[[Image:|px|Image of T-Bone]]
Real name Caleb Christopher Daniel Marshal
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Height 6'4"
Weight 284 lbs.
Date of birth September 18, 1984
Place of birth Greensboro, North Carolina
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Stoney Creek, North Carolina
Billed from Raleigh, North Carolina
Extreme Wrestling Alliance
Handled by
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Debut December 2006
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T-Bone (Born September 18, 1984) is a professional wrestler currently signed to both Total Annilhilation Wrestling where he is the TAW World Champion and RoughKut Wrestling where he is the King of the North Champion.


Finisher Moves

1) Northern Lights Driver - A variation to the brainbuster

Total Anihilation Wrestling

T-Bone's first major success on main stream wrestling was with Total Anilhilation Wrestling or TAW for short. T-Bone in his time in TAW has achieved many things. Early in his time in TAW he teamed with Icekid, Maverick Jones, and Keith Miller regularly as apart of their alliance. But his success would come when he started teaming with Zanarchy. The two of them who decided to call themselves "Teh Sexy Emperors" would dominate the tag division and basically cause havoc with TAW, first by joining TAW's nWo, then ultimately turning and destroying it as they claimed. T-Bone with multiple partners is an 8 time World Tag Team Champion (6 with Zanarchy, 1 with Icekid and 1 with Michael Vohan). T-Bone's success would finally come in late '07

Unique Styles Wrestling

T-Bone would put his career in high gear when he would join Icekid's Unique Style Wrestling in which T-Bone was one of the best. He would taste his first World Gold here when he wons the feds top title.

European Wrestling Soceity

While still running EWA, T-Bone wanted a change of scenery and flew out to Europe under invatation from TAW's original owner. Their in the European Wrestling Society, T-Bone almost started his career over, as new as he possabably could. T-Bone would go on and trick the whole fed and scare his way to The EWS National Championship, defeating Psycho Kid.

Extreme Wrestling Alliance

T-Bone founded Extreme Wrestling Alliance in late 2006 after some early career success. He runs this company while still participating as a wrestler in other feds.

Other Dead Feds


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