Syck Nick Haute is a professional wrestler currently employed by ICWL. His former employers include Extreme Pro Wrestling, and Wrestling MidWest. He is primarily a Tag Team specialist but goes one on one when he feels like it.

History: Son of the wrestling ledgend Terry Haute, Nick was destined for greatness (or at least he thought he was).

He began his career in EPW where he made his debut against Machine which ended in a double count-out, he was immediately thrust into the limelight, his second match was a three way ladder match against "The Dark Prophet" Dreed and the T.v. Champion Ice. He would lose but also create one of EPW's most memorable moments when he did his trademark maneuver teh Sycksault onto Dreed. Ironically afterwards Nick would team up with Dreed and they would win the EPW Tag Team titles from Adrian Flasheart (World Champion) and Ice (T.v. champion) after Ice missed a missile dropkick and hit his own partner by accident.

At the same time he began a run in WMW where his first match with "Dreaming" Jack Rhodes went to a time limit draw. He would go on to team with the Master of Destruction as Insanity R Us, and have a feud with a wrestler called theaman. He was never seen again after The Party at the Plaza, where he lost a hardcore championship match against "Mr.Playboy" Ron Jennings. (Other participants included: theaman and Bob Wire)

He lost his EPW tag team championships to the team of NGX (Trashcan Stan and The Animal) and then lost in the finals of a tournament to crown a Desumacchi (Deathmatch) champion to his friend Dreed. After teh match however, all four participants (Ice and Jesse Reckless were also included) were ambushed by a new group of wrestlers who cristened themselves "The Yakuza" (This took place during a tour of Japan). He would go on to feud with the Yakuza along with Dreed and several other EPW-loyal wrestlers. He was taken out of action by a rather bad concussion, he returned however and made another bid for the D-Machii championship, after several draws he decided to team with Silo Sarnus to form Triple-S, they would win the EPW TT titles in their first match, but Nick had a leg injury which sidelined him for the rest of his EPW contract.

He was recently hired by the Internet Championship Wrestling League and has won his first two matches (Against HM Murdoch and Tsunami).

Themes: Wild Boys by: Duran Duran All my Rowdy friends by: Hank Williams

Titles: EPW Tag Team Championship 2X WMW Hardcore Championship 6X (In the span of 1 Week)

Rivals: Sh4nk (WMW) theaman(WMW) ICE(Not Ice) (WMW) Chris Palmer (EPW) Machine(EPW) Cyb3r(Yakuza) Ishimashii Masuoro(EPW) NGX(EPW)

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