Real name Joseph Robert James
Ring Names Joey Diamond
Demon Feeder
Cardinal Sinner
Height 6'4"
Weight 250 lbs
Date of birth March 27, 1980 (age 30)
Place of birth Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Billed from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Trainer Mike Hughes, Bobby Roode, Bryan Anderson
Handled by SychoSide
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Debut April 10, 2000
Retired June 5, 2011

Joseph "Joey" Robert James (born March 27, 1980), better known as SychoSide is a retired Canadian professional wrestler and the odd time film writer, director and producer, currently employed with Anarchy Championship Wrestling where he is a former ACW World Heavyweight Champion. He was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada but now resides in Vancouver. He is an aggressive wrestler who is well known for his split personality and his quest for wanting his first singles title.

In September 2008, SychoSide competed in a triple threat match against Joseph Goode and Kris Irvine for the Primetime Championship. He pinned Goode and became the Primetime champion, capturing his first singles gold in ACW, achieving his goal. He held the title for one month, five days, as he lost the title to Joseph Goode in a No Holds Barred match on a very strange and unique episode of Breaking Point. He now holds the record for the shortest Primetime title reign since the title debuted in 2006.

At Uprising 2009, SychoSide defeated Kris Style to become ACW Xtreme Champion, capturing his second ACW singles championship.

He is a former two-time ACW Xtreme Champion and former one-time ACW Primetime Champion.

He also wrestled for ICW for a short time while still working for ACW. The company later folded.

SychoSide is the second wrestler in ACW to become a Grand Slam Champion, as he has held the Tag Team, Primetime, Xtreme and World Heavyweight Championships.

On June 5, 2011, he wrestled his last match in a losing effort against Draven Frost in a Last Man Standing match at Unsanctioned for the World title.

Early life

Joseph James was born March 27, 1980 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada to Robert James, a painter, and Jessica Fitzpatrick, a store clerk. He has one older brother, Jonathan, who later became a wrestling promoter and opened Hysteria Action Wrestling, which later folded. He grew up watching wrestling as he watched it every week with his father. He knew one day that he'd become a wrestler. As he went through elementary school, he'd invent wrestling names and come up with silly gimmicks for them, all his friends told him he'd never be a wrestler. In junior high, he joined the wrestling team where he competed in the middle weight division and nearly won the school's competition where he lost in the final round. When high school came around, his parents relocated to Toronto and he grew very interested in film and took its Visual Communications course where he made an anti-suicide video that the school now shows yearly for other students. During his final year in high school, he met Alexandra Black (who now works for ACW as Shilo) who was in her first year in high school. The two dated up until he made the money to make his first dream come true, wrestling school. He moved back to the Maritimes where he joined the Kardinal Sinners wrestling school in Moncton, New Brunswick. Due to her commitments in Toronto, Black could not join him and they thought it would be best to part ways.

Character Biography

SychoSide has had many problems while growing up. Born and raised in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

SychoSide was born in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown.

SychoSide got involved with the wrong crowd and got into drugs and alcohol. When he was 18, he was arrested for manslaughter, possession of narcotics and driving under the influence. He killed his best friend by smashing into a tree a few blocks from his house after partying all night long. He got sent to prison and got out at 22 for good behavior. On the day he returned home, he snapped on all of his friends that got him into drugs and alcohol and later allegedly didn’t remember any of it. He was then forced to see a psychologist who then diagnosed him with dissociative identity disorder. He was then sent to a mental hospital for further testing. He remained in the hospital as a "lost cause," thus having to spend an unknown amount of time in the hospital. After 2 years, on a monthly trip outside of the hospital; with a doctor who also had experience in security, many of the patients were taking to a mall to visit. There, SychoSide and a young girl made their escape through an air duct in the men's washroom. The duct lead to the roof and from there, he and the girl ran across the mile-long roof, descending as each roof came. They eventually jumped off a 10-foot roof, landing in a dumpster underneath. He and the young girl parted ways to lessen the chances of being caught. The hospital was later closed down for fraud, as it was using its patients as lab rats to test up and coming drugs without their permission.

SychoSide made his way into ACW not long after, and some of the signs of his disorder eventually passed off, but to this day, he still shows some signs of another mind.

In the first year of his career, he became the tag team partner of now former ACW star Giovanni Murdock and formed a dominating team “The Sons of Plunder.” During their tag team title reign, Murdock asked for his release from ACW, leaving SychoSide with both tag team titles. SychoSide then brought in a childhood friend James Cash. They lost the tag titles on Cash’s debut. The Sons of Plunder would then later lose the titles and feud. SychoSide would then later leave ACW and retire from wrestling.

After friend and a superstar he has trained, Kid Rodriguez been injured and was forced to retire from the sport, SychoSide returned to seek revenge on those who have caused his friend to retire. He later felt that the need was over and he wold change his focus to championships where he later won the Primetime championship and had a long battle to win it back against Joseph Goode. He invented the Psycho House Blues match, which was nominated as Match of the Year for 2008, but was a sly short of votes away to win. The match was one of the most brutal matches he has ever been in, but lost with dignity. Shilo, a girl from his past showed up while he was in the hospital and she was later revealed as the girl he escaped the hospital with and that not only was she a friend then, but she was his girlfriend and that after all these years, their relationship would start again. He would then later win a Reach for the Sky Ladder Match where the winner would get a shot at a previously selected title. No one knew what title would be in the briefcase. It was later revealed to be the Xtreme Championship, a title SychoSide feels right for him. In early 2009, SychoSide won the Xtreme title in a very brutal match to capture his second singles title reign.



In 2000, James started wrestling school in New Brunswick, Canada in a small training camp ran by Mike Hughes called the Kardinal Sinners Wrestling School. He showed a real liking towards it and was one of the best students. He was trained by Mike Huges and Robert Roode. After only a few months, Roode and Hughes agreed that James was doing so well that they got him a job in Real Action Wrestling, a Canadian Maritime wrestling organization. There, James went under the name Joey Diamond, a hated Hollywood player who would pay the paparazzi to photograph him to bigger his name. He had his first professional match there on April 10, 2000. Near the end of 2001, James would change the character into a face, who would instead of hire the paparazzi, would instead discourage them. He would tell them to leave people's private lives alone and stop obsessing over celebrities. Joey Diamond would then become one of the most well-known names in Canadian maritime wrestling, also winning their world championship twice.

Before the shut down of Real Action Wrestling, James would leave it after he was offered a deal in a Japanese hardcore wrestling organization where he would compete in the most brutal and hardest matches in his life. There, he wrestled as a masked heel known as Demon Feeder, a deranged soul who would, after defeating his opponents in hardcore matches, feed their souls to a never seen demon, who he claims "gave him life so in return, he gives him others'." He would last there for less than a year, as trainer and friend Mike Hughes got him a deal back in Canada, located in Vancouver. James would move to Vancouver, and to this day still resides there, and would compete in Vancouver National Wrestling, an organization that traveled every Canadian province year round. He would be a hell yet again, known as the Cardinal Sinner, named after the school he trained at and his trainers' wrestling team stable. Though the Cardinal Sinner never really had any gimmick, per say. He would instead get in the ring and when the ring rang, beat his opponent violently in the ring, pin them and leave. He never talked once. The VNW took everything seriously and worked as a professional company, even though they were independent. They quickly started to hate the character and after only a few months released James.


James would not see another job until the middle of 2003 when he found his way into a New York fed where he once again wrestled as Joey Diamond. This time, he was strongly liked by the fans and agents and would become a hit. Joey Diamond would become a name now not only well known in Canada, but also in New York. Diamond's finisher started off as the Diamond Cutter, the same as pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, but would later change it to the "Diamonds in the Ruff," which was a throw away suplex, where instead of going down with the wrestler face first, he would instead toss him forward which would cause the wrestler to flip around enough to land on the back of his neck, and Diamond landing ion his hands and knees. By the end of 2003, Diamond became the NYUGW (New York Underground Wrestling) Middle Champion, the second highest title in the company.

Diamond would hold onto the title until the middle of 2004, for a total of 6 months, losing it to a man there only 3 months. James didn't mind losing the title, as he was told the company wanted to try better things with him. And that they did, they put him in his first ever Brooklyn Ladder Match. A match where there is a cage on top of the ring posts, and in order to win, you have to set up a ladder, climb it to the side of the cage and then climb the side of the cage and climb into an opening at the side. Once through the side, you have to climb up the outside of the cage to the top where there will be another ladder. Climb that ladder and grab the title or object hanging and you win the match. After a bloody and bruising quest, Diamond won the match, and the prize was a shot at the NYUGW Global Championship (highest rank). A month later, Diamond got his shot. The match was an Extreme Hardcore Street Fight, where you cannot win by pin or submission, but instead win by knockout. The match lasted nearly 70 minutes, but Diamond came out on top, winning the title. Winning was not the only good thing about that night for him. Another good thing was sitting in the crowd that night. An ACW Talent Scout was in the front row, and was very impressed by James' performance.

Later that night, James was confronted by the agent and was requested to join the development roster, which would later get him into ACW. James accepted and after only 2 weeks, lost the Global title and joined ACW development, where he would stay until 2005.


In May 2005, SychoSide made his on-screen debut in ACW in a backstage promo. He would do so for several weeks. He then became on-screen friends with Bryan Anderson, then known as Terry Nash. His first match was against Nash, but lost, via DQ, which also first showed his signs of schizophrenia. He would wrestle and beat some of ACW's top stars at the time.

Peter Gilmour, the most hated wrestler to ever step foot in ACW started bringing out a masked man to help him. At a PPV, Gilmour teamed with the masked man. As the match went on, the masked man was revealed to be SychoSide and turned on Gilmour. The original plan was to have Gilmour and SychoSide team as a stable called the Skeletons of Society, named after a Slayer song of the same name. ACW management spoke to SychoSide hours before the show, letting him know about their decision to fire Gilmour on the spot. SychoSide, not a fan of Gilmour himself, told ACW that Gilmour was demanding backstage, telling him how things should go to make himself look good. SychoSide said if an on-screen firing would to happen, he'd want to be in on it. That's exactly what happened. At the first ever Maximum Overdrive, various members of ACW took shots at Gilmour, and then he was tossed into a garbage truck. This was later copied by WWE in a storyline firing of Eric Bischoff, when Vince McMahon threw him in a garbage truck parked by the ring.

SychoSide then used Gilmour's storyline girlfriend, Ashley Marie and mentioned an angle to ACW so that she could keep her job. After Gilmour's firing, Ashley Marie become on-sreen girlfriend of SychoSide. In promos, she said she was seeing SychoSide behind his back. SychoSide and Ashley Marie would be couple up until September of that year, when in a storyline feud between Sychoside and Razor Blade, later known as James Cash, would spark. At Unholy Ground, SychoSide and Blade competed in a Singapore Cane match where SychoSide won. After the match he said he knew Ashley Marie was talking to Blade on the phone and not her mother. He would give her his finisher, the Back Bomber off then top rope onto Blade, who was laying on a table. Neither one have been seen in ACW since, until 2006, when James Cash debuted.

In 2006, SychoSide teamed with Giovanni Murdock and stared the stable, the Sons of Plunder, named after Disturbed's song of the same name and also used it as their theme. After winning the ACW Tag Team titles, Murdock quit ACW soon after, leaving SychoSide with both Tag Titles, without a partner. After weeks, SychoSide would debut his new partner, James Cash and lost the Tag Team titles that night. The team stayed together and would do various of different segments, including the Sychotic Hour of Power, having James Cash as a special gust host where they would read off self-written fan mail, most saying the team are the greatest ACW has ever seen. The team would then gain the Tag Titles once more and would hold them until July of that year. The team would soon after break up and feud against each other. The feud ended in a Parking Lot Brawl where SychoSide would win.


Later that year, SychoSide would battle against many different people, getting several title shots but always lose. He suffered an injury that year and put him out for several months. On his return in 2007, SychoSide would get put in matches against lower ranked people. A fresh start, so to speak. Giovanni Murdock would return for a short time that year and the Sons of Plunder made a one-night reunion in a tag match which they won. After that the two again went solo, up until Murdock was fired. SychoSide would then later that year do a storyline retiement, stating he did all he could do and didn't feel he was needed anymore. In his absence, ACW hired a friend and trainee of SychoSide, Kid Rodriguez would wouldn't stay in ACW long. Rodriguez wrestled from June 2007 up until August 2007, where his last match was against Michael Tron and suffered a storyline career ending injury when he went through a table. In reality, Rodriguez left for undisclosed personal reasons. That was motive enough for SychoSide to make a return, in reality he was granted time off for a family reunion, and would return to seek out those who hurt Rodriguez and those he felt were destroying the company.


SychoSide had many battles with people and defeated those he thought were garbage. He wrestled again for many titles, including the Primetime title but lost. No big feud came to him until ACW saw he was starting to take his character in a different direction, making him seem more psychotic than ever. But things were put on halt in April 2008, when SychoSide received a call from him father, whom he never seen in 11 years, stating he needed brain surgery and wanted to see him in case he didn't make it. ACW granted time off because of the situation and would not return until June of that year. From there SychoSide put his sweat and blood into the company, facing several different people. After a little while, ACW decided he deserved a push and started feuding with Joseph Goode. During that time, each man battled Kris Irvine for the Primetime championship, both losing. Later, all three men were put in a triple threat match, where Irvine got distracted and SychoSide pinned Joseph Goode, winning his first singles title in ACW, the Primetime championship. The feud with Goode would continue, as the next week Goode challenged SychoSide for his title. SychoSide agreed, only if Goode could beat him that night in a non-title match. Goode defeated SychoSide when SychoSide hit Goode with a Singapore cane, causing himself to be DQed. The two would face at ACW Retribution for the Primetime title, where after a long and exciting match, SychoSide pinned Goode, retaining the title.

He made the return of his talk show "The Sychotic Hour of Power" the following week. It was the first time he had done the show in over a year. His guest was Joseph Goode. After first bragging and ranting that he'd beaten Goode again, Goode was invited to the ring. Goode started talking and mouthing off to SychoSide. He mentioned telling SychoSide to go to a psychologist and SychoSide snapped. Though he didn't use any physical anger, he did mention his past through a rant, where doctors used to strap him down, drug him and use him as a "lab rat."

On the October 25th, 2008 episode of Breaking Point, General manager and ACW World Champion, Ryan Phoenix made the episode a secret show as no one knew what matches were going to happen, not even the wrestlers. Joseph Goode came out once again and demanded another shot for the Primetime title at Damnation. SychoSide came out and explained why he didn't deserve a shot, however SychoSide said he'd let the fans and Goode have their way one last time and accepted the match. However, Ryan Phoenix had something in mind that night as he announced soon after that SychoSide would put the title on the line against Goode in a No Holds Barred match. Neither men not 100% prepared had a gruesome match. Goode won that match after he snuck in his finisher and pinned SychoSide to end SychoSide's reign as champion.

The match still went on at Damnation. SychoSide battled for the title he thought he never truly lost against Goode. The match ended when SychoSide was pinned by Joseph Goode with Goode retaining the title. later posted a statement from SychoSide with him saying the night he lost the title was planned between Goode and Phoenix and said it's the reason ACW is the way it is; because of men like Ryan Phoenix and Joseph Goode. Even after the remarks, Phoenix booked SychoSide against Goode for the Primetime title on an episode of Breaking Point anyway. While SychoSide was entering, Ryan Phoenix cut him off, stating that after the remarks SychoSide made about him he is taking SychoSide out of the match. Even to Goode's surprise. Phoenix replaced him with Kris Irvine and told SychoSide to go backstage and off his stage or he will fire him on the spot. SychoSide did, but not long into the match, SychoSide interfered and attacked Goode, causing a DQ. Shortly after, Kris Irvine attacked SychoSide for stopping him to become once again the Primetime champion.

Joseph Goode would later come out to the ring and say this two month feud has got to end and wanted it to end on that very episode of Breaking Point, right there, right then. SychoSide then interrupted the promo and stated he would love nothing more than to end the battle but Breaking Point wasn't the place to do it. He then said the only way to end this war is to do it at Omega Effect on November 30, in a match where both men will go in normal and leave possibly in pieces. The match he pitched was the never-before-done Psycho House Blues match. He then explained the match that it's similar to the Iron Man match except that after each fall, the match stipulation would change at random. Thus meaning, the match would start as a regular singles match, the way an Iron Man would do so and the set timer would start counting down. After someone gets a fall in, instead of just continuing as a regular match, the stipulation would change at random to anything from a Hardcore match, Inferno match, Tables match, Submission match, Straight Jacket match, Handcuff match, Singles again; and even a Finisher's match. Joseph Goode accepted and the match was signed for Omega Effect. Also, to note, both wrestlers had to sign a contract stating that ACW will not be held responsible for any injury that could happen during the match because of its extreme nature, and because it was created by SychoSide himself and not any creative staff member.

The match happened at Omega Effect and had a 60 minute time limit. The match was violent and went over the time limit as both men were tied 3-3 at the end of the 60 minutes. The sudden death was randomly chosen from a list of completely different matches and Title on a Pole was chosen. However, instead of the title being the only legal weapon and could pin your opponent at anytime, all weapons were legal and the only way to win the match was to unstrap the title from the pole and pin your opponent. If they break out, the ref would then strap the title back on the pole and a wrestler would have to grab it again and pin to win the match. After a few chair shots, and a crack in the skull by the title itself, Joseph Goode pinned SychoSide to retain the title. Both men were then passed out in the ring and rushed to the nearby hospital. The fans gave a standing ovation for the mens hard fought battle. They both received legit concussions and internal injuries. Both men appeared on Breaking Point the following week. As Joseph Goode was in the ring talking, SychoSide interrupted, but did not attack him or demand a rematch. Instead, he congratulated him and shook his hand, calling him an "innovator of blues."

At EndGame on December 30th, 2008, SychoSide competed in a Reach for the Sky Match against Peter Gilmour and David Lee Townsend where the person to grab a briefcase after climbing a ladder would win a shot at an already chosen title. After SychoSide grabbed the briefcase, he celebrated and then opened the case. Inside was a contract for the ACW Xtreme championship. Though he could have cashed it in at any time, he chose sooner rather than later. He appeared on many shows talking about how he would win the championship and further his dream of being a Grand Slam champion in ACW and become a legend.


As the number one contender for the Xtreme championship, SychoSide brought in Shilo, the girl he first mentioned at Omega Effect, she seemed to be a well-raised girl, but she soon revealed the truth about her.. and SychoSide's pasts. SychoSide then faced Kris Style, the Xtreme champion at Uprising on February, 1st, 2009. After a back and forth brutal match, it seemed SychoSide could not beat the current champion. SychoSide later proved the world wrong as he delived the Sychotic Dismantlement off a truck into a huge black tarpped area, suddenly issuing out sparks and a blackout in the arena. As soon as the crew managed to fix the lights, the ref notices both men unconscious, but SychoSide's arm drapped over Style, the ref went for the pin and SychoSide was named the new Xtreme champion, capturing his second single's title in ACW. The ref then tried to wake up both men, but only SychoSide answered. The referee told him he just won the title, and though in terrible pain, SychoSide celebrated.

In the later weeks, SychoSide feels unsatisfied with his win. Shilo explains to him that he nearly killed Style and himself to win the title and that was a worthy win of a true champion, but SychoSide still disagrees. He believes he needs to top it, make the title mean something more. He wants to be a champion to remember. He wants to be remembered as a man who makes other black and blue and to show he can take more pain than others.

For three months, from April until early June, SychoSide feuded with longtime friend, Bryan Anderson for the Xtreme championship. The feud got really heated when Anderson continued asking for title shots. This made him mad, resulting in SychoSide calling Anderson power hungry and is no different than his former "friends." The last match they had, the conditions were simple, if Anderson won, SychoSide would get his rematch whenever he wanted, but if SychoSide won, Anderson could never go for the title again while SychoSide was the champion. At Bloodline 5, the two competed in a two out of three falls Flaming Tables match, where SychoSide won as he put Anderson through two flaming tables before Anderson did to him, ending the feud.

During his feud with Bryan Anderson, SychoSide took shots at ACW General Manager, Johnny Chulia, claiming he's a horrible authority figure. After the feud with Anderson ended, SychoSide challenged Chulia several times, telling him to pass the torch. After several weeks of challenging with no response, Chulia put SychoSide's title on the line on the return episode of Aftershock against Mark Stryder. SychoSide dominated the match. The following Breaking Point, SychoSide mocked Chulia by having a very bad impersonator come down to the ring and SychoSide would punch out and then saying "it's that easy." Chulia didn't let that slide and the on the very next episode of Afterhsock had SychoSide face both former members of the Sons of Plunder, Giovanni Murdock and James Cash, but it still wasn't enough, as SychoSide defeated them. Johnny Chulia didn't stop there as on the following Breaking Point, he had SychoSide face a mystery opponent. When the match came, a man in a suit came out, being known only as Venom. Venom won the match and took of his mask, revealing himself to be none other than a former Xtreme champion, and who Chulia already passed the torch to, SiC. It didn't end there as Chulia made SychoSide face SiC in a non-title match at Maximum Overdrive, where SiC defeated SychoSide after using his own move, the Back Bomber, against him.

On July 7, reported that at Maximum Overdrive V, SychoSide had a backstage altercation with an unnamed person before his match with SiC. The altercation was not taped. On the following Breaking Point on July 11 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Kid Rodriguez came to ringside and confirmed he was the unnamed person. He was invited by Johnny Chulia and Spinegrinder to try and control SychoSide. He started to talk about SychoSide's past, but before he could say anything linking to SychoSide and the way he is, SychoSide interrupted him and the two got in a scuffle. SiC came to Rodriguez' aid but SychoSide fleed the ring before SiC could do anything. Spinegrinder came out as SychoSide was leaving and informed him that due to the way he just ran off, he'd have to defend his Xtreme title in a ladder match at the end of the night against Kid Rodriguez. SychoSide won the match after he knocked Rodriguez off the ladder through a barbed wire wrapped table. SiC once again came in to check on Rodriguez but SychoSide seen him and pulled him off. The two fought with SiC getting SychoSide into the corner. Rodriguez pushed the EMTs off him and grabbed a piece of the barbed wire. When people thought he was going to help SiC, he fooled them and instead attacked him with the barbed wire. Rodriguez and SychoSide then double teamed SiC, showing that the entire thing was an insanely setup against SiC and Johnny Chulia.

On the July 16th, 2009 episode of Aftershock, SychoSide teamed up with Spazvicious and Travis Alloy to take on SiC, Draven Frost and Joseph Goode in a 6 man tag team match. SychoSide and his team won after Spazvisious played tribute to Eddie Guerrero by tossing a chair into Goode's hands. Alloy pretended that Goode hit him with he chair and the referee disqualified Goode, SiC and Frost, giving the win to SychoSide, Spazvicious and Travis Alloy.

On the July 18th episode of Breaking Point, SychoSide ran to the ring after the match between Kid Rodriguez and SiC. SiC threw him over the top rope and SychoSide landed awkwardly on his shoulder on the ring apron. It is said that he injured his arm and he is scheduled in a match against Draven Frost on the next Breaking Point. The match went as planned.

In December 2009, SychoSide lost the Xtreme Championship to Jay Erickson on the last Underground of the year. A pre-scheduled match for the title was at EndGame where Erickson retained the title.


On the January 8th, 2010 edition of Aftershock, SychoSide defeated Jay Erickson to capture his second reign at the Xtreme championship. That night, SychoSide told the world that he would like to have a meeting with Johnny Chulia and Jay Erickson in the ring the following Breaking Point to discuss Erickson's mandatory rematch. Due to Chulia's responsibilites elsewhere, the meeting was postponed to the next Aftershock where SychoSide requested that Erickson must face him at Uprising in the second ever Psycho House Blues match. Jay Erickson won the match and the Xtreme championship after the match was forced into sudden death by General Manager Johnny Chulia. SychoSide is convinced that the ending was the result of a screw job from Johnny Chulia.

In April, SychoSide was (kayfabe) suspended indefientally due to attacking Johnny Johnson and several ACW officials and security guards after a loss to Johnson. He was required to go through an intensive psychological evaluation. SychoSide and Shilo tricked the doctor into thinking he was in the right state of mind and was cleared to wrestle. On the episode of Aftershock before May's Pay-per-view, Bloodline 6, SychoSide defeated Johnny Johnson to qualify for the Pick 6 scramble match at Bloodline 6. On May 30, 2010, SychoSide competed in the Pick 6 scramble match for the World Heavyweight Championship against champion Kris Irvine, Spinegrinder, Evan Donovan, Draven Frost and Damien Paige. He was the last one to achieve a pin fall before the time expired making him the World Heavyweight Champion and the second wrestler in ACW to become a Grand Slam Champion.

On the June 5th, 2010 episode of Breaking Point, SychoSide came out at the beginnging of the show to gloat about winning the World title and proving the world "wrong." He stated that he would bring ACW to its true meaning - anarchy. After gloating how he beat five other men easily, and that he delivered the "Paralyer" to an already unconscious Evan Donovan to win the title he invited a member of the ring crew into the ring where he vicously assaulted to start his "Sychotic Era" of anarchy in ACW. He promises to continue the anarchy every week as long as he remains World Champion.

He continued battling Irvine for the title. Irvine dislocated SychoSide's shoulder in a match but due to the time limit running out, SychoSide retained champion. After he was again cleared to wrestle, his feud with Irvine continued. He placed Irvine in a gauntlet match where if Irvine won, he would get to face SychoSide one more time for the title. Irvine took on 3 masked men, one after another. These were the same masked men that attacked people backstage due to SychoSide requesting to due so, keeping his promise of bringing anarchy back to ACW. Irvine won the match, demasking two of the three men. They were revealed to be Giovanni Murdock and James Cash, former members of the Sons of Plunder. SychoSide kept them by his side, along with the unknown third masked man, where he called his faction the Disciples of Anarchy.

During a match with Spinegrinder, a masked man attacked SychoSide, giving Spinegrinder the win due to a countout after the masked man hit SychoSide with his own move, the BackBomber. The attacker has yet to be known. During a chaotic in-ring promo, SychoSide said that there was a traitor in the group, first having everyone believing it to be Shilo. However, it was later shown to be that of Murdock and Cash. SychoSide found out that they knew who the attacker was but would not tell anyone. SychoSide had them beaten and they vanished from ACW. During that same time, SychoSide announced that if he were to ever lose the World Heavyweight Championship that he would retire.

SychoSide faced Kris Irvine a final time at EndGame on January 9, 2011. They battled in an Unsanctioned match where both two beat each other to a bloody pulp. After a gruesome battled that lasted over an hour, SychoSide pinned Irvine, retaining the title.

Throughout the majority of 2011, SychoSide got in a very intense feud with Draven Frost. After months of mind games, SychoSide did the worst thing any many could do. He kidnapped Draven Frost's son, Tyler. Frost found and saved his son, who was being held in an abandoned warehouse by SychoSide's masked accomplice.

During a backstage segment, the masked man attacked Draven Frost. SychoSide then came in and helped. However, Frost and his crew managed to get the upperhand and SychoSide took off, leaving the masked man to defend for himself. Frost tore the mask off the man and he was revealled to be none other than Kid Rodriguez.

After many no-contest endings of their matches for the World title, the ACW Title Committee decided to vacate the title and have Frost and SychoSide battle for it to finally declare an official World Champion.

At Unsanctioned on June 5, 2011, Draven Frost defeated SychoSide in a Last man Standing Match to capture the ACW World Title.


In May 2010, SychoSide announced that if he were to ever lose the ACW WOrld Championship, he would retire from wrestling. This was because SychoSide has been thinking about retiring before he ever knew he was going to capture the World Championship.

This was added into the show since SychoSide wasn't sure when, or even if he was going to retire. Since the character of SychoSide is a heel, he could have easily changed his mind and said he was lying. It was also once talked about that if he weren't going to retire upon losing the title, it would be worked into the show that he would be forced to work out the remainder of his contract.

However, he stated that his final match would be at Unsanctioned on June 5, 2011 against Draven Frost for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship.

After losing the very chaotic match, SychoSide remained off TV to recover from his match. It was later announced that SychoSide would make a special announcement on the June 25th edition of Breaking Point.

SychoSide was there as advertised and did an out-of-character shoot promo where he thanked several ACW employees and the fans worldwide and announced that as of June 5, 2011, he is retired as a wrestler.

He said that he would still make appearances in ACW but would not compete as his career has been based off hardcore style of wrestling and his body is in that much of bad shape.

Split Personalities

The SychoSide character is known to have alter-egos. Though mainly only talked about, only by actions and not names, only one so far has been named and shown. That being J.D., a personality that is much more ruthless than SychoSide.


J.D. first appeared two weeks after he retained the Xtreme title at Dawn of Existence on a Breaking Point. SychoSide lost conscienceness after the match and never appeared on TV until two weeks later. He showed up being very aggravated and went out of control and punched Shilo in the face, knocking her down and causing her nose to bleed. He soon passed out and started shaking. After he woke back up, he never remembered the match even ending as he blacked out before he pinned Bryan Anderson. That moment was the first thing he remembered since jumping off the bleachers. Both Shilo and himself realized what that meant. It meant that while jumping onto Anderson, he turned into another ego and remained that way for two weeks. From the actions, they knew it was J.D.

Since then, there have been no known appearances from J.D.

Though not a lot is known about J.D., we do know that he is more violent than SychoSide and that most of SychoSide's early career was made by under the control of J.D. He has no respect for anyone and hates SychoSide to the point that he pretends to be SychoSide, no matter what damage or distortion he causes. The initials have never been told the meaning but due to the letters, J.D. they may mean Joey Diamond, a heel character James portrayed in the independent federations.

J.D. was once again mentioned in May 2010 during one of SychoSide's shrink sessions. Though it still wasn't confirmed to be Joey Diamond.

Other Alters

Some believe that SychoSide himself is an alter and that the main personality is trapped somewhere in his mind. The various states of mind SychoSide is seen going through could be the real man trying to escape. Though nothing supports this and James himself says everything you see is pre-planned and that everything will be finally answered in the future. That is the only information he has given to date.

Entrance Themes

  • "Psychosocial" by Slipknot (2008–present)
  • "Before I Forget" by Slipknot (2005, 2006–2008)
  • "Skeletons of Society" by Slayer (as Skeletons of Society) (2005) [Unaired]
  • "Forgiven" by Disturbed (2005–2006)
  • "Dead Skin Mask" by Slayer (2006)
  • "Sons of Plunder" by Disturbed (as The Sons of Plunder) (2005–2006)

Background of Themes

The themes chosen were not just chosen for the liking of the songs. Each song chosen was for meaning purpose, or for what SychoSide has felt they meant to him. Each song describes a different thought in his head.


Psychosocial was chosen because of SychoSide's real life and character psychological development in and interaction with a social environment. He is not necessarily fully aware of this relationship with his environment. He has also used the song as a way of saying he will do what he needs to do to get what he wants.

Before I Forget

Before I Forget was chosen as a form of evolution. The chorus describing the evolution of his life. Being a world before a man would be describing how he when he was in his mother's womb, his parents were happy and how he grew up. He was the world to them. Being a creature before he could stand would be meaning being a fetus. He remembering before he forgets is saying that he will remember the other personality he has before it takes over him completely.

Dead Skin Mask

The meaning for the use of this song is undetermined. SychoSide used it for only a few weeks before switching back to "Before I Forget." It seems it was used as a prototype to see if it suited him.


Forgiven is SychoSide's only heel change theme. He has since used Before I Forget has his theme for any alignment change he has. The song would be referring as how everyone who is against him and who has done anything to him is forgiven to his good side but to his heel side they are just another dead man walking and he will soon get his revenge and he will always remember their name. Some of the verses refer to when he was with his former valet, Ashley Marie.

Sons of Plunder

Sons of Plunder was used for his tag team with the same name. His first partner was Giovanni Murdock in which he won the tag team titles with but later quit. He then had teamed up with James Cash, who later turned on him.

The meaning of the song for them was that they'd be the men who takes everything from anyone. Whether it be titles, important papers, anything. They'd take what they want and no one would stop them.

Personal life

James is currently dating his ring valet, Shilo (real name Alexandra Black). Unlike their characters, they didn't meet while adults. They really met and dated in high school. They parted ways when James went off to wrestling school. When ACW went to Toronto a year ago, Alexandra was at the show and her and James met up and started dating again. They now live with each other and both work for ACW. James got her the job in ACW when he stated it is part of his character development.

Outside of wrestling, James is one of the nicest men to meet. He will talk about most things and likes to listen if people have problems as he likes to try his best to help people out.

On his spare time, he likes to shoot short films for his family and has many of them on YouTube. He shoots them all in HD. He gets several friends, including a few from ACW and the odd trained actor to act in them. He writes, produced, edits and directs all his films.

He has a few low budget, straight-to-DVD films he done with Sony and Dimension for extra money while on injury leave from ACW.

On January 31, 2010, he proposed to his girlfriend Lexi Black.


Ashley Marie (2005)
In his first year in ACW, SychoSide was planned to team up with Peter Gilmour and form a team called the Skeletons of Society. Peter Gilmour was fired on the spot before the team would ever debut. Ashley was Peter Gilmour's girlfriend. Ashley was asked if she would stay in the company and have a storyline involving SychoSide taking her as his girlfriend and that she'd be in on the set up of having Gilmour believe she is still with him. She would be there on the firing of Gilmour. A few months later, Ashley would "cheat" on SychoSide with Razor Blade causing the two to be in one of the companies most gruesome matches, the Singapore Cane Match. SychoSide would win the match and then Back Bomb Ashley through a table from the top rope, ending her career.

Kid Rodriguez
For a very short stint, SychoSide brought in former ACW star, Kid Rodriguez as his manager/bodyguard. SychoSide for many weeks was referencing that he will be bringing in an "enforcer" to even out all the odds. Though Rodriguez did eventually show up, a week later he left for personal reasons. SychoSide stated that he wasn't "needed at this time" and would be returning at a later date. Rodriguez has since made a return in ACW, where he was part-time wrestler and a heel, siding with SychoSide. He has since left ACW after his contract expired in October 2009.

SychoSide first mentioned Shilo in October, a few weeks before he won the Xtreme title, Shilo made her first appearance in ACW, she wasn't seen much, but at Uprising she was with SychoSide the entire night, until SychoSide told her to stay backstage during his match. After SychoSide won the Xtreme title, she's been seen every week since. She also revealed their past, stating that they met in the hospital SychoSide was once in and escaped together. Her father was a doctor there and poisoned all her medicine, causing her real illness to be man-made and now the hospital is closed down after an investigation. It is not known if SychoSide's illness was also caused by the hospital.

Moves, Nicknames, Themes and Others

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Back Bomber (Super STO) 2005-present
    • Hell's Hangover 2006-2010
    • Paralyzer (Double underhook, butterfly piledriver) 2010-present
    • Sychotic Dismantlement (Powerbomb into DDT) 2007-present
    • SychoBomb (Jacknife powerbomb) 2005-present
    • SychoPlex (Vertical suplex into opponent drop) 2005-present
    • Psychotic Delight (Edgecator) 2006-present
    • Psychosocial (Modified Texas Cloverleaf) 2006-present
  • Signature foreign object
    • Singapore Cane
  • Managers
    • Ashley Marie
    • Kid Rodriguez
    • Shilo
  • Nicknames
    • The Hell, the Heel, the Destruction
    • The Canadian Diversionist
    • A Son of Plunder
    • The Innovator of Blues
    • The New King of Xtreme
  • Entrance themes
    • "Before I Forget" by Slipknot
    • "Skeletons of Society" by Slayer (Tag team theme, unaired)
    • "Forgiven" by Disturbed
    • "Dead Skin Mask" by Slayer
    • "Sons of Plunder" by Disturbed (Tag team theme)
    • "Psychosocial" by Slipknot

Championships and Accomplishments


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