Supreme Action Wrestling
Acronym SAW
Founded January 2006
Folded May 2006
Wrestling style Athletic, professional wrestling
Location Toronto, Canada
Owner(s) Seth Major
Mike Rudd
E-fed style Hybrid e-federation
Weekly Show Sunday Night SAW
Pay-per-views Monthly basis
Website Supreme Action Wrestling

Supreme Action Wrestling (SAW) was a Canadian professional wrestling-based hybrid e-federation founded in February 2006 by Seth Major and Mike Rudd. During its short course, it offered quality written results.


Short Existance

In February 2006, Supreme Action Wrestling was founded by Seth Major and Mike Rudd. The first event was in the same month was SAW's Premiere Event, where a "Royalty Ladder" match was held to establish the SAW Combat Championship and X Division Championship omitting the SAW World Championship and SAW Tag Team Titles as the prevalent Chris Lightning and Famine of the Vile won respectively.

As by March, a storyline feud began developing between Gathering of Destined Souls and Legends by Nature after Ray Damian and Nate Franklin victored a Triple Team TLC match to become SAW Tag Team Champion. This quite predominately carried the majority of the short course of the promotion with both groups after supremacy and utter dominance within. While Liddel chased after the World Title, he had also embroiled himself in altercations with Jonny Nitric, Chris Lightning and Lost Soul.


In May, SAW programs hosted in Toronto were referenced to occur in the "SAW Dome", an alternate building name for exclusive SAW events in that city. Approaching late in the month, the federation shuttered on grounds that the owners were abandoning in the product to pursue other interests. The last champions included: Ray Damian and Nate Franklin as Tag Team Champions, Alex Liddel as SAW Combat Champion, Lost Soul as X Division Champion and Chris Lightning as World Champion.


  • Alex Liddel
  • Bruce Bowen
  • Chris Lightning
  • Chris Taylor
  • Destiny Graves
  • DragonSoldier
  • Drake Knight
  • Fate
  • Famine of The Vile
  • Johnny Nitric
  • Johnny Green
  • Kim Major
  • Lars Braddock
  • Lex Love
  • Lost Soul
  • Marshall James
  • Mikael Drea
  • Mike Rudd (Co-owner)
  • Nate Franklin
  • Outcast
  • Predator
  • Ray Damian
  • Sabrina Wilson
  • Satan's Apprentice
  • Sean Graves
  • Seth Major (Co-owner)
  • Scarlet Dusk
  • Shagrath
  • Soul Bearer
  • Trey Hill
  • Trisha Lightning
  • Whisper

Tag Teams & Stables

  • 2 Priceless: Seth Major & Mike Rudd (2P) (Co-owners) - Tag Team
  • Legends by Nature: Alex Liddel, Nate Franklin, Ray Damian, Kenku & Destiny Graves (replaced Kenku) (LBN) - Stable
  • Gathering of Destined Souls: Marshall James, Lars Braddock, Whisper & Grim Reaper (G.O.D.S) - Stable

Referee & Announcers

  • John Roth - Play-by Play Commentator
  • Sam Ashley Sr. - Color Commentator
  • Marc Julius - Backstage Announcer
  • Raymond Queth - Ring Announcer
  • Tania L. Karabelova - Ring Announcer
  • Rick Edward Ford - Head Referee

Final champions

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Previous Champion
SAW World Heavyweight Championship Chris Lightning April 23, 2006 Johnny Nitric
SAW Combat Wrestling Championship Alex Liddel April 23, 2006 Chris Lightning
SAW X-Division Championship Lost Soul April 23, 2006 Famine of the Vile
SAW Tag Team Championship Ray Damian and Nate Franklin March 19, 2006 None

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