Stoner is an Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment wrestler who is known for mixing his natural affinity for a Flier style with a Hardcore touch. Also for being addicted to marijuana.

David Hilm
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Height 6ft 2in
Weight 220
Date of birth October 27, 1986
Place of birth Galveston, TX USA
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Resides Texas City, TX USA
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Trainer Tommy Dreamer
Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment
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Promotions Wrestled for

Early life and career

David Hilm first became interested in wrestling after watching a match between Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr. on an episode of Monday Night Nitro. He was amazed at the fact that the two men were not near as big as most other wrestlers, and yet were able to compete so well. He was 10 at the time. At the age of 14, he was asked by a friend if would like to join in and backyard wrestle with them. After thinking it over for a few seconds, he agreed. When asked to come up with a name to wrestle under, he decided to use the nickname he had been given by various schoolmates, "Stoner".

He wrestled with them for three years until one day Tommy Dreamer was passing through on his way to a show. He passed by the group wrestling, and decided to stop and watch. He was amazed that the 17 year olds were able to perform some of the maneuvers they were attempting, and was more amazed when he saw Hilm performing. He got out of his car and walked over to him, asking if he would like to receive professional training. Hilm immediately agreed, and after negotiations with his father were completed, he moved to Florida where he would be trained by many superstars, but mostly by Dreamer.

Here he would meet two people who would have impacts on his life. NC17 and Melissa Celest. NC17 was a fellow trainee who had a similar style and outlook on life that Stoner had, and the two immediately became friends. Melissa was a trainee who Stoner thought was attractive, and convinced her not to give up on her training in an attempt to start a relationship. The relationship never had a chance to begin as Stoner and NC17 were hired by Purely Hardcore Wrestling.

Purely Hardcore Wrestling and Addicted to Chaos

His debut match was against NC17, and the two put on a match that was dubbed as the match of the year. The match was also noted as the first time two wrestlers had ever put one another through the Titantron screen. After the match, the two decided to work as a unit, calling the team Addicted to Chaos. The team went undefeated for three months, beating teams of wrestlers who had been Tag Team Champions multiple times, but never actually getting a title shot themselves. After winning a tournament that made them the number one contenders for the title, they were stripped of their contendership when NC17 was arrested for assaulting a man who had said that the "Hardcore Style" was ruining wrestling.

Stoner made it blatant that he no longer wanted to team with NC17 after the incident, angered that he would do something that robbed them of their first chance at being title holders. NC17 and Stoner went on to have another string of matches, with Stoner finally taking the upper hand at the end. NC17 was fired from PHW soon after due to backstage disputes with other PHW superstars.

Stoner went on to challenge the PHW Hardcore champion, and took the title with almost no effort. He would hold the title a total of three times, his last reign setting a record at one year two months. During his third run with the title, the fans were notorious for chanting "Future World Champ", making obvious for their desire for Stoner to contend for the World Title. When asked why he never wanted to contend for the title, he would always shrug and say that he liked the belt he had at the time. The Hardcore Title was finally taken from him in a match that had interference come from backstage that included both people who were his friends and people who he had feuded with. After finally losing the title, he left the arena without saying a word. He remained off screen for two months, before returning one night to declare that he was leaving Purely Hardcore Wrestling. The night was famous for wrestlers coming down to the ring all wearing one of Stoner's "Stoner is my friend" T-shirts.

Championship Wrestling Alliance

For a period of three months after his stint in PHW, Stoner wrestled for Championship Wrestling Alliance. He made a name for himself in the company by beating one of their former World Champions in his first match. He was immediately brought to the main screen, and was notorious for pulling pranks on the other wrestlers backstage. Due to an error by the management, the company folded under and he was without a job.

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

Soon after CWA folded, he applied for a job at Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. He was hired on the spot, and put into a match with two other new superstars to the company. One of the competitors, Christian James, had spent the entire week insulting him and making a general nuisance of himself. After the match, Stoner brutalized James, leaving him for the paramedics to deal with.

The next week, he was reintroduced to fellow UWE newcomer Melissa Celest, who he had trained with three years before. All the pot he had smoked had made him forget who she was, but Melissa reminded him, and the two became close friends. They are known to share hotel rooms and car rentals, although they both claim the relationship is platonic.

Stoner came back into contact with NC17, and the two re-formed Addicted to Chaos with Melissa as a new member. Soon after, NC17 began having personal issues and had to leave UWE, leaving Melissa and Stoner to carry on the AtC name.

Not long after, Stoner faced Baine, who had a 14 week undefeated streak, and beat him for the UWE Hardcore Title in a Caged Heat match. Not one to rest long, Stoner's first title defense was against Baine's Tag Team partner James Jowers, who Stoner defeated summarily.

In UWE's first (and only) King of the Hill Match, Stoner was able to overcome four other superstars and win the match to retain his title, despite being thrown off the top of the Titantron.

Stoner went on to set a new record for holding the UWE Hardcore Title. He also set a record for longest Tag Team Title reign with at-the-time World Champion Angelus, a man Stoner would credit as being his best tag team partner ever.

Soon after Angelus' departure from UWE, Stoner was placed in a World Title match against Jamie Stevens, who no-showed the event and giving Stoner his first World Championship. Stoner defended the title successfully a number of times, but lost the title to the returning Jamie Stevens. Stoner then left UWE in search of another place of business.

RoughKut Wrestling

Stoner had an inauspicious start in RKW, losing his first match to Billy Joe Winchester. He made up for his loss in quick fashion before starting a meteoric rise to upper midcard. Placed in a series of Tornado Matches (Tag is for children)with people that didn't like him, he wasn't able to showcase his true ability.

Eventually being put in a HardKnox Title match, he remained the champion until being beaten by "The Main Attraction" Tyler Boyd. Stoner disappeared for a while after that, then made a return along with his Parole Officer Bill "The Nemesis" Sampson.

He was then put in a King of the North Championship match against T.H. Love, and won the belt along with making Hippo dress as the super hero "Dr. Strange" for a month, as per the stipulation of the match. Stoner lost the title to T.H., and was injured soon after. He made a request to the President of RKW to be a commentator, and has been in that position since.

Finishing and signature moves

  • The Roachclip - (Vertebreaker)
  • An Addiction - (Moonsault into a Leg Drop)
  • Spanker Danker Pickle- (Edge-O-Matic)
  • Dropkick of Doom- (Gunpacket Dropkick to the knee fromt he top rope.)

Championships and accomplishments

  • 3 Time PHW Hardcore Champion
  • Longest title run in PHW at 1 year 2 months with Hardcore Title
  • Longest reigning UWE Hardcore and Tag Team Champion
  • Former UWE World Champion
  • Former RKW HardKnox Champion
  • Former RKW King of the North Champion
  • Only RKW Wrestler to be made a permanent member of the Commentary Team

Trivia Knowledge

  • Favorite Drink is Orange Soda.
  • Has an actual clause in his contract that allows him the usage of marijuana.
  • Thinks of his fans as his friends, and refers to them as such for that reason.
  • Knows all the lyrics to "Baby Got Back", "Ice Ice Baby", "Ninja Rap", "Wanna be a Balla", "Barbie Girl" and "Wanna Be."
  • His move "Addiction", a Moonsault into a Legdrop, was made as a variation of NC17's "Expletive Deleted," a Shooting Star Legdrop.

Entrance Musics

  • Backyard Wrestling- "Clint Eastwood" by The Gorrilaz
  • PHW- "Deserver" by Index Case
  • CWA- "Live for This" by Hatebreed
  • UWE- "The Light that Blinds" by Shadows Fall
  • When coming out as Addicted to Chaos- "The Kids Aren't Alright" by The Offspring

Fan Works

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