The Early Days

February 6, 2003. The day that Sykotik made his first official debut into the world of wrestling. Sykotik started out in a small promotion named the Krush Kill Destroy Academy [KKDA] headed by renowned hardcore legend Jerry Funk. The KKDA was a second rate company, development territory for aspiring wrestlers to launch themselves into the ranks of the big boys of professional wrestling. Sykotik performed well there landing 3 championship reigns anarky champion.

Soon enough, the KKDA came to its demise and many of the talent in the promotion was shipped to the sister company, Xtreme Wrestling Championship [XWC]. Sykotik was called upon and immediately blitzed the wrestling world with his charisma. He quickly grew into a mid-card sensation after a notable feud with Krypt and landing a gimmick as one of the Blood Knights alongside his one-time nemesis Krypt and the leader of the gang, Diablos.

Ringing In The New Year

With the demise of XWC coming not more than 4 months after Sykotik entered the company, he received a telephone call from 2 promoters. Sykotik decided to undertake both promotions, Revolution Pro Wrestling [RevPro] and Merc's Insane Asylum [MiA].

Sykotik was a major hit in MiA quickly reigning as aurora champion and concluding his stay in the promotion undefeated. In RevPro, Sykotik managed to gain reign as tag team champion with fellow Devils Laughter member Havoc, only to have the belts stripped not more than a week later. Sykotik did however have some notable feuds with a mute monster of a man named Hate, who ultimately dominated the promotion. Sykotik remained in RevPro for a time-frame of 1 year and 3 months before it too came to a demise.

Sykotik also had a small stint in a company known as Xtreme Wrestling Federation [XWF] in 2004, which same him win the hardcore championship on 2 occasions.

2005 & 2006, Years of Silence

2005 was a quiet year for Sykotik, sporting several injuries from past encounters that nearly left him for dead. Up until this point in time, Sykotik was a made superstar who was renowned for his excellence and uniqueness. Whilst resting his injuries, many offers came onto the table which Sykotik reluctantly refused.

Sykotik did eventually make one appearance in a promotion known as New Generation Wrestling Alliance [nGwA] winning the heavyweight championship only having to give it away due to a demise in this company.

2007 - A Year of Anticipations

Sykotik now officially resides in World Wrestling Alliance [WWA].

Championship Titles Held

3x KKDA Anarky Champion

2x XWF Hardcore Champion

1x MiA Aurora Champion

1x RevPro Tag Team Champion

1x nGwA Heavyweight Champion

NOTE: This section will be edited periodically to keep track of Sykotik's career. Please visit it every couple of months or so to keep in rhythm with what the future holds for "The Extremist" Sykotik.


The Sykotik One

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