Supreme Gato
[[Image:|175px|Image of Supreme Gato]]
Real name Kenji Gato
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Height 6 ft. 4
Weight 235 lbs.
Date of birth Feburary 26th, 1962
Place of birth Osaka, Japan
Date of death
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Resides Tokyo, Japan
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Kenji Gato, better known by his ring name Supreme Gato was a Japanese professional wrestler who was best known for his work in Japanese independent promotions and JPWE.


Kenji Gato lived in Osaka, Japan where he watched and idolized the professional wrestlers of his time. He soon enrolled in a Wrestling School and was soon working with many independent promotions and gained a cult following.


Gato was signed to Japan Pro Wrestling Elite and soon rose up the ranks to win many of their titles, including the JPWE Heavyweight title. He would work for JPWE for many years, before retiring and opening a small wrestling school.

Supreme Dojo

Gato would open the Supreme Dojo, where many people would enlist to join. Most known for their training in the Supreme Dojo is VND, who would go on to be quite successful in America. Gato still trains people in the Supreme Dojo to this day.

New Revolution Pro Wrestling

Gato is said to be starting up a wrestling promotion called New Revolution Pro Wrestling (NRPW). Little is known about it right now but he is slated to be part of the roster.

Gimmick and Wrestling Style

Gato was known for his intimidating look, wearing red and black face paint and spike shoulder pads. He would later on wear a trenchcoat and a mask to the ring, and remove the clothing as the bell rang.

Gato originally had an agile and high-flying style, gaining him the moniker the "Aerial Emperor". But as he got older, he used a more ground-based style (though fans still called him the Aerial Emperor out of respect).

Other Facts

Move Set

  • Supreme Flash Buster (Super Powerbomb)
  • Supreme Flash Buster Combo (Super Powerbomb into a Boston Crab)
  • Hell Gate (Torture Rack)
  • Dark Fire (Black Asian mist followed by a knee-strike to the face)
  • Corkscrew Moonsault
  • Springboard Hurricarana
  • Asai Moonsault
  • Stall Suplex
  • Low Dropkick
  • Dragon Suplex
  • Boston Crab
  • Low Dropkick

  • Nicknames
Aerial Emperor

Championships and accomplishments

  • JPWE Heavyweight Champion (x3).
  • JPWE Tag Team Champion (With Kenzo Muto (x2).
  • JPWE Regional Champion.
  • JIWC World Champion.

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