Stahn McCloud/KANSHI
[[Image:|px|Image of Stahn McCloud/KANSHI]]
Real name Stahn McCloud
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Height 6 ft
Weight 210 lb
Date of birth {{{birth_date}}}
Place of birth Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Travels
Billed from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Modern Day Warriors, Hybrid Championship Wrestling
Handled by
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Debut 2005

Stahn McCloud is a Canadian-born professional wrestler currently employed by Pro Wrestling Warriors, under the name KANSHI.

Stahn McCloud made his professional debut in Modern Day Warriors. After MDW folded later that year, he took some time off again, going to the indy scene to hone his skills. He made a redebut with yet another soon-to-be defunct organization, WHW. Soon after WHW folded, however, he finally signed a contract with HCW, a flexible one at that. However, HCW soon came under rocky ground, and he was given an option to either leave HCW or sign openly. He agreed to an open contract with HCW, and began appearing in the up-and-coming organization PWW under the name KANSHI(Perfect Warrior). Since then, he began to close connections with the still shaky HCW, agreeing to a few final appearances, and has signed an exclusive contract with Pro Wrestling Warriors.

Pro Wrestling Warriors

Stahn McCloud made his Pro Wrestling Warriors debut on October 1st, 2006, under the name KANSHI, at the show "The Future Is Now", the second show in PWW, where he successfully defeated Matt Woodson. The week afterwards was the show "Dawn of Destiny", where he faced off against a veteran in Darius Falcon. The two fought to a draw in what is considered by many a truly classic match. Afterwards, the two stood up and, with Tyler Hart, formed the first stable of PWW, The Awakening.

The following week began the tournament to crown the first Pro Wrestling Warriors champion. It was here that McCloud suffered his first loss due to referee stoppage against Kenzo Katana. KANSHI was knocked out due to constant knees to the head from Katana. The two shook hands after the match. Most recently was "Destiny Fulfilled" where KANSHI went one-on-one with Michael Simons. After a loss at the hands of Simons, KANSHI came out later in the show to assist Darius Falcon in attacking Kenzo Katana. It was also here that it was announced that the following week, at Bruce Bishop's Night of Appreciation, it would be The Awakening facing off against Kenzo Katana, Brady Cruise, and the former HCW champion, the debuting, Lance Van Leer.

Wrestling information

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Clubbed 2 Death (Go 2 Sleep)
  • KANSHI Killer (Shooting Star Kneedrop 2 Head)
  • Hanging Dragon
  • Fisherman's Driver
  • Moonsault Uranage

Stahn McCloud/KANSHI's current entrance music is "Clubbed 2 Death" by Rob Dougan.

Personal Life

Stahn McCloud is known to stay in kayfabe almost constantly. He is known for his straight-edge ways, and his rough training routines. Many don't believe that he practices what his character preaches outside of the wrestling ring, however, this is not the case. When not competing, he can be seen training somewhere in the world. He is a known traveler, and is constantly looking for ways to push himself.

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