Split Second (born March 11, 1983) is an English professional wrestler. While he's English he got his break in America working for The World Wide Wrestling Alliance (3WA).

Split made his debut early February 2006. He was placed in a tournament to crwon the first internet champion. Split would go on to win the tournament. Split Second has never really worked in another promotion full-time. Split made some guest appearances in the Athletic Wrestling Alliance. In his latest appearance for them Split lost to Michael Mayhem.

Now Split is resting at home. He quit 3WA for many reasons and is now enjoying his paycheck he savd up over the year. Split will probably be back soon, but it's not for sure.

Split Second
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Split Second]]
Real name {{{realname}}}
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Height 5'11
Weight 217 lbs.
Date of birth March 11th 1983
Place of birth London, England
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Resides Columbus, Ohio
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Trainer Shaun Stetson
Athletic Wrestling Alliance
3WA, PWX and PPW
Handled by Split Second
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Debut Febrary 2006
Retired {{{retired}}}

The World Wide Wrestling Alliance

Th World Wide Wrestling Alliance is responsible for Split Second's career. He was taught his trade by Shaun Stetson. At the start of 3WA and Splits career Split Second was placed in a tournament to crown the first ever 3WA internet champion. Split reached the final to crown the champion. The match would be conteseted in a fatal four way. Split Second over came Outlaw Rex Kane, Trevista and Surge to win the internet title. Split would go on to lose the title to Kyko 25 days later.

This marked the time where Split turned over a new leaf and became a fan fovourite. After a pointless March, Split went on to feud with Trevista defeating him in a TLC grudge match at Incurision. One month later Split won the TV title off Trevista. He lost it four days later to newly turned heel Shaun Stetson. Split went on to win it back four days later. Split then went on to beat Shaun Stetson and Death before Dishonor in a TV title vs. Career match. Split lost the TV title after a 53 day reign to Rip Mcgrip.

Split then realised his potential when he came up short in the Rage in a Cage match, just losing out of the 3WA world title. Then Robert Lunde entered Splits life. Lunde made it seem as if Split was turning on Kyko. Split pinned Lunde at Day of the Dead.

Split Second then got caught up against the Upper Echolen. Split & Stetson defeated newly heel Kyko and Lunde in a hell in a cell match, after Split sent Lude threw the cell through a table. Split then turned on Exodus Superkicking Vicious.

Soon after Split quit the 3WA for reasons that don't need to be discussed. That spelled the end of Splits 3WA career. In this time he won the 'Most Improved' and 'Most potential' award. And received a hall of fame nomination on the way.

Pro Wrestling X

After his departure from 3WA, Split waited. After making a brief appearance in the AWA he and feloow former 3WA star DraVen Matrix join Pro Wrestling X, as a tag team. Within a week of being there the two earned themselves a shot at the tag titles. The next week, they captured them. Two weeeks later both superstars had to leave for personal reasons. I'm told the PWX tag titles have been dormant since.

Title History & Awards

The first ever 3WA Internet Title Holder

3WA television title X2

3WA Most Improved Roleplayer

3WA most potential roleplayer

PWX Tag Team Titles

Split Second's Top Matches

Split Second vs. Kyko "The Pyscho" I quit match! (3WA Anhilation)

Split Second vs. Shaun Stetson, TV title vs. Career (3WA Death before Dishonor)

Split Second vs. Alex Grayson vs. Vicious vs. Rip Mcgrip vs. Kyko "The Pyscho" vs. Torch vs. Shaun Stetson, Rage in a Cage (3WA Rage in a Cage)

Split Second vs. Vicious (3WA War)

Split Second and Shaun Stetson vs. The Carnival of Carnage (3WA War)

Split Second adn Shaun Stetson vs. Kyko "The Pyscho" and Robert Lunde, Hell in a Cell (3WA Mob Mentallity)

Split Second vs. Miles Marion (3WA War)

Split Second, Vicious & Connor MacManus vs. Robert Lunde, Kyko and Miles Marion (3WA Death Before Dishonor 2)

Split Second vs. Michael Mayhem (AWA Adrenaline)

Split Second vs. Michael Mayhem (AWA Violence is a Virtue)

The Best Split has come up against

Connor MacManus

Miles Marion

DraVen Matrix

Michael Mayhem


Vince Perfidious

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