Since then he has come to success with becoming a Multi-World Champion. The Rock stated in a press conference this year that he is proud of his efforts that helped Sonny succeed in this business.

Wrestling History

Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment

For Sonny Williams, MWE has been his major wrestling federation so far in his career. Sonny Williams started his time in MWE way back in May 2007 when he was signed by former MWE Owner Collin Lexington. Collin thought Sonny had great potential like The Rock had thought and signed the tough childhood living superstar. It took time for Sonny to get used to the setting in MWE but with some backstage guidance by loudmouth superstar DC. Sonny finally got settled into the newly formed federation when he, David Whitman and Pala formed a faction by the name of Mayhem Mafia to go against the ever so arrogant force of Rated-X which consisted of Brian Michaels, DC and Devlin Sharpe.

A long term feud went under way until things ended, this saw Sonny Williams move on and off after 'at the time' current MWE United States Championship holder, Alejandro Rodriguez. Sonny took time to get heated with Alejandro before defeating him and become MWE United States Champion and winning his first ever title. Sonny Williams held the title for over a month before problems in the industry caused Richard Covell to come in and work things out which consisted of vacating all titles, which was also Sonny William's MWE United States Championship.

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