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Height 6'4"
Weight 200 lbs.
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Billed from Toronto, Ontario
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MFGG Wrestling
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Debut July 19, 2006
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Suigi is a wrestler currently working in MFGG Wrestling.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing move
    • Good Night Toronto!, a "powerbomb with aplomb" in his own words.
  • Fun statistics
    • Suigi's record (combined between himself and his alter-ego) in singles matches is a staggering 108-83, with two no contests.
    • Suigi also has a decent tag team record, standing at an above-average 28-23.
    • However, in battle royals, Suigi's record becomes lackluster: 3-17.
    • As a result of his eleven SVH titles, Suigi is currently the federation leader in title reigns with twenty-one.
    • Suigi is the most recent competitor to complete a Grand Slam, having earned his Internet Championship in early April.
    • Theoretically, as he has held the Undisputed, Tag Team, and SVH belts at least twice, another Internet title would give him a "Double Grand Slam," however MFGG booker Captain Jeff Silvers has stated he would not acknowledge this in particular.
    • Two of Suigi's SoVeryHardcore Championships were won during non-tournament matches at King of MFGG events wherein he would later go on to win the tournament itself as well. Another SVH Championship was won during a Round 2 match in the King of MFGG VIII tournament; once again, he would go on to win the tournament.
    • Suigi is the only member of MFGG Wrestling to have his own custom belt. Created by Suigi to commemmorate his fifth SVH title reign - unprecedented at that time - the Silver and Sapphire belt replaces the regular one whenever Suigi holds it.
  • Introductions
    • Suigi's current entrance music is "The Hero" by Queen.
    • During his run as Blood Suigi, his entrance music was Meat Loaf's "The Monster is Loose."
    • In both cases, they involves voluminous amounts of pyrotechnics being launched from the stage: blue and white as Suigi, red as Blood Suigi.
  • Fans
    • Suigi has always been one of the more popular wrestlers in MFGG, and thus has earned a dedicated fanbase, at different times called "Canuckleheads," "Blue Boosters," and "Heroes." Suigi also is known to celebrate with the fans after an important win, and acknowledges their support with a jubilant (and repeated) cry of BLEED BLUE! He recently thanked his fans and celebrated with them at MFGG Epoch Rising after winning the Undisputed Title.

Blood Suigi

  • Who is he?
    • In his first incarnation, Blood Suigi was a physical manifestation of Suigi's inner bloodlust and rage, released because at the time he was in the throes of a losing streak. The change in personality did not go unnoticed, as he changes his outfit to a red and gunmetal-grey version, and the vicious counterpart began wrecking the federation, even going so far as to kill his best friend Dark Yoshi using a semi truck. At MFGG End of Days, the true Suigi, clad in his familiar blue and silver outfit, defeated Blood Suigi, and re-assimilated him back into his body.
    • Blood remained dormant until Uber Noober's return to the federation, and the growing tension between the two. Uber specifically wanted to face Blood Suigi, and simply facing the combined entity wasn't good enough. After Suigi was mercilessly battered and launched from the Damagetron, the blood left on the mat began to coalesce into Blood Suigi again. He wrestled in the original's stead while Suigi recovered, and after ending the feud between Blood and Uber at least, returned to Suigi's body.
    • When Suigi won the Undisputed World Championship from Press Start at MFGG Epoch Rising, Blood Suigi appeared in a weakened state, congratulated him and dissolved, supposedly for good.
    • In the lead up to MFGG Unnecessary Force, however, Suigi was badly injured in an Exploding Barbed-Wire Cage Match to Titan Gamer, who also attacked him post-match. From what the security cameras could pick up, it seems that Blood Suigi has returned.

Championships and accomplishments

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