Spinebuster Wrestling is a regional promotion based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Opening up in 2002 for a short few months, the promotion suffered losses of over booking people who they could not afford and when the money runs out the promotion falls onto its knees and then on its face and then dies. Owned, ran and starred in by the meglomaniac wrestler J. Leslie Voss they closed their doors after only four events, which were ran monthly.

October 2006, J. Leslie Voss had a dream and his dream was to run Spinebuster again. His dream was fulfilled by a private entity known only to him as the "mystery financier", he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer and began the trail to greatness again.

Screening their brand of entertainment once a fortnight on the local public broadcast, Bad Juju is beginning to grow stronger and stronger in popularity with the youth of Louisiana but their parents continue to fight against the cause to destroy the promotions bad-boy image.

With a masterful blend of technicians and sports entertainers, the promotion appeals to fans and marks alike with its mix.

Spinebuster Wrestling is the backbone of proWrestling today!

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