Sports Entertainment Federation
Details Sports Entertainment Federation
Abbreviation SEF
Established February 16th, 2002
Weekly show Thursday Night Carnage
Previous names Stephanie's E-Fed, Stephanie's Entertainment Federation, Showstoppa's Extreme Federation, Extreme Wrestling Federation, Sports Entertainment Fans : Underground Federation Network, Sports Entertainment Federation : Wrestling Underground Network
Time open February 16th, 2002-Present
Current World Champion The Mack
Founder Whitney Elizabeth Marret
Owner(s) Mr. Bear(2015-Present)
Network SEF
Based in Detroit, Michigan
Federation type Storyline/Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly

Current Champions

  • SEF World Champion: The Mack
  • Network World Champion: Tina
  • II Champion: Bill Roberts
  • Titanium Champion: Mesa
  • Revolution Champion: Jordan Brooks
  • THC Champion: Ruemash
  • Tag Team Champions: Priceless Paine

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