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Real name withheld
Ring Names The Synner, KFWF's Savior
Height 6' 5"
Weight 245 lbs.
Date of birth December 2nd, 1980
Place of birth New Orleans, Louisiana
Date of death n/a
Place of death n/a
Resides undisclosed location
Billed from "Synn City"
Trainer n/a
KFWF: Killer Forever Wrestling Federation
EWA: Extreme Wrestling Alliance
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Debut July 2004
Retired {{{retired}}}

Synn is a heavyweight Superstar, formerly of the EWA and currently of the KFWF e-federations. Arguably the most mysterious competitor either e-fed has seen, The Synner once had both EWA and KFWF by their throats. This marauder has modified his look since his debut, but is the same bizarre leviathan he's always been.

Savagely brutalizing the opponents he essentially towers over, The "KFWF Savior" has stalked his prey and has secured a position as one of the most feared individuals in e-fedding. Returning to the ring after an 18 month hiatus, Synn hasn't lost a step. He's still dangerous, still venomous and still a threat to anyone he encounters.

This legendary figure has numerous accomplishments under his belt and, now, is fiercer than ever. The morose warrior has no objections to assaulting any wrestlers on the KFWF roster, except one. Synn has strong ties of loyalty to his tag team partner Hide... Whom he does not always fully trust.

The Invasion

As the month of July came in 2004, the Extreme Wrestling Alliance—an ultraviolent organization—was being invaded. The invaders were upper card members of the Killer Forever Wrestling Federation—a sports entertainment promotion. Because of their conflicting styles of competition and EWA's rising popularity, KFWF saw them as a severe threat to their own fame. So, taking the top stars they had at the time, they staged an invasion in an attempt to bring EWA down. Lead by the KFWF Owner, Crunch, the men were: Hide, Shawn Cooper, Hailstone, Craig Edge, and Danny Ferro.

To make matters worse, the EWA Chairman, Mark Warburton, had his hands full with the very demanding tag team of Rhys "The Dragon" Holley and Pavid. While Pavid was successful in retaining the EWA Hardcore Title, Holley wasn't getting his shot at the EWA Championship, a shot he referred to as "rightful". So, when he was paired with the champ (The HardKore Kid) as well as Alex Senior, Scott Moore, and Dan Storm to represent EWA, tension was high. They faced the 5 KFWF invaders, with Crunch managing them. Of course, Warburton was at ringside for his EWA men. After miscommunication between Rhys and THK, Rhys walked out on the match and his team, leading to a KFWF victory.

The following Monday night on EWA Mayhem (as that 5-on-5 match was Thursday's EWA Thunder main event), Mark Warburton called out Rhys Holley. Warburton claimed that, due to his actions, Rhys Holley wouldn't get a shot at the EWA Championship for the remainder of his contract unless Holley issued a formal apology, both personal and to the EWA fans. After careful moments of consideration, 'The Dragon' shouted "Screw you!" to the fans and spat in Warburton's face. As Holley laughed at his actions, Warburton publicly fired him and had security escort Rhys from the ring. Backstage, EWA Hardcore Champion Pavid was storming out of the building in a fit of anger, unavailable for comment... But this wouldn't be the last we'd see of these two men.

Synn's Debut

Later on the night where Rhys "The Dragon" Holley was fired and his tag team partner Pavid apparently quit, the unwelcomed KFWF team came down to the ring with a "major announcement". Their Owner, Crunch, claimed that there was a pair of men who were badly treated by EWA Management and deserved much better. He said that they've been unemployed for about 45 minutes, but are now official members of the KFWF roster. He introduced Holley and Pavid, once again as a tag team, declaring that the KFWF hostile takeover had just become twice as deadly. Holley also announced that Crunch had his match for the EWA Championship against The HardKore Kid booked as the main event of July's EWA Blood Bath pay-per-view, with Pavid as the special guest referee.

The following Thursday, Pavid announced that there was a large and powerful vagrant that he'd come across. A man who, in his eyes, would be a perfect edition to the KFWF roster. Called only by the name "Synn", this nomadic monster was supposedly a frightening sight. Almost 6 1/2 feet tall, well over 200 pounds, and with the physique of a star athlete, he was the most impressive physical specimen that Pavid had ever encountered, he said. Claiming that he'd debut soon, both Pavid and "The Dragon" warned EWA about their new secret weapon. These words proved honest as, over the next few weeks, the lights would inexplicably shut off and a video package would play. A quite graphic video package of men being beaten and crucified, with the ominous threat that "SYNN IS COMING".

The final night before EWA Blood Bath, the lights shut off again. However, no promo played on the screen. Instead, a single spotlight shone above the screen itself. In it was the silhouette of a physically built, long-haired man. Looking as if he was breathing heavily, all six men in the ring (it was an EWA vs. KFWF 2-on-4 Handicap Match) were staring up at the figure. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the ring, the lights returned, and the figure vanshed... All at the same instant. In fear and confusion, all six men slowly left the ring and the match was determined a "No Contest".

Shortly after this scare tactic, Synn made his debut in KFWF. With long brown hair, a lengthy goatee and whited-out eyes beneath an intimidating mask, Synn looked simply terrifying. Standing at 6 feet, 5 inches tall, weighing 245 pounds, he was announced as being from "Synn City" and came down to the ring with A Perfect Circle's "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums" as entrance music. On this night, he would face Danny Ferro and x in a triple threat match. x and Ferro were very cautious, as no one knew anything about Synn. He ended up dropping Danny Ferro with the Synner Cutter, knocking him out and hitting the SynnerKick on x, dislocating his jaw. With a pin on x, Synn won his first match and left to the backstage area. Danny Ferro and x, after that match, never wrestled again for KFWF.

Finally, the night of Blood Bath came to be. Fans had gotten a taste of the monster known as Synn by tuning in to KFWF just the other night.

To Be Continued


+ Two-time KFWF "Ultimate Hardcore" Champion, a belt that Synn personally customized. The only other holder was Shawn Cooper. Hide's title reign does not count, as he discontinued the custom belt shortly after winning it, thus separating the championships. For all three men, their "Ultimate Hardcore" reigns are considered two separate reigns for each title.

+ On May 4, 2008, Synn assaulted Michael Pain and cashed in his Money In The Bank. In a controversial decision, The Synner became the only Heavyweight in KFWF history to hold the Cruiserweight Title.


The Synner Cutter - RKO

The SynnerKick - Sweet Chin Music

Title History

KFWF Ultimate Champion x3

KFWF Heavyweight Champion x3

KFWF Cruiserweight Champion x1

KFWF Television Champion x1

KFWF Submission Champion x1 (first ever)

KFWF Hardcore Champion x4

KFWF Tag Team Champion x2 (with SAS and Devastation)

KFWF Stable Champion x2 (with The Company and Skirmish)

EWA Television Champion x1 (last ever)

EWA Hardcore Champion x2

EWA Tag Team Champion x2

Tag Teams

EWA Teams:

Synn and Pavid

KFWF Teams:

SAS [Synn and Alex Senior]

Devastation [Rhys Holley and Synn]

The Doom Krewe [Synn and Sledge]

The Kings of Khaos [Hide and Synn]


EWA Stables:

Darkness Falls [with Rhys Holley, Pavid, Death From Above, The Enforcer and Nathan Rage]

KFWF Stables:

The Company [with Crunch, TR!P and Alex Senior]

Dragon's Dynasty [with Alex Senior and Rhys Holley]

Skirmish [with Sledge, Omlé and Tank]


EWA Legend

3rd KFWF Grand Slam Winner

Enforcer of KFWF Fatal Discharge - (August 7, 2005 to September 4, 2005) Position vacated due to Hurricane Katrina evacuation

KFWF Great

KFWF Year 4 "Wrestler of the Year"

KFWF Year 4 "Heavyweight of the Year"

1st KFWF Money In The Bank Winner

2008 KFWF King of the Deathmatch

Voted KFWF Best of All Time

2009 KFWF Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Hide and Vxorthor)

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