Total Extreme Wrestling
Acronym TEW
Established 2003
Industry Professional eWrestling
Shows Underground
Founder DizmanX19
President Tyler Nash

TEW is the fourth version of Total Extreme Wrestling which started back in 2003. Created and run by Kevin, along with Jenn and Malco. The goal is to have a fun, active and exciting federation, with a balanced mixture of upcoming wrestlers with more experienced stars. TEW is broadcasted every Friday and every three weeks, the bi-monthly Sunday Night Pay-Per-View.

Current champions

Championship Current
Date Won Event
TEW World Champion Eden August 08-30-09 Redemption
TEW Disrespect Champion Revin Raimes 08-30-09 Redemption
TEW No Limits Champion Sean Savor 08-30-09 Redemption
TEW Women's Champion Vacant 00-00-00 ??
TEW Hardcore Champion The Bastards 08-30-09 Redemption
TEW Tag Team Champions Bad Boys 08-30-00 Redemption


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