SplitFire Bio:

Wrestlers Name: SplitFire. Age: 25 Weights: 225 lbs Height: 6"1 Hailing From: Toronto,Canada. Associates: Joe Morgan.

Brawling 5/10 Puroresu Style 8/10 Hardcore 4/10 Ariel 10 /10 Flashiness 9 /10 Mat Wrestling 3/10 Chain Wrestling 3 /10 Submission Moves 9/10 Athleticism 10/10 Toughness 9/10 Stamina 10/10 Power 5/10 Basic Wrestling 7/10 Psychology 7/10 Consistency 6/10 How Much Respect 4/10 Intensity 5/10 MMA Skills 6/10

SPECIALITY MATCH - Elevation X. WRESTLING STYLE - Entertaining and WEIGHT - Middleweight PERSONALITY - Choose from - Cool and Submission Gimmick - Smart talking teen who loves to annoy people.

Kiss My Ass(KMA)-A submission move where I bounce of the ropes backwards lading on the opponents face on my butt then grabbing hold of his two legs and pull them to wards my body like a bow and arrow Submission hold

Flip piledriver-The move which is also referred to as a front flip piledriver begins in a position in which the opponent is bent forward against the wrestler's midsection, the wrestler grabs around his / her opponent's midsection latching onto the opponent's back, with his / her head to one side of the opponent's hips, keeping his / her legs around the opponent's head. From this position the wrestler pushes off the mat with his / her legs to flip the opponent over. As both wrestlers flip the attacking wrestler uses his / her body weight to land in a seated position driving the opponent's head down to the mat between the wrestler's thighs.

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