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Real name Abraham Lincoln.
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Height 6'5.
Weight 256 lbs.
Date of birth 06-15-1981
Place of birth Rochester, New York
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Resides Rochester, Minnesota
Billed from Rochester, New York
Trainer N/A
Xtreme Wrestling Federation, Independent Wrestling Empire, Has been spotted in NRA & BUD
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Debut September-2001.
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Stunray (Born 06-15-1981) in Rochester, New York. He is currently contracted to the OCW. He is a former XWF and IWE Heavyweight Champion. Stunray has an illustrious career that will be outlined below.

Early life

Stunray was born "Jack Lincoln" to two very high class parents. He was an only child, and therefore spoiled from the time he was a toddler. He lived in a multi-story mansion with many maids and butlers. Stunray went by the name "Jackie" for many years, until he decided, just to annoy people, he would like to be called "Abraham". Stunray grew up with a normal life, until his friends learned of his wealth. It was then Stunray developed many of the flaws seen in his personality today. Stunray had to ignore most of his friends, because of his fear that they would want his money or things. He became very untrustworthy. He also became a loner due to his parents always leaving on business trips. The only thing that Stunray seemed to love as a child was Professional Wrestling. He traveled to Nashville on his 18th birthday to find legendary trainer Chris Kobaine, and when he did, it all began.

Professional Wrestling

Stunray learned the art of Pro Wrestling quick. Chris Kobaine signed him up for many independent wrestling federations, but he quickly got the call from a man named Scorpio who was looking to band together some rookie's to get a new federation started. The XwF emerged from this, with Stunray, Scorpio, and another rookie to the sport, FATE at the helms. Although inexperienced, their vision of professional wrestling was just what the audience was looking for. No holds barred, hardcore and scaffolding matches wowed the audience each and every night. Stunray quickly rose to the top of the company, winning the XwF Heavyweight title within two months. Throughout the years, Stunray had many notable feuds. Although most centered around Scorpio & FATE some others included facing Cabal, Jack Chaos, Stephanie Styles and Doctor Suplex. Stunray also had many valets. Most prominent out of all of them was Delta Madison. She helped Stunray win the XwF Undisputed Title, and he helped her attain the Women's. Later in the XwF, Delta Madison ended up turning on Stunray and costing him his Undisputed title. Unfortunately, after 4 years, the XwF closed. Stunray was jobless for once in his life. Months later, a former enemy, Jack Chaos called Stunray and offered him in a position in FATE & Jack's federation, IWE: The Next Generation. Stunray jumped at the chance to join his former friends and did. Within months, he had decided that there wasn't something right about the IWE. He formed up a stable of XwF Alumni and vowed to take over. He quickly earned a spot at the IWE #1 Contender for the Heavyweight Champion. He defeated Chuck Alexander, and became one of the more prominent faces in IWE. After FATE resigned, Stunray was given his position as co-owner. In December 2006, Stunray and FATE announced that they were selling the company to two employee's within the federation, Jazmynn Amber and JeKeL. Once in power, they quickly added Jack Chaos & Stunray to management positions. During the summer of 2007, allegations of steroid use from Jazmynn Amber appeared throughout the United States. She claimed Stunray, Jack Chaos and JeKeL all breached their contracts and used her managerial status to fire them on the spot. No such claims were ever proven. In late November 2007, Stunray joined Online Championship Wrestling. He claimed his mission was to destroy Brian HaVoC and Jazmynn Amber - who were a couple in the federation at the time. IWE had went under with Jazmynn at the helm and Stunray was looking for revenge. A week after the Snowbrawl pay per view, Stunray defeated Brian HaVoC in a retirement match. Jazmynn Amber followed Brian on his way down.


  • XwF
  • 4 Time Undisputed Champion
  • 2 time International Champion
  • 1 Time Intercontinetal Champion
  • 4 Time Tag Team Champion (w/ Venom, Kobaine, FATE, & Scorpio)
  • 8 Time Hardcore Champion
  • 1 Time Cruiserweight Champion
  • 1 Time Heavyweight Champion (combined with World to create Undisputed)
  • First Heavyweight Champion
  • 1 Time World Champion (combined with Heavyweight to create Undisputed)
  • Member of the XwF Hall of Fame
  • XwF United States Champion
  • 15 Match Winning Streak
  • Massacre General Manager
  • XwF Co-Owner
  • IWE
  • IWE Co-Owner
  • IWE Heavyweight Champion (current)
  • Leader of the IWE Stable of the Year, XwF.

Wrestler Info

  • Regular moves
  • Punches
  • Dropkick
  • Toe Kick
  • Generic Clothesline
  • Spear
  • German Suplex
  • Vertical Suplex
  • Tile-A-Whirl Backbreaker
  • Powerslam
  • Spinebuster
  • Top-Rope Dropkick
  • Top-Rope Spear
  • Flying Cross Body off the Top Rope
  • Boston Crab
  • Sleeper Hold
  • Vaulting Body Press
  • Powerbomb
  • Tree of Woe (followed by baseball slide to the face)
  • Baseball slide (While opponent is on the outside)
  • Fisherman's Suplex

Finishing Moves

  • Stunray Stunner [Stone Cold Stunner]
  • Stungun [Death Valley Driver, but instead of dropping opponent onto ground, opponents neck lands on the back of Stunray's knee]

Signature Moves

  • Stunray Splash [Throws opponent in corner, runs & splashes them]
  • Sleeper Hold [Normal Sleeper Hold from behind]

Tag Teams

Former Tag Partners

  • Chris Kobaine
  • Venom
  • Scorpio
  • FATE
  • Marc McPherson

Current Tag Partners


Past Friends

  • Doctor Suplex
  • Scorpio
  • FATE
  • Venom
  • cHaOs & HaVoC
  • Hunter
  • Stephanie Styles
  • Delta Madison
  • Fusion

Past Enemies

  • Infektion
  • Euro-Boy
  • Spear
  • Destroyer
  • Punisher
  • Luke Nukem

Current Friends

  • JeKeL
  • HardKore
  • Alex Varkatzas
  • Jazmynn Amber
  • Alex Arren

Current Enemies

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