Pure Wrestling Alliance
Federation Name Southern Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation SWF
Weekly shows Afterburn
Major PPV Wrestle-Palooza
Opened January 2007 - Present
Owner Ricky Harris
Commentators Rick and Quinn Lake
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Monthly

Southern Wrestling Federation is a wrestling federation which opened in January 2007, created and run by Ricky Harris. The goal is for a competitive, active, and exciting federation, with a balanced mixture of upcoming wrestlers with more experienced stars. There is a weekly show on Wednesdays called Afterburn and monthly PPV's beginning soon. After the end of the WWFE, many of the wrestlers were left with no job and came seeking the SWF. Ricky has started the small SWF. The FOX Network has had a talk with Rick, and they said if the SWF has a couple of good shows, they will let them be on FOX. So Ricky has gotten a few of the remaining WWFE wrestlers together to be in the SWF.


SWF Heavyweight Championship

SWF Television Championship

SWF Cruiserweight Championship

SWF Perfect Five Championship (Won by winning five matches in a row. If another wrestler has won five also, then they will have a match for the title.)

SWF Tag Team Championship


  • Outburst
  • X Spot
  • Mike Allen

Tag Teams

X Marks The Spot (Allen/X Spot)

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