Started e-fedding on the 26th of August 2006. The first federation he joined was MVW - Maximum Velocity Wrestling.

Wrestling Names Used :




Jester Juggalo


MVW : Shadow

Started off MVW with a bad start loosing all the way up until the PPV where he Managed to capture the MVW Intercontinental CHampionship. This match was inside a Steel Cage with DeadPool and the Champion, Almontigue. DeadPool attemnpted a Moonsault off the top of the cage and Shadow moved out of the way allowing Almontigue to be hit by it. Shadow crawled out of the cage to secure his first piece of gold. The MVW Intercontinental Championship. He later lost this title to DG Fury in a Fury's Den Match. Shadow qould then end up squaring of against DG Fury in a double title Ladder Match. Shadow climbed to the top of the ladder to grab what he thought to be the Intercontinental Championship but it happened to be the MVW Progressional Championship. SHadow since then has been angered by being thr Progressional Champion.

MVW : Lazarus

KFWF : Rogue

This was the second e fed joined. It didn't take long for Rogue to write his name into the KFWF roster by winning his debut - a triple threat match. Since then he has made it clear he has wanted Ozone dead and has wanted his Hardcore Title. Rogue finally got his oppourtunity at KFWF Death Trap. He put up a hard fight but Ozone managed to get the victory and denied Rogue the Hardcore title.

Accolades :

MVW Intercontinental Champion x 1

MVW Progressional Champion x 1

PAW HardKore Champion x 1

CNW World Champion x 1

Co Holder of the IWA Intercontinental Title x 1

UWA United States Champion x 1

UWA European Champion x 1

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