Southern Championship Wrestling
Federation Name Southern Championship Wrestling
Abbreviation SCW
Shows Friday Night Heatwave(FNH)
Time open October 2006-Present
Owner Wayne Riley
Based in Southern USA
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly

Southern Championship Wrestling (SCW) is a wrestling e-fed that was created in 2006 and is owned and operated by the chairman Mr. Riley. Though Mr. Riley is the head chairman there is also a section of 5 exceptional staff members each of which are coincided to be part owners, these staff members will be discussed in full in the staff section. SCW operates in the southern United States and runs a weekly television taping and one large event each month.

SCW mainly bases their weekly Friday Night Heatwave shows out of San Antonio Texas where they currently hold the hiring contract for the ground floor of the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio/Texas

Friday Night Heatwave

The weekly SCW wrestling events are called Friday Night Heatwave (FNH), and are taken part in the Freemans Coliseum, San Antonio/Texas. The events are undertaken on a weekly bases every Friday night, only being canceled when on the same week as a PPV thus the moving the SCW time slot to Sundays.

In October 2006 on creation of the SCW, owner/promoter Mr. Riley contacted the dealership of the Freeman Coliseum requestling a contract for the hiring right to the stadium for FNH and PPV cards. The spokesperson from the Freeman Colisuem indulged that they had come to a deal with the SCW for hire of the ground floor only, which is thought to be plently of room for the ring equiptment and crowds. Though we are likely to change the location of FNH when on tours the Freeman Coliseum has now been announced as the official home of SCW.

Southern Championship Wrestling Style

The SCW is widely known as a promotion dedicated to the showcase of pure wrestling throughout the southern parts of the United States of America. SCW officials defiantly announce that you will be seeing no "Sports Entertainment" style gimmicks here, no its tough, rough and damn real!!!

Southern Championship Wrestling Staff

Mr. Riley is the owner and head chairman of the Southern Championship Wrestling, through his efforts off advertisement he was able to secure a very reliable staff to surround him as well as wrestlers for the roster. Mr. Riley is mainly a man in the shadows of the fed fixing the forums and keeping both the staff and wrestlers happy.

Phillip Storm is now believed to have been pushed upwards in the promotion to the recognition of General Manager. The man himself is widely known in the efed world having himself a very successful wrestling career still holding records today in place the likes of Universal Wrestling League

Mr. Evolver is the head booker/promoter in the SCW. Basically Evolver is the man who puts the cards together and with the help of the creative team members inputs the ideas for feuds, matches and PPVs. Due to a close friendship with the Chairman himself Mr. Evolver is known to have a high level of influence on the promotion.

Josh Eagles leads the promotion as the head of the creative team, with ideas for the future cards and results flowing from his head. The "Canadian Sensation" Josh Eagles is a well known wrestler throughout the efed community and has proved that he has the ability to run a fed on many occasion, the SCW is highly grateful to have such a man on our team.

Mark Optiman leads the SCW as the head of the graphics team enabling both our members and forums with high quality graphics material. His job entails the construction of a wide range of graphical edges to our promotion examples of which are WebPages, signatures, merchandise and PPV posters.

Southern Championship Wrestling Roster

==Kento Khan, Macros, it ==


SCW Heavyweight Championship, SCW Lionheart Championship, SCW Tag Team Championship,

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