Stephanie Styles Stephanie styles
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Real name Stephanie Marie Jones
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Height 5'4"
Weight 115 lbs
Date of birth May 30th, 1982 (25)
Place of birth Detroit Michigan
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Resides San Diego, California
Billed from Detroit, Michigan
Trainer Unknown
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Debut 2000
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Stephanie Marie Jones (Born May 30, 1982) in Detroit Michigan. better known by her ring name Stephanie Styles, is an American professional wrestler. Stephanie Styles is most notable for working for the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, nicknamed the Queen of the F**king Ring.

Early life

Stephanie was born on May 30, 1982 to her parents that till this day, she has no idea who they are, and her older brother, who she too does not know. During her very young childhood, both her parents would always go out just about every night and either leave Stephanie at home with her brother, or leave them both with some neighbors. Never did Stephanie get the chance to actually spend time with her parents like normal families do with their children.

Time passed, and the same thing would go on in Stephanie's life. At the age of 8, her parents decided to go out one night and never come back, leaving Stephanie and her brother alone, with practically nothing. The two were out on their own, having to live their young lives by themselves without any help from anyone. The only partial help they had was getting to use their neighbor's address for residency for school purposes. With Stephanie's brother being 4 years older than her, the two of them were never in the same school, so she could never be with him or know where he was in case of emergencies.

A few years later, as Stephanie was 14 years old, her brother graduated high school, and took it upon himself to live his own life on his own without his pesky little sister around, so he followed in his parent's footsteps and left Detroit without telling Stephanie. Now, she was really by herself. But that didn't entirely bother her. She moved on with her life like she had been doing before he left, and nothing was horrible about it.

As Stephanie was in high school, she would always get picked on about her size, seeing that she was quite small for her age, now 17, her junior year in high school. But, living the life she had lived to that point, she had learned to be strong, and not let anyone bring you down. She learned that point a little too well, as she started to fight back against all those people who had bullied her throughout what were supposed to be the best four years of your life. Now, in her senior and last year of high school, she took it upon herself to join up in a nearby wrestling school. After what she had done to her classmates for all the bullying they did, she thought wrestling would be something interesting for her.

Professional Wrestling

In May 2000, on her 18th birthday, Stephanie graduated high school, and was ranked in the top ten percent of her class. But that wasn't as important to her as wrestling school. As soon as she left high school, she was full-time committed to wrestling. A woman named Lydia Taylor was new to the Detroit wrestling school as well, and she was Stephanie's first real competitor. Because of the size difference, she was automatically counted out of the match, but Stephanie proved everyone wrong, when she was the one who won the match, defeating Lydia hands down. A re-match was demanded, and Stephanie did it all over again, gaining her respect from her peers who didn't think she could do it.

A year later, now 19, after all her success in wrestling school, she graduated and was automatically promoted to a federation called UWF. This promotion made Stephanie excited, seeing that it was her first big federation, and that it was time for her to show everything she's got to the entire world. And she did just that. Match after match, she defeated Torrie Wilson, and was on a role with the victories, but was shortly kicked out of UWF for unknown reasons. That didn't bother her too much, seeing that there were other better, and bigger places to be.

Xtreme Wrestling Federation

Time passed, and a few months later, now 20 years old, she was signed to the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, or XWF. Once again, just like in the UWF, she began dominating as soon as she had her matches, and very shortly after being signed, won the Women's title for the first time. That was her biggest achievement, and something she always dreamed of doing. And while she was taking control over the XWF divas and superstars at that matter, she thought to herself "What the hell..might as well join up another federation and dominate that one as well..", and that is when she found TNA-The new Era.

Still 20 years old, she was signed and immediately won the Women's title from Stephanie McMahon. The feud between Styles and McMahon was very hot, and in the end, Styles took McMahon out. Now, holding both the XWF and TNA Women's titles, she thought nothing at all could stop her now. In TNA, she learned something new, that not only did she have a brother she didn't know anything about, but she also had a little sister..Justine Carol Styles. The two met up in TNA, where they teamed up to take out Stephanie McMahon and another woman. To this day, the two sisters remain in touch with each other.

TNA closed in August 2003, and that left Stephanie in XWF alone, where she was only becoming more and more successful, winning the Cruiserweight and International title, as well as the Women's title a few more times. She earned the right to be called the "dominate one" seeing that she demolished the entire XWF divas roster, and half of the superstars, and still counting.

And now today, Stephanie is still at the top of her league in XWF, where she is the four time Women's champion as well as two time Cruiserweight champion. She and her best friend Delta Madison have formed their own little tag team, and her boyfriend, FATE, who she has been dating for a while now. Stephanie's year mark in XWF is coming shortly, and you can bet she's only gonna get more dominate as the new talent starts to arrive.


  • XWF Women's Champion (4-)-Like four month reign, Retired XWF Women's champion on 12/28/03
  • XWF 'Queen of the Ring' Winner
  • XWF Cruiserweight Champion (2-{and Last Ever champion; Held from July 11th to Dec. 11th})
  • XWF International Champion (1)-Two month reign
  • XWF Superstar of the Week #35
  • XWF Hall of Famer
  • NWA-TNA Women's Champion (1)-four month title reign
  • NWA-TNA Hall of Famer
  • ECW (from WWE-The New Entertainment) Women's champion (1)
  • CWE Women's Champion (1)
  • Voted XWF's Best Cruiserweight Champion (11/2/03)
  • Voted XWF's Best Women's Champion (11/2/03)
  • One half of the XwF Tag team champions (w/Delta Madison)

Wrestler Info

  • Moveset
  • Dangan Bomb
  • Fireman's Cary Facebuster
  • Verterbreaker
  • Crucifix Head Sissors
  • Crossbody
  • Double Knee Breaker
  • Air Raid Crash
  • Flip Piledriver
  • Corner Slingshot Splash
  • Sunset Flip
  • Double Springboard Moonsault
  • Flying Spinning Kick
  • Dragonrana
  • Diving Hurracarana
  • Headlock Takeover

Finishing Move(s): 1. Style Profile [Twist of Fate from the top rope] 2. inStyle [Shooting Star Elbow Drop]

Trademark Move(s): 1. The FreeSTYLER [Reverse Twist of Fate] 2. Styles DDT [Tornado DDT] 3. Moonsault Double Stomp

Finishing Moves

  • Style Profile [Twist of Fate from the top rope]
  • InStyle [Shooting Star Elbow Drop]

Signature Moves

  • The FreeSTYLER [Reverse Twist of Fate]
  • Styles DDT [Tornado DDT]
  • MoonStyle [Moonsault Double Stomp]

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