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Name: Starla Gardevoir

Nickname: Stutterfly

Hometown: Panama City, Florida

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 140 Lbs.

Classification: Cruiserweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" - Panic! at the Disco

Entrance: The lights in the arena quickly cut to black and the image of a pink, sparkling butterfly floats across the Tron. The crowd starts cheering as the butterfly explodes into the words “STUTTERFLY STARLA GARDEVOIR” and "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" by Panic! at the Disco starts playing loudly!

Sit tight, I'm gonna need you to keep time Come on just snap, snap, snap your fingers for me Good, good now we're making some progress Come on just tap, tap, tap your toes to the beat And I believe this may call for a proper introduction, and well Don't you see, I'm the narrator, and this is just the prologue?

The crowd explodes in a flurry of cheers as “Stutterfly” Starla Gardevoir skips onto the stage and points to the crowd, grinning. She moves to each side of the stage, posing for the fans, then comes back to the center of the stage before dropping to one knee and giving the fans the Su-Fi as a shower of pink pyro begins falling behind her!

Swear to shake it up, if you swear to listen Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention I aim to be your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives

Starla stands up, still grinning from ear to ear, then quickly bounds down the ramp, slapping fan’s hands along the way. Towards the bottom of the ramp, she stops and turns back to the stage, then points as a quick burst of pink pyro goes off in the center of the stage.

Applause, applause, no wait wait Dear studio audience, I've an announcement to make: It seems the artists these days are not who you think So we'll pick back up on that on another page

Starla turns back and laughs, then skips around the ring, high-fiving fans as she goes. After a quick trip around the ring, Starla runs towards the ring apron facing the stage and leaps up, turning in midair and sliding from one side of the apron to the other on one knee.

And I believe this may call for a proper introduction, and well Don't you see, I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue

Starla stands up and steps over the second rope, then leans in slowly, showcasing her butt for the cheering male fans before entering the ring completely. Starla then heads up to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and gives the fans another Su-Fi.

Swear to shake it up, if you swear to listen Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention I aim to be your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives

With the fans still cheering, Starla does a backflip off the top rope and lands on her feet, then walks over to the corner across the ring and leans against it, rolling her head back and forth as the music fades.

Normal/Ring Attire: Long blue tights with frills on the legs, blue boots, blue wristbands, blue bikini top, blue headband (to keep her hair back during matches, she HATES wearing her hair in a ponytail!)

Fighting Style: Daredevil

Persona: The girl who once was a greenhorn rookie is coming of age. She still makes mistakes from time to time, but who doesn't? She's a lot more sound in the ring and is finally finding her niche as a high flyer who isn't afraid to take a risk if it means winning the match.

Signature Moves: - Falling Star (Dropsault) - StutterSlam (Black Hole Slam) - Sudden Death (Dragon Suplex Pin) - Starshot (Mickie James' Lifting DDT) - Dew Drop (Flying Overcastle Neckbreaker) - Bleeding Rose (Sliced Bread #2) - Spear with punches

Finishing Moves: - Aerotica (Swanton Bomb) - Blow Pop (Lungblower Backbreaker)

Quotes: - "Sorry 'bout your damn luck!" - "It's time for this Stutterfly to spread her wings!"

Superstar History: The younger sister of BWF superstar Kirlia Gardevoir, Starla Gardevoir dreamed of one day competing for BWF herself, but lacked the in-ring experience. She was first referred to the Southern Independent Wrestling Federation by former WWA superstar David Blazenwing (who has connections with the owner Biohazard) and immediately signed up. When questioned on a ring name, Starla decided to start fresh and not make her name on her sister's fame. Kirlia called her a "little stutterfly" in that she was trying to fly on her own, but was still having problems getting into the air, and the name stuck with Starla.

Stutterfly shocked everyone by defeating Indy standout Landon Price in her SIWL debut match, and was primed in a tournament to fight for the SIWL Championship, but without notice, Biohazard skipped town and the SIWL was put on ice indefinitely. Realizing she needed to stay sharp, Starla started searching and found 3WL, a Women's wrestling league, and joined up! Stutterfly also took a chance in joining the newly founded Korrupt Championship Wrestling on the same day.

Stutterfly started out shaky in KCW, losing her first two bouts. In 3WL, she won her debut match, but lost the following triple-threat match she was in. Realizing she would not be able to divide her time between two big wrestling federations, she opted to surprisingly leave 3WL for the time being and decided to stay with KCW instead... a decision which she would not regret.

Stutterfly went up against KCW International Heavyweight Champion Shostakovich Kruschev in a non-title bout on February 7, 2006, the stipulation being that if she won, she would get a future title shot at him... and in a shocker, Stutterfly actually managed to defeat Sho with a roll-up!

On February 19, KCW hosted it's Bedlam in Belgium pay-per-view. Starla went up against Alex Wilkie in a Ladder Match for the Ironman Championship, but ultimately fell short. Her night was not over, however... Shostakovich, in the main event, easily defended his title against the King of Mystery. Citing that he could not be beaten, Stutterfly came out, playing back the footage of her beating him from a few weeks back, and reminding him of her future title shot against him. Sho called her out for a title shot then and there, and Stutterfly accepted, then pulled off the impossible, rolling Sho up for three again and pinning him to become the new KCW International Heavyweight Champion!

On the next Animosity, a Hardcore Championship was introduced. Alex Wilkie interrupted Stutterfly's International Heavyweight Title presentation ceremony to announce the belt, but got his at the end of the night, when Stutterfly defeated Wilkie in the main event to claim the KCW Hardcore Championship and become a dual titleholder in KCW!

Unfortunately for Stutterfly, this was KCW's last show, and the fed itself folded in late March. Starla quickly found another new home, however, ran by competent people... the Independent Wrestling Union! And on their first program, Starla defeated JT Stone and Cody Galle! Starla drew in a 15 minute Ironman match with Galle the following week, then defeated Skorp the week after that. Primed for an IWU Heavyweight Title Shot at IWU's New Dawn show, Starla was crushed when she learned that due to financial issues, IWU would close down indefinitely.

Ironically enough, Starla made her way to Dynasty Wrestling Alliance, a California-based promotion, but after only one match, they too closed down indefinitely, due to staff issues.

Now without a fed, Starla made her way to Elite Superstar Wrestling with the dream of finally making an impact and becoming a true World Champion. She won her debut match at Devil's Playground, and then something snapped inside Starla...

She became angry, but needed an outlet... and with the help of The Legend, Starla gave herself (and her virginity) up to The Legend and transformed into the evil Darqangel. Luckily for Starla's fans however, her sister Kirlia and friend Captain Marticus were able to talk sense into Starla at BWF's Tainted Twilight PPV on May 21, 2006, and as soon as Darqangel had arrived, Stutterfly was back.

That night, Starla faced Cody Galle for the first time in BWF, and defeated him soundly. A week later, at ESW's Elitefest PPV, Starla came close to winning their Neo Championship a few times in a Three-Way Ladder Match, but ultimately, Shane Sanders was able to retain her title.

A few short weeks later, Captain Marticus debuted in ESW and together with Starla, they captured the vacant ESW Tag Team Titles, defeating Brody Lawson and Dan The Man, on June 19, 2006! A month later, on July 30, she toppled Val Valentine in the finals of a tournament to claim the ESW United States Championship as well!

That same day, Starla defeated Azariah and Landon Price in a Cruiser Showcase match in LWA. Six days before, the Cruiser-X Champion Alexis Sykes has destroyed the belt and proclaimed the division dead, and upon Starla's win, it was announced that the Cruiser division was, in fact, no more. So the next day on RXW's Revolution TV, Starla jumped from LWA to RXW, bringing with her a brand new Cruiser-X Championship just for RXW!

The following month, though, was a bad one for Starla. On August 7, Starla defended her ESW U.S. title for the first time against The Ace in a handicap match, with David Blazenwing as her partner. The duo literally tore Ace apart, leaving him nearly dead, but before Starla could make the pin and retain her title, David turned on Starla with a superkick, then pulled Ace on top of her for the win! In RXW, Starla hit a speed bump as well, losing her Cruiser-X Championship to Serenity at Retribution on August 27. Days later at ESW Darkest Hour, she lost to David Blazenwing one on one in a Street Fight after missing an Aerotica that sent her crashing through the announcer's table.

Taking time off from ESW following the crushing loss to Blazenwing, Starla has started the regrouping process in RXW. After joining the Industry with Kyle Cross, Chris Legion and Cody Galle, she got a win on September 4, teaming with Alli Taylor to beat Krystal Lyne and Serenity!

Title History: - RXW Cruiser-X Champion (1) - ESW United States Champion (1) - ESW Tag Team Champion (1; w/ Captain Marticus) - KCW International Heavyweight Champion (1) - KCW Hardcore Champion (1)

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