Spaz was an unlikely e-wrestler who wrestled for several different e-feds...more notably the Internet Wrestling Organization (IWO). He was known for his comedic routines and interesting promos, but also known for his toughness and commitment in the ring. Spaz retired from e-wrestling in 2001 due to a conflicting schedule and has not been seen again since.

Savage Wrestling Federation

As many e-wrestlers did, Spaz got his start in a small rinky-dink e-fed known as the Savage Wrestling Federation. In Spaz's first match, Spaz managed to claim the company's Hardcore Title. One week later, he'd lose the title to well known Superstar "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner. Spaz was dejected, and needed to prove that his fast start within the business was not a fluke. Two weeks later, Spaz challenged the SWF World Champion and owner of the fed "The White Boney". Spaz would emerge victorious. Spaz's reign as SWF World Champion never ended. Several rematches with The White Boney and other competitors such as Caesar were no match for Spaz. Due to the lack of competition for Spaz, the Savage Wrestling Federation was forced to shut down forever.

Simulated Wrestling Order

Searching for a new job, Spaz found himself signing up for the sWo, a well known e-fed known for very stiff competition. At first, Spaz was overwhelmed by the amount of competition. His last few months as SWF champion had showed no competition at all, and suddenly Spaz was the least competitive wrestler on the roster. A change of heart and a new act put Spaz on the map. Although his time in sWo was extended, Spaz managed to win only one title in the sWo, capturing the sWo Tag Team Titles with partner Venom. Spaz would go on however, to become an sWo legend, winning the sWo Royal Rumble and defeated everyone on the sWo roster. Shortly after retiring from the sWo to join the IWO, Spaz was inducted into the Simulated Wrestling Order's Hall of Fame.

IWO Tournament

During his stint in the sWo, Spaz unknowingly to others went looking for extra work. Spaz's dream had always been to wrestle in the IWO, but there was a sense of not being good enough. The amount of heart and experience in many of the IWO's finest were far ahead of him. However, when the IWO set up a tournament for any amateurs who wanted to join the IWO, Spaz signed up and was accepted into the tournament. Spaz would go on to win 3 matches in the tournament, only to have the tournament cancelled. Fortunately for Spaz, the IWO decided to take those who were left in the tournament and put them in a newly founded series of development territories.

To Be Continued

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