The Psynomenal Kid
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Height 6'2
Weight 200lbs.
Date of birth June 4th, 1988
Place of birth Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Resides Tampa Bay, Florida
Billed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Trainer Self-taught
High Impact Wrestling
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Debut October 2003 (NCW)
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The Psynomenal Kid (T.P.K.) was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on June 4, 1988. Little known about his childhood life, he was raised in a luxury house in the urban area of Kuala Lumpur. After he finishes his elementary education, he went to U.S.A to spend his holiday.

T.P.K. was discovered by Charles Sullivan who was the owner of the National Championship Wrestling. He began his wrestling training with a group of wrestlers. T.P.K excelled in his training sessions and in less than a month later, he was called up to make his debut in NCW. He became the Rising Star Champion in October 16, 2003 in his debut match after beating Kumba with some help from his former manager, Abdul Raqib Zakuan. He lost the title a week later. As soon as he lost the title. NCW suddenly folded without any notice, leaving him the only option to return to Malaysia to pursue his studies.

After he successfully graduated from high-school in 2006, he continued his studies in a university in Malaysia. There, someone from High Impact Wrestling contacted him and offer him a spot in the fed. Until now, he is still unable to make his debut in HIW, due to some problem happens in HIW that led to its hiatus, but he insisted that he will stay in this fed until the last day of the fed, as long as the fed still breathes. He is well-known of his loyalty to one federation and never intends to join other federation.

Wrestling Career

High Impact Wrestling

On November 12, 2006. HIW has announced that they have sign three new superstars which includes T.P.K himself. He was scheduled to have his debut on a six-man tag team match which pits him with Rob Grayson and Michael "Plat" King against the team of Mephisto, Kid Krazy and Jeff Williams. The team will face each other on Ultimate Destruction. However, the matches were not underway as HIW gone into hiatus until January 2007

This may not be the case now as Mephisto was released by HIW.

T.P.K finally makes his debut in HIW development fed, CWF against Flare for the first round tournament for the HIW Television Title. However, he lost the match. He also involves in a spectacular match against Anti-Villano in a cruiserweight match. However, he suffers another consecutive loss to Anti-Villano who makes his debut


  • "The Psycho Phenomenon"
  • "The Rookie Phenom"

Theme Music

  • "Uno" by Muse

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