Super Internet Wrestling
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Company Profile
Acronym SIW
Company Slogan
Founder Trevor Derickson
Owners TJDE Inc.
Founded 1997
Dissolved 2009
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HeadQuarters Toronto, Ontario
Area Served Global
Industry Sports Entertainment
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Key People Trevor Derickson, Lynn Roberts, Kevin "Titan" McColl
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Brands Monday Night Brawl, Friday Night Carnage
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Super Internet Wrestling™ is an online wrestling promotion founded in 1997. It is owned by TJDE Inc. and operated by Trevor Derickson (CEO), Lynn Roberts (Vice President) and Kevin "Titan" McColl (Talent Relations/Writer). The company was divided into two separate brands in early 2005 called Monday Night Brawl and Carnage. SIW's last twelve months' revenue was approximately US$300 million, with a net profit of approximately $30 million.


Early History

In 1997, Canadian Trevor J. Derickson married Kim Blair who helped him find the funds to start a small wrestling promotion. In a matter of six months, using his wrestling knowledge and marketing skills, Derickson brought the company to national status. Derickson received major heat by stealing talent from weaker promotions with less money by using unethical business practices. In six months, Derickson had signed all the big names in the business including, The American Bulldog, Great White, Switchblade, Issac Locke, Ecko, Mr. Superstar and The Uzi Brothers. After a year, the SIW was went global after signing a huge television deal for Monday Night Brawl with TNT in the United States and TSN in Canada.


In 1998, The SIW picked up even more talent when the International Wrestling Organization filed for bankruptcy and in the progress picked up an influx on new talent including Conviction, Hardkore, Ninja and Jason Snow

More Television

Monday Night Brawl is moved to TNN now known as Spike TV. TNT picks up a new SIW program called Carnage. Later in the year, TNT picks up the new one hour explosive show called Wednesday War but is eventually dropped in a few months.


When three members of a highly specialized, top secret Canadian military operations group met up, they found a common bond in their passion for destruction. When the group was disbanded in late 1998, the members codenamed Death, Doc Shock and the Intoxicator found themselves unable to adapt to civilian life. The only place they could find to put their skills to use was in the violent world of professional wrestling. Making their ring debut in early 1999 for Super Internet Wrestling, the faction known as Deathrow dominated the promotion quickly. Death eventually ran Derickson out of the SIW and took over while single handedly destroying a multi million corporation in a few months.

The Return

Cyrus aka Dallas Nash started an organization to find the missing former CEO Trevor Derickson. After four years of searching, Nash found him gambling in Las Vegas and encouraged him to save his money and bring back the SIW because the people wanted what was taken away from them many years ago. Derickson puts everything he owns on the line and brings back the SIW in June 2004.


The SIW rely on three very important people in Matt "Uzi" Johnson, Gary "Cyrus" Huprich and Kevin "Titan" McColl to get things back on track. In a few months, Derickson signs some of the biggest names in the business once again including Angel, The Renegade, The Uncanny Inferno, NuTz & extreme psycho Metalgod. Within a few months, the SIW becomes an American pop culture just like back in the day. The first year back into 2005 sees a brand split, with Greg Banks taking over MNB & Titan taking over TNC, the latter bringing in the SIW Heavyweight Championship to be first held by James Airington before moving through the likes of Gavin Paybe, Matt Uzi & Angel. On Brawl however, Glenn Kirby, Ryan Johnson, The Living Dead and even Greg Banks are the holders of the biggest prize. SIW becomes a world-wide phenomenon, watching Gavin Payne and Matt Uzi tear each other apart on Carnage and the SIW battle the UWWE on Brawl which then turned into a cross promotion war between The Living Dead & Ian Bishop. The year ends with Grunge the headliner on Brawl and Angel top of the pile on Carnage.

UWWE Monday Night Brawl

In the Summer of 2005, The Living Dead signed an SIW contract to compete on Monday Night Brawl, The Living Dead owned his own promotion UWWE and a list of graduates from The Living Dead's company were now SIW stars including "Incredible" Ian Bishop, ABA, Envy & Amazing Desperado. The Living Dead acquired the services of some of his old employees along with the likes of James Airington, Glenn Kirby, Chris Adams to name a few. After The Living Dead helped then MNB general manager Greg Banks gain a victory over Ryan Johnson to win the SIW Championship, Banks himself joined the self-proclaimed "Mayhem" and christened the show UWWE Monday Night Brawl. Jealousy over The Living Dead getting all the attention and an eventual SIW Championship run, the likes of Kirby, Airington & Bishop turned on their leader with "The Mayhem" collapsing in the process. Monday Night Brawl was then returned to SIW and the invasion was over.

Women's Divison

SIW's Women's division is born and anchored by the top female wrestlers in the world. Katie Mysfit, Angelica Hunt, Latesha, Xtina, and Summer Andrews are signed to big contracts to compete for the most pretigious women's wrestling title, the SIW Women's Championship.

SIW Controversy

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Coming Soon!

The Future - 2008 & Beyond

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Monday Night Brawl

Monday Night Brawl is the Monday night professional wrestling brand for Super Internet Wrestling. The show currently airs live on FX Network (and on tape delay Wednesdays on mun2, and Sundays on Telemundo (in Spanish) in the United States, and in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland on Sky Sports 3 . It also currently broadcasts on tape delay in Canada on The Score and Global Quebec, in Australia on FOX8, in Portugal on SIC Radical, in Finland on MTV3 MAX, in Malaysia on Astro Super Sport, in New Zealand on The Box, in Greece on Supersport 3, in India and Pakistan on Ten Sports, in the Philippines on Jack TV and ABC, in Chile on Chilevisión, in Mexico on 52MX, in Bulgaria on GTV, in Panama on RPC Canal 4, in Peru on ATV, in Saudi Arabia and Middle east on ART SPORT, in Romania on TV Sport, in Serbia on FOX Televizija, in South Korea on XTM, in Spain on Cuatro TV, in France on NT1 and RTL9, in Brazil on SBT, in Argentina on Canal 9 (Argentina) and on AFN Xtra. Raw is also currently being aired on Etv in South Africa. It airs on Canal VTV in El Salvador and on Premiere in Germany.And in Honduras on Canal 5. Occasionally, MNB is aired on same-day tape delay when SIW is on an overseas tours

Friday Night Carnage

Friday Night Carnage is a professional wrestling television program for Super Internet Wrestling (SIW) currently it is the only television broadcast for the Carnage brand. From its launch in 1999, Carnage was shown on Thursday nights, but as of September 15, 2006, the show moved to Friday nights.

It currently airs in the United States on VH1, in Canada on The Score Network and on CH Montreal, in Turkey on S'nek, in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan on Ten Sports, in Germany on DSF, in the UK, Republic of Ireland, and Italy on Sky Sports 3, in Finland on Urheilukanava, in Portugal on TVI, in the Dominican Republic on Antena Latina Channel 7, in Puerto Rico on Televicentro and on The CW, in Chile on Chilevisión, in Malaysia on TV3, in Mexico on 52MX, in Australia on FOX8,[1] in New Zealand on The BOX, in the Philippines on Jack TV and ABC, in Peru on ATV, in Spain on Cuatro, in Romania on TV Sport, in Serbia on FOX Televizija, in Saudi Arabia and Middle East on Showtime Arabia and ShowSports 4, in France on NT1, in Japan on J Sports, on in South Africa, on AFN Xtra, on the Super Channel (Channel 10) in Fiji Islands, on VTV in El Salvador, on Canal 9 in Argentina, on Canal 4 RP in Panama and on SBT in Brazil.

Wednesday Night War

Former one hour show that existed in 1999, and 2004-2005 to replace live events. The program was dropped by TNT. On April 16, 2008, the SIW brings back Wednesday War live on CBS. WAR happens every few months, and it features members from both brands Monday Night Brawl and Carnage


Former one hour show that existed in 2004-2005 to replace the live events. The program was dropped by TNT at the same time as Wednesday War.

Pay Per Views


Presented by Monday Night Brawl. This ppv features the popular Assault Rumble

Past Assault Rumble Winners:

1999 Matt Uzi

2000 Death

2005 Angela Hunt (Diva rumble)

2006 Chris Macavedi

2007 Ryan Ford

2008 The Living Dead

2009 Jace Parker Davidson


Presented by SIW. Labeled the Greatest Spectacle In Sports-Entertainment.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match Winners:

2006 Glenn Kirby

2007 Natedawg

2008 Scot Bastion

2009 Marquis Laveaux

Full Force

Presented by Monday Night Brawl.


Presented by Carnage.

Desperate Measures

Presented by Monday Night Brawl.

Summer Sonic

Presented by SIW.

Global Warning

Presented by Carnage.

Red Alert

Presented by Monday Night Brawl.

Unhallowed Desires

Presented by SIW.

Staying Alive

Presented by Carnage. Includes elimination style tag team matches.

Road To Glory

Presented by SIW. This ppv features the winners of both brand tournaments competing for a shot at the SIW Championship or the Heavyweight Championship.


SIW Championship

Created: 1997
Limitations: none
Holder: Terror Soule
Brand: Friday Night Carnage

Heavyweight Championship

Created: 2005
Limitations: 220 lbs or more
Holder: The Living Dead
Brand: Monday Night Brawl

SIW North American Championship

Created: 1997
Limitations: none
Holder: Jace Parker Davidson
Brand: Friday Night Carnage

SIW European Championship

Created: 1997
Limitations: none
Holder: Glenn Kirby
Brand: Monday Night Brawl

SIW Women's Championship

Created: 2004
Limitations: Women Only
Holder: Tara Michaels
Brand: Monday Night Brawl

SIW Lightweight Championship

Created: 1999
Limitations: 220 lbs or less
Holder: Vixen Foxx
Brand: Friday Night Carnage

World Tag Team Championship

Created: 1997
Limitations: none
Holder: Beastiary 2.0-Dark Tiger and Asmodeus Macabre
Brand: Monday Night Brawl

SIW Tag Team Championship

Created: 2005
Limitations: none
Holder: Jace Parker Davidson & Zach Blain
Brand: Friday Night Carnage

Defunct Championships

SIW Extreme Championship

Created: 2005
Limitations: none
Holder: Miguel Cervantes (last champion)
Brand: Friday Night Carnage

SIW Hardcore Championship

Created: 1997
Limitations: none
Holder: Terror Soule (last champion)
Brand: Monday Night Brawl

EBW Championship

Created: 2005
Limitations: none
Holder: Natedawg (last champion)
Brand: EBW

UWWE Championship

Created: 2005
Limitations: none
Holder: The Living Dead (last champion)
Brand: Monday Night Brawl

Piledriver Championship

Created: 2004
Limitations: none
Holder: Russel McPiledriverton (last champion)
Brand: Monday Night Brawl

Annual Awards

Superstar of the Year

2005: The Living Dead
2006: Chris Macavedi/Brandon Gateman - tied
2007: Darren Knight

Other Awards

2007 Carnage Trophy

Winner: Gabriel Cervantes - 06/08/2007

2008 Monday Night Brawl Trophy

Winner: Natedawg - 03/10/2008

Queen Of Carnage

Winner: Erica - 07/20/2007
Winner: Liana Lewis - 07/27/2007
Winner: Bailey Brown - 05/23/2008



"The Unbelievable" Titan

The Living Dead

Glenn Kirby

JD Xtreme


Greg Banks

RC Aries


The Renegade



Ashton Daniels


Sean Peirce

Dark Tiger

Asmodeus Macabre

Kyle Soule

Johnny Jobber

Liana Lewis

Women's Division (Brawl)

Anna B.

Chastity Heaven Lee

Lucy Fur



Rashaa Kaad


"The Assassin" Sonny Smith

Darren "Direct Hit" Knight

Chris Macavedi Metalgod

Brandon Gateman


Gabriel Cervantes

Scott Bastion

Melanie Lilisa

Queen Liana

Khristian Call

Krazy J.

Rashaa Kaad

Kris Koll


Bailey Brown

Jace Parker Davidson



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