Stu 'The Snake' St.Clair
Real name Stuart St.Clair
Ring Names Stu 'The Snake' St.Clair
Height 6 foot 2
Weight 220 lbs
Date of birth February 27, 1980
Place of birth Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Flag of Canada
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Resides Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Flag of Canada
Billed from Kelowna, British Columbia Flag of Canada
Trainer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
Handled by Savage Animal
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Debut 2000
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Stu 'The Snake' St.Clair (Born February 27, 1980) is a Canadian professional wrestler, best known for his work in Fantasy Wrestling Alliance and Full Throttle Wrestling. Is currently signed to an exclusive contract to Fantasy Wrestling Alliance.

Early career

Stu 'The Snake' St.Clair started out on the indepent scenes and caught the eye of the lengendary Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. After watching a few of Stu's matches Jake offered to train him. Stu accepted and spent three years training with him while still wrestling on the independent circuit. Stu was presented a gift using his nickane as The Snake. Stu found his spot in The NWA territory Extreame Canadian Championship Wrestling.He won The ECCW Hardcore title on several occasions. Ultimitly in December 2006 after three long years dealing with NWA poltics he was fired on Christmas. When he was fired he was injured with a broken collar bone. A day later his friend Thew Carvell arrived to stay for the night while he had a show to work the next day. After Stu telling thew what happened Thew got called Fantasy Wrestling Allianceand got him a job there.

Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

In January 2007 after recovering Stu made his Fantsay Wrestling Alliance debut on Smash in a six pack challenge match which had Nate Daniels and Paul Brooks in it. Stu has impressed officials and was offered a four and half year contract with FWA. Stu signed as soon as the contract was present. One week Stu was in a match with Octarvium and took things too far. Stu ended up beating Octarvium so badly he would retire when in reality Octarvium was being released from the company. He brutalized Octarvium with barbwire and steel chairs and threw off the stage with Damien's Death Drop. Stu then brought out Damien and let him have his way with Octarvium for a few minutes. A few weeks latter competed in the Fwa Wold Title battle royale in which he eliminated Mountain Rush along with Rodel Montanez but did not win the royale. A week latter he faced Aires Hamilton whom eliminated him from the battle royale and won thanks to interferences by Nick Arsen. Latter that night was out with ring side with Arsen during Thew Carvell match against Excellence. After Thew won the match Arsen, St.Clair and Carvell joined forced to become Riders of The Storm.

Riders of The Storm And Beyond

Riders of Storm after forming declared they will soon be taking over Fantsay Wrestling Alliance. Stu formed a tag team with unlikely partner Thew Carvell calling themselves Stoned Snakes in which they nearly beat the world champion along with the number one contender for the title. A week latter in a number one contender match for the Fwa Tag Titles Thew got ambushed backstage leaving Stu without a partner. Luckily Ashley O'Ryan was present and offered his help to witch they won the number one contender match for the titles at Back in Business against Projekt Revolution (Brandon Reed, "Diamond" Jack Severino). Ashley and Stu won the Fantsay World Tag Team Titles holding them for many months. Meanwhile Stu was on a roll for winning single matches by beat Aj Hart current Fwa High Fly champion. At a house show while teaming with Ashley O'Ryan, Rodel Montanez and Shane McLean, Rebel Bad Ass broke his wrsit which was in a cast for aa few weeks. Odds did not look good for Mile High where he was to face The Elite, Confederate Justice, Rodel Montanez/Shane McLean and compete in the Fwa World Title Mile High Gauntlet Match. Stu and Ashley successfully defended the titles and Stu went survived the gauntlet match making his way to final 6. He came up short when Ryan Hall retrived the belt. A week later Stu and Ashley lost the titles to Rodel Montanez/Shane McLean. A week after that lost a brutal 20 minute match to Shane McLean. Two weeks latter beat Shane and Rodel in a non-title match. Slated for Trial by Fire, Ashley and Stu get their rematch for The Fwa Tag team belts. At Trial By Fire Stu had Shane at his mercy after beating him down with the same chain that Shane used to time him down outside the ring. Stu was set to put Shane through a table but Thomas Princeton stoped him begging for him to give a title after shaking the rope causing him to fall. Stu strongly said no to Princeton and had gotten a sneak atatck by Princeton faction Yes Men after Stu had spent all his energy on hurting Shane. Yes Men placed Stu upon the table and as Thomas offered his hand to Shane, cheapshoted him, and powerbombed him on top of Stu causing the table to break. After being screwed out of his title match Stu has promisesed each member of Yes men will feel his full intense, unforgivable wrath in the coming weeks to follow. On October 30 Stu got his hands around on of the men who screwed him and Ash out of the tag team gold. Stu applied a modified stfu choking Drew Jolson causing him to tap out. On November 2 Stu faced off against Thomas Princton, Rodel Montanez and his good friend Ashley O'Ryan for one half of the tag titles in a ladder match. Despite outside interference from Drew Jolson, Stu managed to win the match. On November 9 at the tribute show to Brian Habana who recently died in a car accident, will defend the titles against Confederate Justice. Stu and Shane managed to co-exist defeating Confederate Justice at the show. At Betrayal it will be Shane vs Stu vs Rodel Montanez vs Ashley O'Ryan in a Betrayal Elimination Last Chance, Last Battle, The War,it Ends Here match with the tag titles on the line. Stu retained the title as Ashley O'Ryan won the other half. They defended and held their title past 2007. At Uncontrolable Chaos Stu beat Diamond Jack after Jack cheated him in a match for in the North American Title tournament . A week after he and Ashley O'Ryan lost the Tag Titles after Ash smoked Stu with a steel chair. James Sync took the opportunity and low blowed Ashley with baseball bat. Sync hit his finihser on Ash for the win. After match after Ash was trying to explain to him it was an accident Stu heard none of it and walked out. It has been brought question if two would ever team again. Stu competed in Cornel Contendership 20 man battle royal he was the 12th person eliminated in the match. It would appear Ash and Stu would patch up their difference and when they faced Thomas Princeton and Diamond Jack for the Fwa tag team titles. They won the match but Raquel Wednesday prevented Ash to help Stu in the match. She justified it was because he was ment for biger things and Ashley was holding him back. Ashley and Raquel started arguing and Stu walked off. Later that night during a brawl after Tony Juvenille and Matt Boudreau match.The Unholy Uprising started to attack Jillian De Silva but Nate Richardson and Ashley O'Ryan came running out to protect her. Surpisenly Stu walked out to defend Jillian with a steel chair at his hand. He got face to with G-Rich ready smash him across the head with a chair shot. Midway through the turn Stu stops and smashes Ashley in the face. He the proceeds to Ddt Ashley on the chair and then spits on the tag team title belt. He and G-Rich straed at each other than hand shaked hands with G-Rich and Join Unholy Uprising

Unholy Uprising

Stu competed within the Money in The Bank Elimination Chamber match for a future Fwa World Title match. He faced Nick Arsen, Bullseye Johnson, Maximillion, Thomas Princeton and his former friend Ashley O'Ryan. Stu was a bloody mess but managed to put on one hell of a showing. It came down to him and Princeton and they end up on top of one the chamber's roof. Stu was looking to hit Damien's Death Drop on Princeton but Princeton low blowed him and hit the BTY sending him crashing to the steel floor. Princeton hit him with another BTY beating Stu at Back in Business. Next week he was a ref between Bullseye Johnson and Ashley O'Ryan the FWA North American Title on the line. There was tension amongst the 3 but in the end Bullseye beat Ashley O'Ryan. Stu offered Ashley a hand up only to be attacked by him. A week later Stu and Ash defended their tag titles against James Sync and Nick Arsen.Ash and Stu were able to function as a team but Ash accidentally hit Stu. Stu hit the Ddt on Arsen and went brawling with Ashly up past the entrance tunnel. Tony Ray awarded the tag titles to Sync and Arsen. On April 11 Stu beat Bullseye Johnson for his North American Title at Fight Night in Northampton, England. It was one hell of battle. Stu stood proud until Ashley attacked Stu. He tried to throw Stu on the stage but Stu turned the table giving Ashley a Damien's Death Drop off the stage. Two week later when Stu was destroying Bobby Thunder after picking up the victory Ashley arrived and attacked Stu. On May 2 Stu and Ash faced in once intense match which received great ovation. Yet neither one of them gave a damn about the ovation they were getting from the crowd. They more concerned with killing each other. In the end Stu won the match and successfully defended his North American Title. After the match Thew Carvell returned to FWA shocking the world. He shocked them even more after joining Stu by pouring whiskey all over his face. On That night the Unholy Uprising posed together as they hold the World Title, The North American Title and The Tag Team Titles. The feud insteived when Stu assaulted Moira on several occasion leading up to upcoming PPV at Desert Storm. The two would collide in a falls count anywheres chain match. The match was a bloodfest. Ashley got even by destroying Stu's right arm. In the end Stu picked up the win with a DDT off the stage to retain his North American Title. One week later after being drafted to Crossfire he faced the man he beat for the tite. Also on top of that was a spot in the quest to The New FWA World Heavyweight title on the Crossfire side. Stu retained the title but Ash snuck down the ring and stole Damien. Stu chased after Ash leading to the parking garage. Ash tricked Stu in to getting a limo where he did from Stu. After Stu dives in via sunroof suddenly the driver door for the limo opens and Ashley O’Ryan gets out. Ash has a rope on the shifter on the limo. The limo is in park. Ash puts a brick on the gas pedal. The limo engine roars. Ash yells at Stu, tell him to go to hell. Ashley pulls the rope attached to shifter making it go in drive. The Limo zooms and keep going until he crashes into the FWA Cross Fire Production Truck. The limo front goes under the production truck. Next week General Manager Jillian De Silva said if Stu or Ash would lay another hand on they would be suspened. On top of that Stu was sripepd of his North American Title but was promised a shot at the World Title down the road. The feud ended at the Red White and Bruised PPV where they faced each other in a Hell In A Cell Match. Stu won the match.

Full Throttle Wrestling

While competing for Fantasy Wrestling Alliance Stu went to newly formed promotion Full Throttle Wrestling. At the first show teamed with his new protege Ken The Killer winning the Ftw Tag Team Titles by beat Hustle Inc and the Young Bloods. At the same time was Fwa tag team champion making him a double champion. A week latter defeated Hustle Inc in a tables match however Nick Corvo interfered by putting one half of Hustle Inc through the table. Stu competed in his first singles match by beating Johnny Storm and showing the world he is more than just a power house wrestler by hitting a senton bomb from the top rope. At Boiling point lost when his partner Ken The Killer got pinned making lose the tag titles. A week later engaged with a feud with former friend and partner Thew Carvel. It was Thew Carvel along with his former partner Ken The Killer vs Projekt Revolution(Nick Corvo/ Demonte Willis)in which they won. After the match Stu encouraged Thew to join them but Thew refused getting a beat down by both superstars. Luckily for Carvel, Nick Arsen and Ewan Edwards showed up to make the save. Week later took on 2 out 3 members of Absolute Legacy in a win. But backstage Arsen was found severely injured a lot of people point the finger at Stu as the suspect. Stu has stated even if he did do it why would he tell you. Following week was to face Demonte Willis, Mike Hawkins and Minimum Pain in a tag team showcase. For the following pvv was a fan interactive ppv where the fans decided the match, the competitors, the stipulations and even the name. Before this could occur Ftw closed it's doors. As for now is signed an exclusive contract to Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. Stu is expected to appear on Full Thottle Wrestling DVD on its death soon

Full Throttle Wrestling 2nd Coming

When FTW opened it doors again with in its 2nd show a weird series events occurred.Backstage Intereviewer Mike Chang gott attack when the lights wnet off when he was with Desiree Sanchez. Above his head was written in his own blood FTW: BLOOD WILL FLOW. The same night in the n Chad Jamison's office the lights went off during a call he was making. When the lights came back on written in blood the Gm's ceiling wrote in blood I'M WATCHING YOU. After the mainevent where Ewan Edwards, Thew Carvell,Ravi Moon, Billy Jackson and Nick Arsen where a brawl at just finished. Blood begims pouring down upon them and a dark figure is seen in the rafters but the person can not be identitfied. After Outbreak FTW officials addressed the person simply as The Bloody Bandit. One week laterAfter a match with Sean Jade, Cam Yotch and Sam Horney the lights went out. On the screen the message in a blood like font YOU WILL SCRAMBLE FOR YOUR BLOOD. Later that night Nick Corvo went hunting for the Bloody Bandit in the backstage area however the lighst went out when the cameras were rolling. The sound of kendo stick breaking along with something smashing into metal objects. When the lights went back on Nick Corbo was on the ground and wirrten above his hea din his own blood was a message that said I AM THE TRUE ENFORCER. After a tag match involving Nick Arsen and Kizz The Bloody Bandit was seen in the rafters again but before they could get a good look he had ran away. Suddenly on the titiantron a picture of all six combants in the scramble match were seen. Bellow the picture in a streaming blood animation a message appears saying YOU WILL SCRAMBLE TO GET AWAY FROM ME. One week later Nick Corvo stated that that night he was going to find who The Blood Bandit is and stop him. After a huge tag match involving 4 out of the 6 combants a message on the titiantron appaeared stating IT'S OFFICIAL: THE BANDIT HAS ARRIVED! Corvo quickly ran to the ting and demaned that tha bandit show himself. The bandit comes down from a ripcord to the ring he is wearing all black. Corvo asked the man what he was here for and the figure said revenge for making his life a living hell. Then the bandit pulled off his mask. Witch much anitpation of who it was it was Stu 'The Snake' St.Clair: Stu then begins to assault Corvo until security separates the two. FTW general manager Chad Jamison announces that Stu will be part of the six person scramble match and that Stu had signed a contract with FTW. Corvo was livid so he had Stu removed from the arena. At Deathwish Stu was one of the three winner after sooring the final pinfall on John Exile depsite interferce from Nick Corvo.

In Wrestling

  • Finishers and Signature Moves
  • Damien's Dinner Time (Ddt)
  • Damien's Death Drop (Outsider's Edge)
  • Damien's Strangulation (Cobra Clutch with legs wraping around his body)
  • Tilt-a-wirl Backbreaker into a Bow and Arrow
  • Gutbuster
  • Short Arm Clothesline
  • Bear Hug
  • Senton Bomb
  • Neck Crank Suplex
  • Suicide Dive
  • Punching Combination
  • Running Knee Lift
  • Top Rope Clothesline
  • Half Nelson Slam
  • 10 Knife Edge Chops
  • Sleeper Hold
  • Belly to Belly Suplex
  • Triangle Choke
  • Roaring Elbow

Championships and Accomplishments

In Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

  • 4 Time Fantasy Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champion (Ashley O'Ryan) (Shane Mclean)
  • 1 Time Fantasy Wrestling Alliance North American Champion
  • 2 Time Fantasy Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion (Current)

In Full Throttle Wrestling

  • 1st and 3 Time Full Throttle Wrestling Tag Team Champion (Ken The Killer) (Nick Corvo) (Patrick Malone)

In Extreame Canadian Championship Wrestling

  • 5 time Extreame Canadian Championship Wrestling Hardcore Champion
  • General Manager of Worldwide Wrestling Society


In Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

  • Riders Of The Storm (with Nick Arsen and Thew Carvell)
  • Unholy Uprising (with G-Rich, Ryan Hall, 'The Idol' Matt Boudreau, Nathan Swift, Ayla E and Shane Mclean)
  • Age Of The Fallen (with Raquel Wednesday and Brian Carter)

In Full Throttle Wrestling

  • The [s]Aints (with Ken The Killer)

Entrance Music

More Human Then Human By White Zombie

Mr Crowley By Cradle Of Filth - Curent

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