Stephanie Perez-Smith is a Manager for NCW Superstar Devon Poole. Without him on her side, she is usually seen making her point made clear in the wrestling ring

Stephanie Smith
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Stephanie Smith]]
Real name Stephanie Perez-Smith
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Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Date of birth July 22, 1982
Place of birth Queens,New York
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Resides Middletown,New York
Billed from Queens,New York
Trainer "The Asylum"(Manhattan,NY)
Handled by
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Debut September 22, 2001
Retired {{{retired}}}

Personal Information

Age:28 Years Old
Skin Color:Light-Skinned
Heritage:Mixed Black & Dominican Descent
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair:Long Black Wavy Hair


Started off training in the Asylum 5ity Wrestling Shool in New York, mostly trained by DG Poole, Derik Smith, and Eddie Kurtis. Even though she was too young to wrestle at age 16, she beame close friends with the men and even started an on and off relationship with Derik Smith at the age of 18. In 2000, she made her debut as Generation-D's mainstay manager, often interfering in matches to help the boys get the win. She was a capable women's wrestler, athough usually her talents stayed off camera unless the usual "Diva Attration" match was put on in the Indies.

In 2003, Stephanie took a break from Wrestling to focus on her Marriage with Derik Smith, which had its ups and downs, and turned out to be a very abusive relationship for both members, physially and emotionally throughout the years. In 2006, she became estranged from her Husband and was picked up by One Up Wrestling after DG put out a good name for her to Higher Ups. Stephanie Managed DG Poole and his Reality Inc. Tag Team Partner Jasper "Dark" Griffin to an OUW Heavyweight Title (Poole) and an OUW Tag Team Title (Poole and Dark). Poole moved on to NCW, and Stephanie wasn't seen on camera on OUW television until 2007, where she returned to OUW with Derik Smith, reuniting the Devon & Derik Tag Team for the first time in years. In summer 2007, DG and Derik got engaged in a feud where Stephanie was in between a rock and a hard place to eplain it the easiest.

OUW closed down in 2008 and Stephanie wasn't seen in Wrestling again until 2009, where she Wrestled in the First and Only Women's Match in NCW History in Marh 2009, in a NCW World Title Tournament Quarterfinal Loss to Anissa. Later on she was seen mainly as DG Poole's manager and informations go-to person, but saved DG from a life-threatening fire that his family members unfortunately had to endure in Summer 2009 due to Derik Smith and Victor Santos Torres. Only being mentioned in PWX by DG and only being on camera in PWX as DG's go-to person for Information, Stephane has one again decided to show what she has in the ring but on a full-time basis. Stephanie has also been a manager to Poole in nMw and was a Wrestler in the VSE as well.


Former Associates

  • Jasper "Dark" Griffin - Stablemate of "Reality Inc."
  • Deric Smith - Ex-Husband.Managed him in Reality Inc,Devon & Deric, as well as in Singles Competition back in ACW.
  • Devon Poole - Ex-Girlfriend, but current Friend and Roommate. Managed him in Reality Inc,Devon & Deric, as well as in Singles Competition.

Wrestling Attire

  • OUW,NCW (May 2007-Current) In-Ring:In The Ring She Has Her Hair In Either a Ponytail or In Pigtails.She Wears Green/Black Wrestling Tights,a Green Top,Black Elbow Pads,and Black Wrestling Boots.She also tapes her wrists with Wrestling tape.
  • OUW,mNw,NCW (May 2007-Current) Outside Of The Ring:Outside of the Ring,She wears Expensive Gold or Diamond Jewelry on her Fingers,Ears,And Neck.She also Wears Either a Skirt w/ a matching blouse & shoes,or Jeans,White Sneakers,and either a Devon Poole logoed Fe-male Tanktop OR a Name-Brand Shirt with her hair braided.

Finishing and Signature Moves

(Devon Poole's Finishing Moves are in Bolded Text)

  • The Game BreakerTag Team Finisher,With Devon Poole or Derik Smith(The Snapshot)
  • Deadly Scorn(Widow's Peak)
  • Dragonrana
  • Spike DDT
  • Spear w/ Punches
  • Sharpshooter
  • Superplex
  • German Suplex
  • Fisherman's Suplex
  • Missile Dropkick & Other Various Kicks
  • Knife Edge Chop
  • Half Nelson Suplex

Notable Accomplishments

OUW accomplishments

  • Ex- Manager Of Devon & Deric and Reality Inc.
  • Managed Devon Poole to an OUW Heavyweight and Tag Team Championship run
  • Managed Deric Smith to an OUW Intercontinental Championship run

NCW Accomplishments

  • Wrestled in NCW's first ever Women's Singles Match

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