Spike Kane
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Real name Michael Patrick Kane
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Height 6'4
Weight 245lbs..
Date of birth March 22nd, 1979
Place of birth Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Date of death
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Resides Boston, USA Flag of the United States
Billed from Boston, USA Flag of the United States
Trainer Self/Conrad Jones
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Debut October 1996
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Spike Kane was born on November 27, 1978, or that at least is what we're lead to believe, until it was revealed that Reckless Jack and Spike were in fact twins brothers

hailing from Belfast, United Kingdom. Split at childhood Spike ended up going to an Orphanage in England where he suffered at the hands of a psychotic Orderly who forced the children to fight. After escaping Spike did what he knew how to do, fight. After several years he got into the wrestling scene, and after over a decade of wrestling now he has risen to the top in several federations; XwF, ICW, XHF, XCW, and nCw most notably. Spike currently resides in Boston with his fiancee Alysson Gardner and his son Xander Aiden Kane. Spike has once again returned to the ring and currently wrestles for nCw, and RPW.

Major Wrestling History


Some of the federations I have been in may be confused with others, as I kept no record of them so it's all down to my memory. So please, if anything is incorrect or contradictory feel free to email me and let me know and Ill fix it. Thank you.

World Dangerous Wrestling

Spike had been drafted to the WDW, a local British Federation in Birmingham, England. A scout had spotted him during a Backyard Wrestling show. Spike was not signed as a big name or for a long period of time, in fact he was signed under the alias "Bonesmasher" Spike would be to feud another debuting talent named Kronic, who would befriend Spike and soon turn into a tag team to fight Kenny Kourageous and friends. Yet, with little money, a tired gimmick and no promise of the future, Spike along with several other superstars left the WDW.

World Dangerous Wrestling Federation

With the WDW closed, Spike was out of work before he received a phone call from his old friend Kronic. Kronic had offered Spike a year long contract with modest pay and several United States tours. Spike took the job and was able to come up with the character of Spike Kane, given WDWF's Creative Freedom. Soon enough WDWF saw the Hardcore Maniac we now and love go to work, capturing the WDWF Hardcore Title Numerous times.

Spike Kane also made quite a name for himself in the Tag Team Division. He would go to team up with a man known only as Insane Fan, a superstar who started out as a crazed Triple D fan (Triple D also hailed from WDW) but then ended up joining with Spike to take the Tag Titles away from The Two Man Power Trip: Kronic and Triple D. Spike and Insane Fan would go on to be numerous time Tag Champs, but only because they would constantly turn on each other and cost each other the titles. This Tag Team combo was extremely unstable, yet the most successful the World Dangerous Wrestling Federation ever knew.

Shortly after Triple D wanted to drop the Intercontinental Title to challenge for the World Heavyweight, Spike asked Kronic is he could step his character up and take Triple D's place. Kronic told Spike "no" flat out, that he was a "Hardcore Wrestler" and that the Hardcore Title and it's Division was lower than the Women's. Within a week, WDWF's four biggest members, Triple D, Spike, Insane Fan and Pottsy walked out, taking the Hardcore, Tag and IC titles with them.

Extreme Backyard Championship Wrestling Federation

Pissed at the world and angry with the wrestling business Spike reluctantly went to work for an old friend: Little Simon Dynasty. LSD had come up with a new way to run a Federation giving the fans the feel of a top scale Wrestling Federation, with the wrestling of Extreme Backyard Wrestlers. Spike brought Triple D and Insane Fan with him and before long he had become the longest reigning EBCWF Xtreme Champion. Spike had perfected his art so it seemed and before long, Little Simon Dynasty, decided he couldn't handle controlling the EBCWF anymore, and handed it down to Spike.

It was here that Spike was thrown to the wolves, he was now residing in the US, where EBCWF was based, and had no experience running a federation. Behind the scenes he had a lot of help from Triple D, both of them using their own established names to help put people on the map.

Spike and Triple D feuded over the EBCWF World Title to raise it's prestige after the holder XcOrE bolted and left the EBCWF hanging. Spike defeated Triple D in a Streetfight, both men putting their lives on the line...but it was not to be as almost directly afterwards the Board of Directors pulled the plug.

Xtreme Wrestling Federation (First Time Around)

Spike was brought back to England by a recruiter to help run an up-and-coming federation ran by a man named Wolfsta.

Make no mistakes, Spike's name was becoming well known in the indy circuit and the fact that he had built EBCWF into what it had become was well known. Wolfsta wanted to cash in on this, so he did. He signed Spike not only as a superstar but as a Co-Owner, just to help out with the creative side of things. Yet Spike was adamant not to be involved in his own affairs in the ring. He was a wrestler at heart and did not want to become corrupted.

Spike would go on to become the first XWF Hardcore Champion, and soon enough would retire the belt due to his undefeated streak, which eventually lead to the Triple D/Spike feud being re-ignited.

Spike and Triple D battled for the World Heavyweight Championship, and when Spike won. Wolfsta pulled the rug out from all of them. He expired Triple D, Spike and The Ace's contracts he had security ban them from any arena they would appear at.

Spike and Triple D pooled their money together, XWF was theirs...and they'd bring it back in their own form....

XwF 2

Spike and Triple D kept the same name, it was a name people had come to associate them with. They hired new talent from around the world and due to their success had the money to run the place. With Spike's musical career also taking off, they were going pretty well.

Spike picked up certain talents such as The Ace, Milo Holland, Chirs "Blade" Berra, AJ Reeves, Xcon, Flame, Scarecrow and Skorp. The personalities fit well within the XwF and the business flourished.

Spike had signed Kronic to the XwF to prove a point and Kronic joined Spike's group of good guys, along with Blade, and Stony Mazia. In this time Spike was the XwF World Champion and was feuding with Triple D once more, in one memorable night Triple D took out each member of Spike's group before the two met in a Streetfight later that night for the World Title.

Spike and Triple D went over a bridge during the street fight, which was to lead to a storyline of both men disappearing for a few weeks. Both men were tired and had been working non stop, this was to give them a break and a chance to set up some more meetings to sign new talent.

Spike and Triple D both went away on holiday, leaving Kronic and AJ Reeves in charge, but much to their dismay on their return....XwF was finished. The ratings dropped, their superstars unhappy. Tired and fed up, Spike and Triple D closed the XwF.

Xtreme Championship Wrestling

Two members of the XwF; Blade and Scarecrow both hailing from Australia begun a company called Xtreme Championship Wrestling. It may not have been an original name, but it appealed to Spike.

Spike joined the XCW and captured the Xtreme Championship, almost right away. Spike defended the title night after night, show after show, but soon enough Spike changed and we saw a side most people would never thought of, as Spike turned on the fans and his friend Blade for the first time ever....and joined forces with none other than Triple D, to form SoaD (System of a Down)

Spike and Triple D would go on to dominate the XCW, with Spike still holding the Xtreme Championship, Triple D holding the World Heavyweight and them both holding the Tag Team Titles. It was around this time that Blade approached Spike and offered him a deal. To end his alignment with Triple D, Blade would merge XCW with Spike's own could Spike refuse?

Xtreme Wrestling Alliance

So Spike made the deal, he cut his losses and the XWA was made. He was stripped of the Xtreme Championship and the Tag titles, in fact all titles where stripped as they were re-branded. Spike was a co-owner, yet all he ever did was book matches acting more like a commissioner than anything else.

Spike would fight Triple D only a few times as around this time both The Hollands and Xcon were quite big names, Kronic was still around and still a pain in the ass, The Ace was becoming well established now too. Spike and Blade would join up as a tag team, Blade changed his name to Chris Bamgera, before going through another change to be called Chris Berra. The two formed a team called Team 2X. They held the tag team titles, but as should have been known, it was only a matter of time before Spike turned on Berra leaving him a bloody waste.

Spike would go to team with Triple D once more as they reigned supreme again, Spike becoming the first and only XWA Submission Master and XWA Carnage Champion. It was this era that saw the awe inspiring "demise" of Milo Holland. During a flaming casket match with Milo Vs Triple D, Spike came down and used up the fire extinguishers, when Triple D got Milo into the casket, the worst was feared.

It turned out that it was a farce however and Milo was all fine and well, but the ensuing chaos and fun that Triple d and Spike had, carrying the urn with Milo's "ashes" in and assaulting Dave holland in kfc was what made the XWA fun, but Spike had set his sights on something new, something different. He banded together his real life allies and they left XWA for much greater granduer.


Spike and his group of misfits; Kronic, Triple D, Xcon, Milo and Dave joined both Bottom Line wrestling and NWWA; New World Wrestling Association, at the same time. Under the name Social Distortion 17 they planned to conquer both federations by taking away all their championships. It was something nicely sorted out, Xcon would take the Heavyweight Division, Triple D taking the next one down, usually Intercontinental, Kronic taking the US type division. Whilst Spike would take any and all Hardcore style belts and The Hollands would dominate the tag team division.

The plan backfired in NWWA however when shortly after Spike demanded his Hardcore Title shot they had a roster split. All of Social Distortion 17 were on one show, except for Spike. It did not make much difference, as Spike was denied his truly earned Hardcore Title shot and left the federation.

In BLW however the team of Social Distortion was going strong, accept not as a team. Each member was doing their own thing, Triple D almost captured the World Heavyweight Championship, The Ace had captured the Survivor Championship and meanwhile Spike defeated one Rat Bastard to capture the BLW Total Violence Championship. Spike would be the last man to hold this however, as BLW was doomed and collapsed.

Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment

For the first time since WDW Spike would split from his core group of friends as he joined an American federation by the name of Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment. Spike made his appearance by attacking Corey Taylor and waging a war with the biggest baddest dogs in the yard, the XWE's Hells Angels.

The XWE was well established before Spike arrived there but they saw promise and talent in this young man. Spike would go on a huge storyline in the war with the Hell's Angels that would see him use the Burning Hell ankle lock more and more, till finally he would break several members of Hells Angels ankles, starting with Corey Taylor.

When Triple D appeared just before the end of this feud, Spike allied with him, the two then jumped ship and in a complete swerve ended up joining the Hell's Angels before they went on to capture the XWE Tag Team Championships.

However with such a huge roster and such well established superstars Spike and Triple D faded into obscurity as the writing staff could not come up with anything for them. The XWE offered them new contracts, but they declined. Time to go elsewhere.

Internet Championship Wrestling

Kronic had gotten in touch with Spike, having missed out on the XWE experience, Kronic had been searching for work still. He had found them both work in an Insane Clown Posse obsessed ICW. Spike had looked over the championships, with some such as the "PA Juggalo Championship" yet it didn't bother him, he was World Title material and he knew it!

Spike joined and became an instant enemy to Darkside. This consisted of the owner Razzz and many others, soon Kronic would turn and join them. So Spike banded together ICW's babyface roster and formed Team Xtreme. With Razzz's second in command Roller Deuce at Spike's side, the war began.

The war between the two factions went on until ICW's Lord of the Ring tournament. At this time Spike had become the Intercontinental Champion. Razzz and Kronic were forced to fight each other, but it was Spike and Roller Deuce who met up in the final, Spike would go on to win and become the ICW 2002 Lord of the Ring!

Much else of Spike's ICW career is not peffectly clear as he came and went at will, he did however capture the Hardcore Tag Championships and even the Juggalo Tag Championships (/w Razzz) he would also go on to claim the United States Championship and be named Number One Contender for the Ace's Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship, before ICW would close it's doors forever.

The Xtreme Hardcore Federation Era

Spike entered the XHF with a large group of wrestlers from the fallen Ultimate Badass Wrestling Federation (UBAWF) Spike had a short lived run in the XHF's Tag Team Division with his protegé Cosmo. However, Spike sustained an injury that would put him out of action in the business for a year!

The Return of the God of Xtreme

Spike would return to XHF almost a year after and his ascendancy to greatness in the XHF began.

  • 24/8/05 - XHF Terminal Velocity - Spike defeats Kevin Hardaway in Spike's first match back.
  • 5/9/05 - Spike loses an XHF Phoenix Championship to The Ace, after the Ace cheats.
  • 9/9/05 - Spike defeats Seifer for the Number One Contendership for the United States Championship.
  • 25/9/05 - XHF Breaking Point - Spike defeats Red Ember Man to become the XHF United States Champion in only his fourth match back. However Spike is attacked by Kevin Hardaway during his celebration...this would usher in, a time of insanity and hardcore bliss.

The Best of Five Series

Kevin Hardaway had attacked Spike Kane the moment he had won the United States Championship, with these two men being so volatile and aggressive, it seemed right to put them into a Best of Five series, each man getting to pick a fall, and the final being picked by the XHF's Wheel of Destiny. It would turn out to be a driving force behind Kevin Hardaways catapult to fame, as well as Spike's himself.

  • Spike defeats Kevin Hardaway in a Dragon's Den match to win the first match in the Best of Five Series.
  • Kevin Hardaway chooses the Second Fall to be an Iron Circle Match. Spike defeats him but right afterwards Spike joins the faction of The Xtreme Degenerates, AJ Phoenix and MGK, and they throw Kevin Hardaway off the stage.
  • The third, and what could have been the deciding match is called off by XHF Commissioner, James Mueller, due to Kevin Hardaway's Health.
  • Kevin Hardaway manages to come back and beat Spike in a Submission Match.
  • Hardaway ties the series by beating Spike in a Normal Match, leading the Series to Bonafide Homocide.
  • Kevin Hardaway defeats Spike Kane in an Ambulance match to win the Fifth and final match of the Best of Five series, to become the XHF United States Champion.

The best of Five series was over and had been won by Kevin Hardaway, with the loss of the United States Championship, not all was lost...a deep respect would be formed between the two superstars, masked of their ongoing hatred for each other.


It was around about this time that the team of Spike, MGK and AJ Phoenix otherwise known as TXD underwent a major upheaval. MGK turned on AJ Phoenix and for a while it seemed that Spike would be stuck in the middle, before he pledged his allegiance in favor of MGK, and the two founded the faction known as Darkside.

Darkside would go onto to include some of the biggest names now in the XHF, who were rising stars at the time, Deathtrain, Michael Storm, CK Owens, Milo and Dave name but a few. It was around this time that Spike was feuding Tanya Byrd, a former fling and AJ's wife. It was also revealed she was the mother of his son! Having defeated Hardaway for the United States Championship, once again Spike's career seemed to circle around the title.

Spike defeated T-Bird and would take place in an eight man tag team match between himself, MGK, The Brothers Holland and Testament/Mr. X emerging victorious. However a long string of defeats had left Spike unstable, and after losing to T-Bird at the pay per view, he could no longer stand being the only person in Darkside not enjoy he left, and spat in there face. Which of course, was a bad idea.

MGK took it personally and took it out on Spike in many ways, open beat downs, pretending to forgive and then taking Spike out. It culminated when Spike challenged for MGK's X*Crown Championship. Having "lost" a Table match to MGK after the entire Darkside Faction interfered, Spike made the match a Dragon's Den...but it was never to take place. With Xtraction around the corner things got blown out of proportions and with Spike joining the Team of AJ, T-Bird, Cosmo and Death Trap, it seems the heroes where on a roll....that is, until they lost!

From the Ashes

After the defeat at Xtraction Spike was entered into the "King of the Deathmatch" Tournament, his first match being against Milo Holland. With an emotional and intense build-up, the match delivered heavily and Spike proceeded through before losing in the next round to one of Team Tron.

However, Spike and his tendency to be so vocal about things landed him in trouble (at least, in James Mueller's mind) The current XHF Commissioner, James Mueller made a match to shut Spike up, a King of the Hill Match. It would be a Time Limit match where somebody would start of as "king" and to become "king" you would need to pin them. Whoever was "King" at the end would win the contract for any match, anytime, anywhere. Spike managed to win this match, defeating: Rage, William Spencer, Milo Holland, MGK, Kevin Hardaway, Snake and James Mueller himself.

Immediately after this was the XHF Rumble. Spike entered a Top Five Favorite, with the likes of MGK and AJ Phoenix. Spike entered Number 50 and managed to make it all the way to the end, even eliminating his partner AJ Phoenix to finally eliminated an XHF veteran Death Trap to become the XHF 2006 Rumble Winner!

The Road to Night of Champions

Straight after the win at the XHF Rumble Spike was thrust into the limelight. A returning Papa John would face Spike at Gastro. A way to gain instant fame, however Spike ripped through Papa John as he would the majority of his opponents on his quest to the daddy of them all, Night of Champions.

Spike defeated; Robbie Williams and set himself a target knowing he would be facing James Mueller just days later. He challenged the XHF Veteran, Venom. Spike showed the world that he could hang with the big boys with an amazing matchup with Venom, however he fell short and lost to the XHF Veteran.

Several days later Spike walked into Night of Champions, looked upon as a lucky rookie, and after a brutal match up with James Mueller, Spike walked away the XHF Champion! Spike had made it to the top of the world as far as he was concerned. He was now the man, and nothing, nobody could stand in his way!

The Champ

The view was nice from the top of the world and Spike Kane certainly enjoyed himself, and kept himself busy in the ring, the way a fighting champion should. Straight after Night of Champions, Spike Kane would team up with two extremely unlikely allies; Kevin Hardaway and The Redneck Rage going up against Kanyon Inc; Chris Kanyon, Pillman and La Parka. Spike and his allies picked up the victory via DQ and as per the stipulation Kanyon Inc. was disbanded, only for Kanyon to create: "Kanyon Enterprise"

This would eventually begin to build up a feud, as Spike would fight La Parka at the next event, picking up the win - even though Chris Kanyon tried to interfere. Kanyon was foiled, and Spike almost destroyed Kanyon when he got his hands on him.

Next on Spike's busy schedule was a Title Defence, but no ordinary title defence, it would be against a man from his past...a man he'd brought crashing down many times, a man most people think Spike either emotionally destroyed, or sculpted in this business; The Ace. Spike managed to beat The Ace in a hard fought battle and a match for the ages, but afterwards would be beat down by Chris Kanyon escalating their feud.

Kanyon would then trick Spike into having a handicap match with the powerful tag team White Is Right (Ron Gibson and MAtt Hicks) if spike could beat them he would get his hands on Kanyon the very same night. Well Spike did defeat White is Right, but when he got into the ring wit Kanyon he lost control and got himself DQ's for using weapons, much to the delight of himself and the crowd though.


With the rapid decline of sportsmanship and general manners in XHF, Spike WALKED OUT as XHF Champion, being one of few men to make it to Two Time Champ, he walked out of the federation in disgust, and hooked up with Reckless Jack once more, joining the WCF or WCF.

Spike made his on-screen debut by burning the XHF Championship in a promo where he sealed the deal of his contract with the owner Seth. That very night, Spike would make a live debut by helping out Reckless Jack and his Tag Team partner Jay Williams. In the match however, Reckless Jack had suffered a neck injury, and at the next week's Slam, after Spike defeated The Xtreme One it was announced that he would be taking Jack's place as Tag Team Champion, teaming up with Jay Williams the pair now head to Explosion to defend their titles against TXO and TVO: Team Xtreme in a Steel Cage Match.

Spike and Jay Williams lost the tag titles in one hell of a controversial match. Jay Williams would turn on Spike and leave him to face TXO and Davey Boone (due to TVO being injured) alone. Eventually the numbers game caught Spike and he lost.

In a rage, pissed at the world...Spike left WCF for good.


The Impact

Recruited to New Championship Wrestling Spike wanted to make a name for himself in this new place, make an impact. So he did just that, on his onscreen debut he attacked the much loved and respected "General" and gloated on TV before being chased away.

Spike was pleased, however things didn't go well as his first match...he would be booked against a man from hims past, his childhood to be exact, non other than Dave Holland. This match was beyond what nCw could have imagined, they had no idea what these two could put together, so Spike and Dave put on one hell of a show, before Pilskin came down and distracted Dave, allowing Spike to pick up his first victory over a promising future nCw World Champion on his debut.

Spike's next match would be at the nCw pay per view: Road to the Gold. Having missed out on a chance to fight for some gold himself, Spike however had caught the attention of nCw owner Leonard Fox. Leo put Spike in a match against another man he'd come across before, non other than The Violent One, TVO. In no normal match though, it would be a Janitor Match, and if TVO lost he became the nCw's Janitor. He did lose however, John Anthony would help Spike pick up the victory and help usher Spike into the nCw limelight.

Later that night Davey Ortega approached both Spike Kane and John Anthony, asking both men to join him, in a faction; The Empire.

The Empire

The Empire got off to an amazing start with Spike Kane and Davey Ortega having a tag team match against Lance Ryan and Jack Manson (The nCw World Champion and National Champion respectively) Spike managed to pick up the win pinning Lance Ryan, illegally however, but the win counted. Spike was now 3 for 0 in nCw and nobody could overlook this rising star.

Spike fell in line to Davey Ortega and kept his sights off of the nCw World Heavyweight Championship. Instead he set his sights on NWS' Jack Manson, and the nCw National Championship. The feud that ignited between Jack and Spike set the nCw on fire, it completely overshadowed everything else that was going on at the time, be it Lance versus Davey fir the World Title, or the introduction of the Tag Team titles. Spike kidnapped Jack's parents, Jack returned the favor by kidnapping Freya and sticking a gun in her face. The feud culminated in a Hardcore Barbed Wire Cage match at nCw's Mind Games. Spike picked up the victory with Christian Kane's help...and later that night shocked the world.

As the National Champion, Spike, and the rest of The Empire escorted Davey Ortega to the ring for his World Heavyweight Title match with Lance Ryan. At his command The Empire turned on Davey Ortega, Spike lead the charge. They beat him down and cost him his match before Spike claimed to be the new leader of The Empire!

The NEW and IMPROVED Empire

Spike was in charge now, and had taken the step up to become the biggest Heel in nCw. In the near future a World Title match could be seen, and as Spike organized a battle royal to find a number one contender for his title..after screwing over NWS so many times, they decided to take revenge.

Milo Holland won the battle royal, and Spike demanded they have their match right away. NWS interfered and cost Spike the National Title merely weeks after he won it. Spike took it hard, and the very next week he decided to get revenge on Lance Ryan.

The World Title Chase

Spike wanted revenge on Lance Ryan, and what better revenge than to take his World Heavyweight Title? Spike had an announcement first however...Cassandra Ryan was pregnant, and she was due any day. Spike attacked Lance after his match and announced to the world..that HE was the father of the child!

This was of course a lie, but Lance had over stepped the boundaries when he insulted the memory of Spike's son. Lance took Spike's announcement to heart, it crushed him and he began to slide down the mental road. He missed the birth of his child and almost lost his relationship with Cassandra Ryan. Two weeks before Transgression, The Ace and Spike Kane were to be in a tag match with Lance Ryan and the returning SOS Phillip Burns. Lance was so dejected and down that he left, abandoning Burns for Spike and Ace to destroy. With one more show before Transgression everything seemed to be going to plan for Spike Kane.

At the very last moment Lance Ryan snapped out of his phase. Spike's Mind Games had done their work however, as they headed into Transgression Spike had exactly what he wanted, an nCw World Heavyweight Championship match. The time came, and the match did not fail to deliver, the leader of the New Empire showed his cronies how things were done when every one of them lost at Transgression. Spike defeated Lance Ryan (by cheating however, he grabbed the ropes when he pinned Lance) and became the Second only nCw World Heavyweight Champion, and the first nCw Superstar to hold two Singles Championships in nCw.

The Reign

Spike Kane became the second wrestler to ever hold the nCw Championship after defeating Lance Ryan at Transgression, within a week later, he disbanded the Empire, proving that there services to him were no longer needed, the following week, He formed a Tag Team with Reckless Jack revealing the two to be twin brothers, and that The Brothers Holland father, Castor Holland killed their father many years ago, they would team together a few times, however the feud between The Hollands and The Kane Brother failed to go anywhere. Spike would defend the nCw Championship at Metamorphosis on December 16, 2007 against Davey Ortega inside The Dragon's Den, After a grueling battle, Spike Kane ultimately ended up defeating Davey Ortega after hitting a Spinebuster thru a Flaming Table, before applying an Ankle Lock to pick up the victory, however after the heated contest, Spike Kane brother, Christian made his presence felt, attacking his brother and stealing the nCw Championship.

Spike remained away from the attack for about three weeks, before returning as a Baby face to help out, Davey Ortega, Lance Ryan, and Jack Manson against the New Empire, headed by Spike younger brother Christian, this is where Spike would regain procession of his championship, The following week, he nearly lost the championship against Mark Evil, but the decision what ultimately reversed. The following week, Spike and Christian temporary had to form an alliance to combat a new threat in nCw in the Mid Card Uprising, however the two proved they could not co-exist. Finally at Crossroads, in A Last Brother Standing Match, Spike managed to retain the nCw Championship against his younger brother, This would be Christian Kane last match in nCw for several months, as he was ultimately released from the company but later resigned.

Spike now had to contend with The Age Of The Revolution as well as two challengers for his nCw Championship, one being the former champion, Lance Ryan, the other Jack Manson. However weeks leading into the event, something came over Spike, as he began to stragger and become a shell of his former shelf, which lead to him losing the nCw Championship at Sovereign to Lance Ryan, when Lance Ryan pinned Jack Manson.

The Age Of The Revolution

Losing the World Heavyweight Championship shook Spike Kane to the core and it seemed that th God of Xtreme would take a downward spiral much the same that Lance Ryan did. Instead however, in a total 180 Spike Kane became the newest member of the Age of the Revolution.

With this new foray into the AotR, Spike would side with his estranged twin brother; "Reckless Jack" Brad Kane. The two would go on to form an almost unbeatable tag team, whose ruthless tactics and neferious deeds would make them the talk of the federation, even over the new world champion Lance Ryan.

At the previous pay per view Reckless Jack had defeated Steve Awesome to gain a tag team title shot with a partner of his choice. RJ cashed it in and at a Night to Remember, it would be The Smokin Aces versus the Kane brothers!

A fairy tale story however, this is not. Spike would tap out and in RJ's mind cost hm the tag team titles. Reckless Jack announced shortly after that the Age of the Revolution was dead, especially after a nasty encounter between Lance Ryan and himself.

Spike Kane would then be out of action for a fews weeks after suffering from an injury.

Returning to Action!

After losing and being put into retirement eventually Kelly Fox newly appointed nCw CEO offered Spike Kane the General Managers post after Tyler Jacobs was brutally attacked. Merely days after campaigning becan of a faction coming to "save" nCw, needless to say weeks later The Age of the Revolution returned, with a new face and a new goal. Instinctively Spike took up the mantle and demanded he return to in-ringaction, and he did just so the following week taking on the AOTR's figure head (not leader) Joe Everyman, where the two wrestled to a no contest.

For weeks Spike has tried to rally support to fight off the Age of the Revolution, seemingly winning over youngsters Pure Innovation. Week after week Spike threw his bodily needlessly in the way with reckless abandon as he fougt for nCw, and week after week the Revolution would beat him down. One time Trent Helms saved Spike, but it appeared to be a by-product of his desperte bid for Adam Knite's blood, the side effect was Spikedefeating the leader Lance Ryan via DQ.

At Revolution: Mind Games (Mind Games II) Spike was set to take on Joe Everyman once again, but the Revolution had their own plans and destroyed Joe Everyman at the beginning of the show. Wanting to stop it, for his own sake the roster held him back and words from Trent Helms himself set Spike straight. Later in the night during the tag team championship match between Lance Ryan & Adam Knite versus Pure Innovation Spike it the ring to help Pure Innovation only to be shocked and beaten as they turned on him right there and then joining up the with Age of the Revolution as they all left Spike a bloody mess.

The following Collision Spike as General Manager booked himself in a Handicap Match against both membersof Pure Innovation. In the spur of the moment Spike changed the match to a No Disqualification Handicap match and overcame the odds to defeat the tag team, before being viciously attacked by the rest of the Age of the Revolution. However it does not end there, as the answer to Spike's call to arms came in the form of four superstars; Nelly Angel, Phillip Burns, Fate and Homeless Harold came to Spike's aid...and the Resistance was born.

The line in the sand had been drawn, you were either nCw or you were AOTR!

After what must have been months Spike was placed into a match with the two figure heads of the AOTR in Lance Ryan and Adam Knite in a tag team championship match, his partner? AOTR member...Trent Helms. With the deck stacked against him everybody counted Spike out, but in a huge shock Trent turned on Adam and Lance helping Spike capture the Tag Team Gold. The truth was that Spike had paid the bounty hunter to infiltrate the AOTR's ranks and then strike when the time was right.

With the news that Lance Ryan would be retiring, and holding the tag gold it seemed that the war was over, before the Social Enemies where split brutally as Angel tricked Spike and both Angel and Falcon joined the AOTR's ranks.

Spike soon left nCw citing stress and undeserved accusations and strain on his personal life from his fellow workers. It is not yet clear if Spike will ever return, but on-screen he was taken out by what is presumed to have been the Age of the Revolution.


Spike would return to the nCw ring once more to find out it was Falcon who put him out of commission. The two would collide in a match of Falcon's creation the Bird Nest. The brutal match was one that will be remembered in the history of The God of Xtreme as he failed to defeat the birdman.
Weeks later Spike would join the side of Falcon as The Forgotten was born.

Spike would go on to float through the nCw mid-card as a member of The Forgotten, helping drive Falcon's message home before eventually a home grown feud would rok the career of the God of Xtreme. Brad Kane and Spike Kane fought a bloody battle that culminated in a dramatic injury where Brad would put a train spike through the hand of Spike Kane. Broken, beaten, and seriously injured the God of Xtreme said goodbye to the ring and was once again behind the desk in the nCw office. His career all but over.

Global Wrestling Coalition


Just before Spike lost his all or noting match in nCw Spike cleverly signed a contract with GWC much to the dislike of one Trent Helms and Adam Knite. Regardless Spike followed his brother Reckless Jack Brad Kane to the federation that had given so much to Brad. With the future prospect of getting into the ring with the one and only Kevin Hardaway it was too good not to pass up.

The Machine

Danny Vice had screwed over Brad Kane out of the GWC World Championship and Brad had sworn revenge. Vice had booked Brad to fight the then Underground Champion Johnny Reb at the upcoming pay per view Viva La GWC. The week before however, it would be Danny and Reb versus the twin brothers of Brad and Spike. Spike and Brad dominated the match, and when it came down to the end Spike had it wn but Brad demanded the tag. Spike tagged but didn't leave the ring, instead he superkicked his own brother in the face costing them the match. Spike had sold out his brother. He joined Danny Vice and The Machine. The next week at Viva La GWC Spike and Danny interfered in Brad and Reb's match, costing Brad the match and what seems like injuring the Kane brother into an early retirement.

Later that night Spike entered a Danny Vice Special match, a ladder match against three other competitors. The briefcase contained a contract for a new GWC Commissioner, which Danny had intended Spike to win. Instead "Mediocre" Mike Machado picked up the victory and gained a bye to the finals of the United States Tournement to find a new number one contender.

Eventually Spike proved himself enough to face of with Zak Warner for the United States Championship and winning, claiming the gold, before respectfully bowing out of the federation.

New Millenium Wrestling

Spike joined New Millenium Wrestling out of the blue and immediately went to war with the "One Man Wrecking Crew" Mac Bane. After a brutal war the two found a respect or each other, and things began to look up when Spike captured the NMW I.C. Championship....but alas merely weeks later he left before NMW would close down.

Reopened and Returned

NMW had it's very first Full Throttle since reopening and it was let slip that former NMW member Spike Kane had signed a contract just days before their first PPV "Unfriendly Gatherings" Allegedly he brought a friend with him, a friend from the old days to help reform....Overdrive, in one AJ Phoenix!!

Spike took the initiative to build the ranks of Overdrive, by recruiting his brother Brad Kane to their ranks and somebody by the name of Steve Bates. Sadly Bates couldn't cope with the pressure of working in several federations and had to bow out.

However the brothers Kane were entered into the NMW Tag Team Tournie their first match against Gib and Mason Brooks, which they won leading to a dream match for NMW fans of Overdrive versus the Black Suit Outlaws (Joey Nox and Alex Nouisex [formerly Mickey LeBlanc])

Tag Team Champions

Spike and Brad came ou on top in an epic 2 out of 3 falls match at nMw's ppv Dissolution. Winning Match of the PPV was an added factor to a brilliant end to the year for the Kane brothers who started out the year chasing tag gold in one fed, and closed it capturing them in another. However undefeated and unfought Brad would be released from nMw after complaining about the lack of competition and the way the federation was booked.

Spike would then pick his replacement partner, The One Man Wrecking Crew, Mac Bane!

Intercontinental Champion

In a shock move Spike offered up his spot in the Cellblock 6 Match for an I.C. Title shot against Mason Brooks in a true win/win situation. The winner would get the I.C. Title, the loser would get the Cellblock 6 spot.

Spike decimated Mason Brooks and became this incarnation of nMw's second double champion.

Davey Boone Disaster

During this time James Fisher stepped down as owner, handing the federation to Tyler Jacobs, but Davey Boone was not happy and in a brutal attempt to destroy everything the workers had worked for caused several superstars to leave.

Spike Kane was one of those superstars who was allegadly "fired" the truth is Spike Kane heard of Boone's plans and left the company before he was made a fool of on live TV. Spike left nMw the UNDEFEATED Tag Team and I.C. Champion.

nMw no longer exists, in a futile attempt to hide the mistakes and politiking of Davey Boone the company has moved residence and renamed itself "Old School nCw"

King Wrestling Federation

After the debacle of nMw Spike found a smaller fledgling federation to continue his illustrious career in, KWF: King Wrestling Federation (KWF)

In his first promo Spike showed his distaste of being in the nMw Hall of Fame with Davey Boone in a way only Spike Kane could, showing disrespect to the company and it's Hall of Famers (Bar The Old School Icon: Gib, and "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Mac Bane)

Spike would have his first match on KWF's first ever live show, a small house show going up against Steve Anderson, where ultimately he would lose.

The World Title Tournement

On KWF's first ever Saturday Night Assault the World Title Tourny begins, both Spike Kane and Steve Anderson have a bye for the first round, but they lock up once more with both men having a point to prove and a message to send to their future opponents.

On KWF's first ever Saturday Assault Spike brutally attacked Steve Anderson just prior to the match forcing Anderson to begin the match weakened. Spike would go on to brutalise Anderson in the ring picking up an easy victry before Andersons younger sister would come to his aid. This would then result in Spike Kane delivering a "Freya's Wings" to Rebecca Anderson right in front of the lifeless carcass of Steve Anderson. As a by product of this beating Steve Anderson was not medically cleared for the following weeks tournament match as was replaced.

The following week Spike would face Klayton McIntyre in the semi-finals of the World Title tournament picking up another easy victory, but it is the actions that came later that made this edition of Assault memorable. As Demetrius Randall and Kidd Karnage battled for the other finalist place, Randall picked up the victory only for Spike to come out, waving to the back as two other men; Cain Alexander and Tyler Lucas followed him down. The three men got face to face with Demetrius Randall before they turned and beat the crap out of Kidd Karnage. Steve Anderson showed and came to Karnage's aid only to suffer a beat down in the end from Spike Kane, and his new allies.

The World Title tournament final was set; Spike Kane the leader of this new faction, versus Demetrius Randall....his stablemate.

The era of The Fallen was born.

The Fallen

Spike and Demetrius were set to collide as friends and foes for the World Title but at the last minute Sean Mason threw Steve Anderson in as the specia guest referee. After a controversial and hard fought battle Spike managed to defeat Demetrius Randall in the clear match of the night to become the first ever KWF World Heavyweight Champion. However he didn't get the chance to celebrate before Anderson attacked him. The Fallen came to the rescue but they were blocked off and battled with Kidd Karnage and Nightblade who it seems had thrown their hats in with Steve Anderson.

The Fallen's enemies now had faces and on the Saturday Assault following Redemption Spike and Demetrius are set to face Steve and Karnage in a tag team match. Asserting the fact that they are "cool" Demetrius and Spike certainly have a message to send come Assault.

Owner Sean Mason fires his staff and closes KWF. Spike leaves the undefeated World Heavyweight Champion.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling Alliance

Spike had a very brief stint in UCWA, other than founding the federation there really is nothing of note that happened after his commitment to New Championship Wrestling took him away.

He was taken out on scree by Ken Davidson.

New Championship Wrestling

Spike Kane returned to nCw at the beginning of 2011 but there had been quite the issue when he left UCWA and the co-owner Davey Boone had slipped into his contract that UCWA would own the rights to his name and likeness. nCw Enhancement Talent member Hexx who had embarrassed Spike by defeating him in UCWA's first ever match had purchased the rights. So Spike Kane returned under a new guise, donning a mask and calling himself.....Senor Xtremo.

Senor Xtremo

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War with Gardner|Honor Bound

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Back to the Top

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Best of Three Series

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The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope

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The Forgotten

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Signature Moves

  • Wings of Liberty - Canadian Destroyer
  • Bloody Sunday - Brogue Kick.
  • Burning Star - Shooting star press


  • Spike Impailer - Stalling vertical suplex/jackhammer (dropped head first)
  • Thunderstruck - Stone Cold Stunner
  • All Hope is Lost - Anaconda Vice.

Rare Finisher


Awards and Acheivements

  • 15 Time World Heavyweight Champion
  • 4 Time Intercontinental Champion
  • 8 Time US/National Champion
  • 18 Hardcore Champion (or Hardcore based championships)
  • 2 Time Submission Champion
  • 28=9 Times Tag Team Chmpion

(In no particular order)

  • 1 x nCw Honor Champion
  • 1 x UCWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x KWF World Heavyweight Champion [ONLY]
  • KWF Wrestler of the Month [April]
  • KWF Roleplay of the Month [April](Waking the Fallen)
  • KWF Match of the Month [April](Vs Steve Anderson @ Assault)
  • 2x NMW Intercontinental Champion
  • 1x nMw Tag Team Champion /w Brad Kane
  • 2x nCw Tag Team Champion /w Trent Helms /w Falcon (Co-champions with Team America)
  • nMw 2008 Match of the Year
  • nMw Match of December
  • 1x nMw Superstar of the Month
  • nCw 2008 Match of the Year
  • 1x GWC United States Champion
  • 2nd Ever NCW Hall of Famer
  • 2007 nCw Heel of the Year
  • 2007 nCw Co-Roleplayer of the Year
  • 2007 nCw Roleplay of the Year
  • 2007 nCw Moment of the Year
  • 1x nCw World Heavyweight Championship
  • 1x nCw National Champion
  • 1x WCF Tag Team Champion /w Jay Williams
  • 2x XHF World Champion
  • XHF Rumble 2006 Winner
  • XHF King of the Hill (Only)
  • 1X United States Champion
  • 1x XHf Hardcre Champion
  • 1x UWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x UWA Xtreme Champion
  • 1x UWA Tag Team Champion /w Vegro
  • 1x ICW United States Champion
  • 2x ICW IC Champion
  • 2x ICW Tag Team Champion /w Samrock & /w Razzz
  • 1x ICW PA Juggalo Tag Team Champion /w Razzz
  • ICW 2002 Lord of the Ring
  • 3x WDWF Hardcore Champion
  • 8x WDWF Tag Team Champion /w Insane Fan
  • 2x XwF II World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2x XwF III Xtreme Champion
  • 2x UBAWF Hardcore Champion
  • 2x WEX World Champion
  • 1x WWW World Champion
  • 1x BLW Total Violence Champion
  • 1x EWE Tag Team Champion /w Triple D
  • 2x SEX U.S. Champion
  • 1x SEX Hardcore Champion
  • 1x XCW Tag Team Champion /w Blade Berra
  • 2x XCW Xtreme Champion
  • 1x XWA Carnage Champion
  • 1x XWA Submission Master (Only)
  • 1x XWA Tag Team Champion /w Triple D
  • 4x XwF I Tag Team Champion /w Insane Fan (x3) /w Blade (x2)
  • 2x EBCWF World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x EBCWF Submission Master
  • 2x EBCWF Hardcore Champion
  • x6 EBCWF Tag Team Champion /w Insane Fan (5) & /w DJ Pottsy (1)
  • 1x WDW Hardcore Champion




  • "Dove and Grenade" [Xtreme Edit] by Hollywood Undead


  • "Your Betrayal" by Bullet for my Valentine (UCWA)
  • "The Forgotten" by Killswitch Engage (nCw)
  • "Re-education (Through Labour)" by Rise Against (Singles) (nMw)
  • "Scream.Aim.Fire" by Bullet for My Valentine (Overdrive theme)(nMw)
  • "Miseria Cantare" by AFI (Tag Team /w Brad Kane)(nMw)
  • "Critical Acclaim" by Avenged Sevenfold (nCw, XFL)
  • "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana
  • "Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed
  • "Immortal" by Adema
  • "Unstable" by Adema
  • "F*ck The System" by System of a Down (As part of Social Distortion 17)
  • "Sad But True" by Metallica (As XHF Champion.)
  • "Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr" by Trivium (XHF)
  • "A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation" by Trivium (XHF)
  • "The Dagger" by Roadrunner United (XHF)
  • "No Control" by Bullet for my Valentine as part of Darkside in XHF
  • "Detonation" by Trivium (XHF)
  • "The Wicked End" by Avenged Sevenfold (XHF), (WCF), and (nCw)
  • "Holy Diver" by Killswitch Engage (nCw, Internet Combat Tournement)
  • "Critical Acclaim" by Avenged Sevenfold (nCw, GWC, NMW)
  • "3 Suns and 1 Star" by Down (as part of Social Distortion in nCw)
  • GWC - "Born With Nothing, Die With Everything" by Papa Roach
  • GWC - "killing in the Name Of" by Rage Against the Machine, as a part of The Machine