Steven Ramon'a (born 10nth Feberary 1988) is an American profesional wrestler (better known as his ringname Steve Ramone) best known for his work in KWL's development league BWF and GWA.

Early life

Steve grew up on the streets alongside his sister Sara of Harlem New York, when he reached 15 he tried to rob a rich man's home but was caught in the act. However seeing the skinny teen the owner opted not to turn him in and instead adopted him with Sara. Four years later the teens took up wrestling as a hobby as well as Tie Kwon Do and Karate, Steve excelled in both hobbys graduating six months before Sara.

WWE tryout

Two weeks later he was contacted by Johnny Ace who offered him a tryout at a Smackdown house show against Rey Mysterio, reports say that Steve and Rey tour the house down at the show and they both got a standing ovation from both the crowd and the other wrestlers backstage. However Steve turned down there offer for a developmental deal when he learned off the higher ups long term plans for him: a blind wrestler.

The indy circuit

After that Steve traveled the indy circuit working dark matches for RoH from time to time. Sara eventually caught up with her brother whilst he was working for FXW and she became his onscreen manager. However they left when they where told that the higher ups had no future plans for them. It was here that Sara met her curent boyfriend Corey Steel.


Steve and Sara got a call from KWL owner Kace Evers who was looking for new ralent for his newly opened developmental territories. They accepted and Steve and Sara where sent to BWF where Steve where put in a tag team with "The Patriot" Chris Simmons which went on to win tag team gold.

WWE Storyline

When Kace started the WWE Storyline the teens remained in developmental but eventually joined WWE as part of the storyline, Steve debuted on Velocity defeating one half off The Dicks, the tag team attacked him and Sara after the match but a timely run in by fellow developmental wrestler Paul "Shizio" Sampson saved them, orrigenally Paul wasn't interested in being a team but the higher ups made them a team anyway using there experience in the BWF as an excuse. They went on to win the WWE Tag Team championship at Wrestlemania 22 defeating Cypher Daniels and his tag team partner, however the storyline was stopped when KWL went bankrupt and Steve returned to the indy scene when UWL went under as well.


After remaining in indy limbo for two years Steve, know 21, got an offer from the Global Wrestling Alliance which he accepted, his tenue in GWA has had it's ups and downs winning the TV title in a match with John Irons but lost it two weeks later to Morbius Tesius. Most recently the team off AP Feight and Steve Ramone won the GWA Tag Team titles at the Borrowed Time PPV in the Tony Jackson's Toture Chamber revenge match against The Dark Enforcers (Goth and Fang) Darcy Kohut MD (Darcy Dynimite and Malvolio Kohut) and The Revolutionaries (John Harper and Marshall "Pain" Wright) in a brutel match, many fans felt that Steve reached his full potential in the match and his fellow wrestlers agreed, however Steve has said that "I've still got a lot to learn before that happens". However like his last reign his tag title reign only lasted two weeks this time loosing the titles to the team off Acid and Shane West. However the following week he won the Airborne title from Jay Money and headed into Unleashed.

At the event Steve shocked the world by turning his back on his retiring tag partner AP Feight and joining the Damage Inc. Stable along with Pain, on the same night he won the award for Best Finisher and lost the Airborne championship match, however as he lost via countout he still holds the title and is set to face the man who officially won the match, Jack Faust, for the Airborne title this week on Anarchy. Steve's secound defence off the Airborne title was successful but only after he pinned Faust with a handfull off tights, this week he teams with fellow Damage Inc. member Xander Ashton to takr on Disasterpiece's John Irons and Jack Faust.


Steve is known for being quite the hothead backstage and it usually takes Sara to calm him down.

However that isn't the only controversy that surrounds him, during his tenue in FXW he, Sara and Corey where in a pregnancy storyline. The orrigenal script had Steve going after the potential fathers but a writer messed up the lines and made it seem like Steve was one of the fathers. The storyline was about to end when FXW went bankrupt and the storyline has since been inducted into Wrestlecrap.


  • As well as being his onscreen manager, Sara also handled his bookings whilst on the road.
  • Whilst in charicter Steve still lists his age as 19 and Sara lists her age as 18 though in reality they are 21 and 19 respectively, Steve says that he does this to appeal to the younger fans and will stop when he reaches 30.
  • Steve is a huge fan of Heavy Metal and is known to have attended a few concerts.
  • In GWA Sara is rumoured to be dating Steve's tag partner AP Feight, in reality she is still dating Corey.
  • Steve's real life girlfriend Charlotte Cunnigham has recently joined Steve on the road due to family problems back home in New York, she has since become a supporting charicter in Steve's promoes.
  • During his brief tag team with Mike Steele they used "More Human" by Rob Zombie as there theme, Steve uses "No Fear" by The Rasmus as his singles theme and whilst teaming with Feight he uses "The Fun Palace" by Annihilator, whilst teaming with Xander Ashton he uses "King Of The Kill" by Annihilator as his theme.

Finishing and signiture moves

  • Fearless Shot (Sweet Chin Music)
  • What Fear? (Corkscrew 630 Splash)
  • The Lady Thriller (AP Feight's Pain Thriller)
  • Double BrainBuster (Tag team finisher)

Championships and accomplishments


1 time GWA TV Champion.

1 time GWA Tag Team champ with AP Feight


1 Time BWF Tag champ with Chris Simmons.


1 time WWE Tag champ with Paul Sampson.

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