Clonedkarl, TC Carroll
[[Image:|129px|Image of Clonedkarl, TC Carroll]]
Real name T.C. Carroll
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Height 5'8"
Weight 215 lbs.
Date of birth February 4, 1987
Place of birth Richmond, VA
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Derby, England
Billed from Richmond, VA
Trainer Self-Trained
Gods and Heretics Wrestling
Superstar Wrestling Federation, Big Dawg Wrestling, Blood and Guts Wrestling
Handled by
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Debut June, 29, 2005
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TC Carroll (Born T.C. Carroll, February 4, 1987) is a professional wrestler currently working for Gods and Heretics Wrestling and is the current GHW General Champion. He really made a name for himself in Superstar Wrestling Federation.

Starting Out

T.C. grew up being a hardcore fan of wrestling, and always dreamed of one day becoming one. T.C. eventually got a call from a friend who was attending a local wrestling show and had an extra ticket. T.C would go on to attend the show, where the owner of the promotion would spot him. The owner when on to tell him that he should get involved with the wrestling business. T.C. would train several hours a day, all alone in his basement on his homemade ring.


T.C. would wrestle around the indy wrestling scene under the name Clonedkarl hoping for his big break. It would take about a year for this to finally happen

Big Dawg Wrestling

T.C. still under his Clonedkarl gimmick would get signed to BDW, At BDW he would form one of his most successful tag teams, with fellow wrestler Slient_bob. T.C. accomplished very little at BDW before it was shut down when owner Big Dawg would leave for military duty.

Superstar Wrestling Federation

Soon after the downfall of BDW T.C. got signed to SWF, along with tag partner Slient_bob. At SWF T.C. was able to win a few championships, but during his stay at SWF he would join the most controversial stable in SWF, The Crimson. The Crimson would cause havoc on SWF on seemingly every week. T.C. would meet his two best friends in the wrestling business, The Overtaker and Aiden Gore.

Closing of SWF

SWF would become victim of mangament problems and would soon be shut down leaving several wrestlers unpaid and hungry for work.

Blood and Guts Wrestling

T.C. was signed to Blood and Guts, and would begin to wrestle under a slight variation of his name, TC Carroll. He would eventually get a management spot. TC was having a great time at BGW but things would quickly turn south for TC, when conflicts between him and the owner of BGW started having problems outside of the federation.

TC would leave BGW against his contract regulations, but was no legal action was taken by BGW.

Gods and Heretics Wrestling

T.C. would get signed to GHW after a whole year of not wrestling at all. He would wrestle under his Clonedkarl gimmick one last time for a few months and then would be taken off T.V. for several months.

T.C. returned but this time under his TC gimmick. He would go on to win the GHW General Master of the Mat. Soon after he would win the GHW General Championship.

Wrestling Maneuvers

Finishing Moves

Signature Moves

Entrance Music

  • "Good God" Korn (GHW)
  • "Ashes in the Wake" Lamb of God (GHW)
  • "Laces Out, Dan!" The Fall of Troy (GHW)
  • "Tier" Rammstein (SWF)
  • "Cowboys from Hell" Pantera (BGW)

Miscellaneous Trivia

Championships and Accomplishments

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