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Real name Alexander Starkweather
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Height 6'1
Weight 215 lbs.
Date of birth May 28, 1974
Place of birth Los Angeles, California
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Resides Berkeley, California
Billed from Los Angeles, CA
Trainer (Unknown)
Alpha Championship Wrestling
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Debut 2003
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Alexander Starkweather (born in 1974), is a professional wrestler currently employed with Alpha Championship Wrestling. Born in Los Angeles, CA, he is best known by his ring name, Starkweather.

Wrestling Career

Alexander Starkweather began his career as a student of various teachers along the west coast of the United States. He wrestled as a hobby, his psychology practice being his true profession. He wore a mask and went by another name, wrestling a few times a month before traveling to Japan after the death of his wife in an auto accident. He spent a summer touring with various hardcore promotions in 2004, participating in the near-legendary Japanese deathmatches during his stay, developing a tolerance for pain that in present-day wrestling is much talked-about. He came back to the US without the mask under his real-life moniker Alexander Starkweather. He wrestled for several independent promotions all around the North American continent, and then promotion Alpha Championship Wrestling caught wind of his unique style and theatrical ring presence and signed him to an open contract.

He made a splash upon his debut, wearing a bright yellow smiley-face mask during vicious attacks on wrestlers and managers alike. He tore through the ranks of the promotion, defeating main event-caliber level wrestlers soon after his debut. A title run was always discussed but did not actually take place until several months into his career with the company, winning the International Title during a four-way match after it was vacated by a departed wrestler. He held the title for several months, defending it against several rivals before abandoning it himself to pursue the World Championship. He launched into a complicated and subtle plan to hobble the main event scene, kidnapping the current challenger's manager to throw him off of his game. He and she, Umeko Saito being her name, eventually formed a semblance on camaraderie during her stay in his house. He challenged Chance Emmerson for the ACW World Title in a highly violent House of Mirrors Match (A cage match involving panes of mirrors attached to the metal) but was thwarted in his efforts, but an unexpected benefit did make itself known. One night quite by accident he and she consummated the relationship, she soon after joining him as his manager after her current charge left the promotion.

They found that their combined manipulative capabilities made it much easier to get what they wanted. Soon enough, they found themselves in a stable with fellow ACW wrestlers Wyvern and "Mr. KO" Kudo Yasuda, their aspirations to collapse the promotion seeming to be unstoppable. Wyvern gained the world title and held it for several months, but was turned on by his allies with Starkweather proclaiming himself the next challenger. Their match culminated in an avalanche-style Frontal Lobotomy that saw Starkweather finally gain the coveted world championship. He held it for one month, losing it to Hunter in a lackluster effort that saw him leave the company in disgust some days later.

Wrestling Facts

Finishing Moves

  • Sensory Deprivation (Half-Nelson Crossface Camel Clutch)
  • Frontal Lobotomy (Wheelbarrow into Double Leghook Facebuster)

Signature Moves

  • Curb Stomp
  • Relapse I (Rope-Assisted Stunner)
  • Relapse II (Snapmare Driver)
  • Re-Education (Flying Double Stomp)
  • Running Turnbuckle Powerbomb into Leg-Based Submission
  • Falling Pendulum Clothesline
  • Single-Arm DDT/Modified Fujiwara Armbar Combination
  • Lightning Leg Lariat to sitting opponent
  • Falling Armwringer Snap/Rings of Saturn Combination


  • Starkweather and Umeko Saito's relationship is non-kayfabe, they currently live together in Japan as he works independently for Japanese promotions.
  • Starkweather changed his ring name to "Starkweather" due to his full name taking too long to say.
  • Starkweather is an actual, accredited psychologist and closed his practice to pursue his current career.

Entrance And Theme Music

  • "Descending" by Lamb of God (modified with "Saw" movie quotes) (Current) (ACW)
  • "Medicated" by downthesun (ACW)

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