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Height 6'3
Weight 252 lbs.
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Billed from Venice Beach, California
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Full Metal Wrestling
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Additional Billing Information:

==Biography== Syanide is the embodiment of evil and the epitiome of Aryan perfection. A man with a purpose and a dream. A skilled and fearless warrior, a man to fear, a man to respect and a man to stay away from.

Primary Finisher:

  • "Untitled" - 180Degree Piledriver

Secondary Finishers:

  • "Arrowhead Shot" - Superkick
  • "Syanide's Serenade" - Inverted Curcifix Powerbomb into Stunner


  • Snap DDT
  • Snap Suplex
  • Underhook Headbutts
  • Underhook Headbutts into Tiger Suplex
  • Stinger Splash
  • Big Top Rope Elbow Drop
  • Lariat
  • Top Rope DDT
  • Kamikaze Headbutt
  • Beast Choker
  • Triangle Choke
  • Mounted Punches
  • Big Chops
  • Death Valley Driver
  • Double Powerbomb
  • Double Powerbomb into Bridge/into Liomtamer/into Alabama Slam/into….
  • Sleeper Hold Drop
  • Gut Wrench Backbreaker
  • Fishermans Buster
  • Moonsault
  • Top Rope Superplex
  • Mudhole Stomping

Wrestling Style: Technical Brawler - MMA Background

Views on Cheating: Whatever it takes to win, he will do it. Doesn't allow interference on his behalf as he believes it shows weakness.

Won't: Back down, associate with blacks, gays, Puerto Rican's, Mexicans, Asian...etc.

FMW Titles Held

Full Metal Television Championship -

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