Stone Cold John
Real Name John Hitman
Height 6'5
Weight 246 lbs.
Date Of Birth December 11, 1980
Place of birth Amsterdam, Netherlands
Resides New York, New York, America
Billed from New York, New York, America
Trainer Himself
Current Federation(s) Ring Of Non-stop Action
Past Federation(s) -
Debut May 2007


ROH General Manager ( 2006 )

John started as the heel general manager of ROH in September 2006. He was in a few matches back then but nothing as big as later in his career during the period of 2007. While being the GM of ROH, he had some encounters with an employee going by the name of Minkaro. Minkaro would beat John but John got his revenge on him on a later stage. During his time as GM of ROH John had encounters with an other talent of the ROH roster setting up new feuds and ending some. In the last days of ROH, John had set up a PPV that would have two nights of matches. The first night would feature ROH talent, while the second night would feature ROH versus TNA. That night, would be the start of Ring Of Non-stop Action.

RONA General Manager ( 2006 / 2007 )

After the turbelent main event of the ROH versus TNA PPV, From Dusk Till Dawn: Night Two. Both new general managers, John and CrayZ, started RONA. John had a success during his GM days then. Both of the GM's ended up in a tag team match once, and won the RONA Tag Team Championship. But eventually, things got very heated backstage between CrayZ and him self. The tension could be noticed during the RONA shows for weeks. But then things went for the worst and both men ended up in a match, leading up to a Hell In A Cell I Quit match on the Dark Intentions PPV. John last that night, and was forced to quit his General Manager position that night.

RONA Wrestler ( 2007 )


Stone Cold John in June 2007

John's wrestling career (re)started again in May 2007 during the RONA tournament. His first match was a tag match, a type of match he used to be great in. His team mate was Massie and they where facing J.T. Williams and Cruz Del Sol, they won this match. That was also the start of a 4 match winning streak for John, however he lost the last match of the tournament, a 5 vs 5 vs 5 vs 5 tag team match. He was the last remaining member of his team and the 18th person to get eliminated. He also has a very tiny penis. After the tournament, John went on a rampage and got many wins. He also succeeded to win a couple of Championships down the road. Including the RONA Rising Sun, RONA Tag Team with Minkaro and the Hardcore Championship. John hold all these 3 titles at the same time, making him the first ever triple champion RONA has seen. John eventually lost the Hardcore belt to Illmatic on the Redempion PPV where he put both his singles titles on the line. He managed to defend the Rising Sun Championship against Crayz that night in the main event.

Tag Team Championship Controversy

The weeks before John won the Tag Team Championship with Minkaro, John had 2 matches with B-Ray. The first week, B-Ray disappeared during the match after the lights went out. The second week, both men disappeared in the match after the lights went out. Not soon after that, they announced there new tag team, The Graveyard Disciples. They had challenged the Tag Team Champions James Carter and Bishop for a match. But days before the match actually happened, B-Ray was forced to retire and the Graveyard Disciples where no more. John managed to get a 'mystery' parter, Minkaro. But that wasn't enough, during the match, Bishop turned on Carter, and Minkaro and John won the match and become champions. This was the start of a new faction, The Monastery.

The Monastary

Coming Soon!

Win/Loss/Draw and Title Record

May 2007 till 09-30-2007 | John's Record stands on 12/3/0

Title Record
Title Times hold
RONA Undisputed 0
RONA Rising Sun 1
RONA Tag Team 2
X-Division 0
Hardcore 1


Becoming Dual Champion - Holding Tag Team title and Rising Sun title at the same time.

Becoming Triple Champion - Holding Tag Team, Rising Sun and Hardcore title at the same time.

Move List

Current Finishing Moves

The Icefront - Hurricane Mixer

K.T.F.O. ( Knocked The F*ck Out ) - Gamengiri

Cold Feet - Busaiku Knee Kick

Old Finishing Moves

Stone Cold Driver - Psycho Driver II

Stone Cold Driver II - Black Tiger Bomb

Y2John - Lion Tamer

Trademark/Signature Moves

Coldmission - Scar Military Press Spinebuster -Mil. Press Spinebuster

Spider Belly To Belly - Spider Belly To Belly Suplex

Tiger Driver - Tiger Driver Excalibur

Flapjack Facebuster - Flapjack Facebuster

Coldplex - T-Bone Tazzplex

T-Bone Powerslam - T-Bone Powerslam

Crash Landing - Crash Landing

Package Pile Driver - Package Pile Driver

Capture Suplex - Capture Suplex

Delayed Brain Buster - Brain Buster

Other Moves

Torture Rack 2 Back Breaker - Rack Back Breaker

Overhead Belly to Belly - Belly To Belly Overhead

Black Hole Slam - Black Hole Slam

Pile Driver - Pile Driver Gotch Pile Driver - Pile Driver Gotch

Cradle Pile Driver - Cradle Pile Driver

Cobra Clutch Backbreaker - Cobra Clutch Back Breaker

Gutwrench Powerbomb - Gutwrench Powerbomb

Northern Light Suplex - Northern Light Hold Suplex

Leg,Neck, Cradle lift backbreaker - Leg,Neck, Cradle Lift Backbreaker

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