The Stock Market Crash Match is an OUW original match, debuted at OUW Paramount III on March 18th, 2007. The match was chosen by Robert L. Davis to be the match type for his OUW US Title match at that event, due to winning the 6-man Mayhem match on the Monday Night Storm before Paramount III. At Paramount III, Robert L. Davis won the match, taking the US title and escaping the chamber to win.

In a Stock Market Crash match, any number of competitors begin in the ring, with a steel cage surrounding it. The cage is a circle 36 feet in diameter, and as a result leaves room between the cage walls and the ring edges. This space features a steel grated flooring. The cage walls are made of chain stretched out between several supporting beams. The cage has no roof. This is to allow the main objective of the match, a briefcase with an object inside it (a championship belt, a contract, etc.) to be suspended above the center of the ring.

Winning the match requires a competitor to escape the cage with the briefcase containing the prize in their possession. This individual does NOT have to be the man to take the object from the hook above the ring, allowing for one man to take the object and another to incapacitate that person, thus claiming the object.

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