Streets Wilson is an American professional wrestler hailing from Stamford Connecticut. He is easily identified by his trademark fedora hat (that gangsters wore in the 40's), sunglasses, and his Judo Uniform that he wears to the ring as well. He often hides a switchblade, brass knuckles, or some other illegal object inside his fedora. He has no particular wrestling style, usually adapting to whatever his opponent does. He has been known to beat people viciously with chains, bats, brass knuckles, and even on occasion has been known to toss pepper bombs to opponents eyes. At the same time, he also brings his perfect mix of martial arts and signature moves that pay homage to his influences. For instance, his Figure 4 Leg lock and DDT finishers are taken from 2 certain extremely famous wrestlers. He was trained in the arts of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu and also the art of Judo. This, mixed with his obvious street fighting smarts and techniques, make him one of the most dangerous men to ever compete. Streets has been known to form deadly alliances, he rarely works alone. He was reportedly "discovered" when an unknown wrestling promoter saw him tear apart four people by himself, when they attempted to mug him. Soon after getting into the business, he brought in one of his close personal friends Rick "The Dick" Stevens, a fellow martial artist. Rick's cruiser weight type of martial arts onslaught complimented his "in your face" power style martial arts well. They would come to be known as the "Rude, Rude People", a reference to the Sublime song "jailhouse". The Rude, Rude People are known for their rough and "rude" attitude. Rick's signature habit of assaulting opponents with nunchuks along with Wilson's tendency towards baseball bats and his famous "silver knuckles" (brass knuckles, except their made of silver, and the word "Streets" is spelled out across them in silver letters) make probably the most deadly tag team to ever compete.

Debut and Early career

Streets Wilson would make his debut in the Universal Wrestling Federation. In his first ever wrestling match anywhere, he would win an Extreme battle royal, thus being crowned the first ever UWF Extreme Champion. Streets Wilson's cocky attitude and extremely colorful character would attract the dislike of many a "legend" in the UWF. He would have long and bloody feuds with the like of "Hollywood" Rip Boulder and "Bodacious" Brandon. He would leave both men bloody and crawling down the ring ramp by the end of the feuds. Streets is known for his tendency to attack people backstage, and for his matches to become incredibly violent and bloody, even if it is not the wish of his opponent. His "gangster" like attitude brings out the worst in himself and his opponents. Streets would come to be bloodied and battered just as much as his opponents, something he didn't fear, but thrived on. In the mean-time, he would form the Revolution, with fellow wrestlers Mark Fletcher, and Rick "The Dick" Stevens. They would go on to dominate the UWF unchallenged, until they disbanded.

Other Information

Streets would always continue to compete in the UWF, but he would also jump around in other promotions as well including the KWA and WAW. He also had a very short, but slightly successful stint in the Pro-Wrestling Federation. He is most famous for his work in the UWF, where he is feared for his viciousness in the ring, and out of it, and his amazing technical skill inside the ring. His claim to fame is the fact that he can be the most "hardcore" wrestler you have ever seen, but because of his extensive martial arts training, he would also come to be known as one of the greatest "technical" wrestlers as well. He takes pride in being the first UWF Extreme Champion in history, holding the title for roughly four months.


Streets Wilson has been plagued throughout his career with setbacks such as these. After Streets Wilson decides to move on to a different fed, the federation tries to hold on to whatever popularity he had, and uses lookalikes to replace him.

Signature moves

Vicious DDT (Jumping DDT)

Streets of Stamford (Figure 4 Leglock)

Judo Chokehold (Tazzmission)


Stalling Suplex

Cross Arm Breaker

Sleeper Hold

Title History

UWF Extreme Championship (1x)

IWXA Heavyweight Championship (1x)

IWXA Tag Team Championship (1x)


Voice of The Streets

Father of Extreme (UWF)

Notable Fueds

Mark Fletcher


"Hollywood" Rip Boulder

"Bodacious" Brandon



270 LBs

Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut

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