Sweet and Tender Hooligan
Billing information
Ring name(s) SATH
Height 5'11"
Weight 315 lbs
Born 1st January, 1983
Hometown Wakefield, United Kingdom
Theme music Sweet And Tender Hooligan by The Smiths
Previous federation(s) World Revolutionary Wrestling Federation (2001-2003)
Wrestling information
Wrestling style All rounder/High flyer
Signature Move(s)
Finisher Move(s) Sweet And Sour Sideslam
Debut 2001

Sweet and Tender Hooligan (also known as Sath, born 1 January 1983) is a wrestler best known for his work in the World Revolutionary Wrestling Federation.


Sweet and Tender Hooligan is said to have been born in the United Kingdom. His childhood history is unknown, although it is rumoured that he is related to Gaf due to Gaf once referring to him as his “brother”. However, this is purely speculative and is unconfirmed and many belive that Gaf referred to him as a brother in a metaphorical sense. Nevertheless, SATH is definitely said to have had childhood links with him.

SATH has only participated in one federation, the WRWF in which he joined in 2000 after being introduced by Gaf. SATH was fairly successful in the WRWF and was known as one of the federations better performers. He won both the Intercontintal and European championships there. Despite this SATH is best known for being part of The Hooligans in which he wrestled alongside the likes of Gaf and during the latter period of the stable’s history, Drugged Up David. As the Hooligans, Gaf and SATH, defeated the Hard Stones to become the tag team champions.

Despite their success, cracks began to emerge in their friendships as the SATH became jelous of Gaf’s success and accused him of forcing him to live in his shadow. The Hooligans split shortly after the WRWF went on a hiatous. By the time the WRWF returned, both Gaf and SATH had left the federation. SATH returned after a few months and tried to lure Gaf into returning to face him in a one off match. During this stint it became more obvious that SATH had become more independent and had developed his own personality. It was later revealed that SATH had sought professional help to help him get over the pycholical effects Gaf had put him under. SATH never did get his dream match, although he did clock up numerous victories and was undeafed in the short period he was active. Tired of waiting for his match, SATH left the federation to pursue other interests. Gaf returned shortly after but the two never did face each other.



  • Sweet And Sour Sideslam-Sidewalk Slam

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