Still F*cking Better
Members "Perfect" Paul Paras
"Marvelous" Mario Maurako
Silver Cyanide
Name(s) Still F*cking Better
Debut OCW Sinful Nature 2005
Promotion Online Championship Wrestling
High Octane Wrestling
Global Championship Wrestling Association

Still F*cking Better (often abbreviated as SFB) is an American professional wrestling stable that formerly competed in Online Championship Wrestling from 2005 to 2006. Their last appearance using the SFB moniker was at OCW Blackout 2006, with Silver Cyanide and Paul Paras holding the OCW World Lightweight Championship and OCW Intercontinental Championship, respectively, at the event's closing. The trio has appeared together since in several companies.


The stable formed at OCW Sinful Nature IV when Marvelous Mario Maurako stormed the ring after the main event between Perfect Paul Paras and Scott Syren, looking to take out his frustrations on Paras for a verbal war which had escalated behind the scenes during the previous months, leading to Maurako leaving the company for a brief period. Maurako's friend, Silver Cyanide, rushed to the ring to head him off. As a staredown ensued, all three men suddenly attacked Syren, shocking the OCW faithful. The trio demolished Syren and dragged him backstage, locking him in a shark cage, driving to the California coast, and dumping the cage into the Pacific Ocean, presumably leaving Syren to drown. The trio would appear on OCW television as a unit in the months that followed, taking out competition in brutal, sometimes humiliating, fashion. The group's name was often humorously referred to as a "ripoff of a ripoff"-- Paras and Maurako had previously formed the "Just F*cking Better" stable to mock Syren's "Just F*cking Cool."

All three members of SFB would later appear together in High Octane Wrestling in 2009 as members of the Argonauts of Awesome. In 2010, they would once again reunite, appearing in the Global Championship Wrestling Association. They teamed up with Jack Sullivan as the unofficially-named OCW All-Star Team, competing against Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, and El Linchador at GCWA Ultimate Survival.

In wrestling

  • Stable finishing move
  • Just F*cking Over (Lethal Injection into the Parasyte, followed by the Maurako Rocker)
  • Group Accomplishments
  • HOW Stable Championship (with the Argonauts of Awesome)
  • HOW Tag Team Championships (Paras & Maurako)
  • SSE Tag Team Championships (Maurako & Cyanide)
  • OCW Hall of Fame (All three members)
  • OCW World Tag Team Championships (Paras & Maurako)
  • EWA (Elite Wrestling Alliance) World Tag Team Championships (Paras & Maurako)
  • NECF Tag Team Championships (Paras & Maurako)
  • EWA (Extreme Wrestling Association) Tag Team Championships (Paras & Maurako)
  • Countless singles titles between the three

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