The origins of the T.F.W.F. (also known as Totally Fictional Wrestling Federation) can be traced back to the United Kingdom and the mind of the man known the efed world over as Ian Monks. Created in 1998 by Ian, originally a game played by Ian's college roommates. It quickly grew into something bigger, and eventually united people from all over the world including, UK, United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, and Puerto Rico. The official T.F.W.F. birthdate is November 29, 1998 with the event known as Autumn Annihilation where Champions where crowned and a history was born.

The beginning of the T.F.W.F. was not the grandiose phenomenon it is today, as legends like Naldo, Samson, and others roleplayed nothing like they did at their peak, or in the case of Samson as he does now as a current roster member. The initial stories where based on a feud between the Southfield Mob (named after the street the apartment Ian and his roommates lived at) and The Firm (named because it sounded evil).

On November 29, 1998 it was declared that the first Champions would be crowned. Naldo, became the first T.F.W.F. World heavyweight Champion, Flamo was crowned Intercontinental Champion, Pimp In and Naldo became the Tag Team Champions, Franny J would be the first Lightheavyweight Champion, future "in story" T.F.W.F. President The Management would become the first European Champion, Car Thief was the first Hardcore Champion, and Butch was the first Women's Champion.

With these Championships settled the T.F.W.F. was officially a fully functional e-fed, but no one would guess that this little corner in the efed world would span 8 years, 3 continents, and so much history. It started out quiet, it would have its dark times, but eventually it would become the premier e-fed in the world. Follow us as we tell you the stories and tales of the greatest e-fed in history, told year by year, from 1998, to 2006, of the T.F.W.F..

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