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Southern Wrestling Federation
Debut Date October 02, 2004
Headquarters Shane Franklin's Office, where ever he decides to make it.
General Manager Michael Winthorpe IV
Operated By SWF

The Southern Wrestling Federation (SWF) was an American professional wrestling federation. It is known for it's only run from October 2004 - December 2004.

Television Shows

Saturday Night Prime Time was the flagship show. SWF BeatDown! was going to be a second show, but never started because the federations closed.

Championships and accomplishments

Promotion Championship
or accomplishment
Current champion(s) Held since
Southern Wrestling Federation SWF World Heavyweight Champion Vacant December 19, 2004
SWF International Champion JackHammer October 24, 2004
SWF Extreme Champion Madman Rotten December 19, 2004
SWF Tag Team Champions Adrenaline Rush December 19, 2004
SWF Television Champion Max Miller November 21, 2004


SWF Super Heavyweights

  • Gabriel Gates
  • Chino
  • JackHammer
  • Misery
  • Tyrant
  • Ludvig Von Borga

SWF Heavyweights

  • “The Prophet” Craig (245lbs.)
  • "Tha Killa" Jon Michaels (245lbs.)
  • Arch Kincaid (289lbs.)
  • “The Flame” Matt Keith (275lbs.)
  • Eggs (238lbs.)
  • Henry The Hacker (230lbs.)
  • Danny Hardrive (252lbs.)
  • Madman Rotten (240lbs.)
  • Chris Angel (256lbs.)
  • The Ultimate One (260lbs.)
  • Joker Ezbarza (235lbs.)
  • Mark Morris (280lbs.)
  • Max Miller (245lbs.)
  • McCammon (240lbs.)

SWF Welterweights

  • Psymon Nix (195lbs.)
  • Chris Wilkins (175lbs.)
  • Matthew Draven (225lbs.)
  • “Mr. Ego” BBK (220lbs.)
  • Fantastic Joe (197lbs.)
  • Stitch (190lbs.)
  • “Latin Lover” Juan Leon (200lbs.)
  • Drake Kencedro (229lbs.)
  • Reckless Jack (220lbs.)
  • “Big Shot” Hembree (220lbs.)
  • The Freak (150lbs.)
  • Razor (220lbs.)

SWF Divas

  • Ms. Strawberry
  • Amanda Passion
  • Stephanie Booth

Tag Roster

  • The Hembree Boyz Members: Big Shot and The Freak
  • Adrenaline Rush Members:
  • The Coalition Members: Psymon Nix, Max Miller and Mark Morris
  • Hateworks Inc. Members: Misery and Tyrant
  • Damage Inc. Members: Matthew Draven and Jon Michaels
  • The Darkness Members: Reckless Jack and The Prophet
  • The High Rollerz Members: Drake Kencedero and Joker Ezbarza

Notable Non-Active Roster



  • SWF President - Victor Clark
  • SWF CEO - Michael Winthorpe IV


  • Prime Time Commentators - Terry Terrance and "Big" Dick Slender
  • Prime Time Ring Announcer - Keith Bookman
  • BeatDown! Commentators - Waylon Mercy and "The Wrestling Dictionary" Stone Phillips
  • BeatDown! Ring Announcer - Johnny White


  • "The Top Man" Marv Albert
  • "Roving Reporter" Mary O'Neil
  • Keala Hillman
  • The Hobo


  • Austin Whitely
  • Jack Miller
  • Flip Simpson
  • Rick Johnson

List of Pay Per View Events For 2004

SWF October Oblivion: Halloween Hell October

SWF Thanksgiving Turmoil: Fatal Feast November

SWF Christmas Chaos: Holliday Havoc December

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