[[Image:|px|Image of TITAN]]
Billing information
Ring name(s)
Height 6’10”
Weight 312 lbs
Born 9th November, 1972
Hometown Montreal, Canada
Theme music Fear - Disturbed
Previous federation(s) Xtreme Championship Wrestling (1999-2002))
Superior Wrestling Organization(1999 to 2002)
Wrestling information
Wrestling style Powerhouse
Signature Move(s)
Finisher Move(s) Final Exit
Professional career

TITAN (born Seb Richer, 9th of November 1972) was a wrestler who is best known for his stints in Xtreme Championship Wrestling and Superior Wrestling Organization.

Early life

TITAN was born Montreal and was the son of Josiane and Jake Richer and to is said to have been proclaimed as evil by the doctor who first saw him. TITAN has an unusual childhood and is said to have killed his aunt at the age of two, whether it was intentional or not remains to be seen. However, many believe that TITAN was not aware of his actions at this age and thus should not be held responsible for her death. TITAN’s next victim came at the age of 4 when at his birthday party, he is said to have raped one of the girls at his party almost to death before slicing her belly open and lighting her on fire from her organs dripped with gasoline. However, many of the time believe that TITAN cannot be responsible for these deaths due to him being so young and thus believe that he was unfairly blamed for these deaths. TITAN’s viscous childhood lead to his mother leaving him and his father, only to return and become pregnant second child, which resulted in them both fleeing together and leaving TITAN as an orphan at the age of six after moving from several homes. TITAN’s mother died shortly after the birth of her second baby.

TITAN spend the next six years as an orphan, TITAN miraculously is said to have survived. However, he is to have committed numerous crimes including first degree murder. It is said that he went on trial during these six years 1,500 times. However, it is thought that these figures are exaggerated by TITAN himself as records show that he went on trial no more than 50 times. All of these cases were thrown out due lack of evidence, many believe that TITAN got rid of all the witnesses. After spending six years as an orphan TITAN was eventually taken in by a Dark Priest. While living with the Dark Priest, TITAN found another person who had been taken in, a 15 year old girl called Moleek. He fell in love with her and fathered two children before running away.

Professional wrestling career

Shortly after on his 12th birthday, TITAN joined a wrestling school. Due to his young age, TITAN became the joke of the class and was picked on by the other students. The champion of the school decided to bide TITAN into a fight. TITAN accepted this request and is said to have broken his neck. The trainer at the school taught TITAN the basics he needed. Two years later, TITAN snapped the spine of his trainer by executing a powerbomb into a DDT. The trainer died on impact to the ground and TITAN later nicknamed that move the Final Exit, which became his finisher.

TITAN then spent three years on the Japanese wrestling circuit before moving to America in a 1 million dollar deal for him to enter a wrestling tournament with 1024 men. TITAN won his first 9 matches and is rumored to have killed 8 of his opponents. However, these records have been withheld from the public. The one opponent who didn’t die was a wrestler named STEAM who later turned out to be TITAN’s half brother. TITAN briefly went back to Japan where as STEAM continued to work in the USA. While in Japan, TITAN teamed up with Kaine Salvo but after apparently being banned from every wrestling federation in Japan. Despite being banned they were allowed to fight each other to which they obliged and built up an intense rivalry.

Xtreme Championship Wrestling

President Okalahoma then signed TITAN to XCW, a newly opened federation where he quickly became the federation’s first World Heavyweight champion after defeating The Rock. However, President Okalahoma would regret signing him as TITAN took a dislike to Okalahoma mocking and beating a defeated opponent of his. TITAN then defeated Oklahoma in a match where the winner gained a 50% stake in the federation. This meant that TITAN was the C.E.O. of XCW, which prompted Okalahoma to flee from the company. However, TITAN’s reign as president did not last long as the federation briefly closed.

TITAN then decided to join SWO in order to gain revenge on STEAM who he felted has deserted him. TITAN gained his revenge but he soon left the SWO after the President became sick of TITAN’s arrogance and attitude. TITAN then rejoined XCW and took Kaine Salvo along with him. TITAN regained the vacant XCW World Heavyweight after defeating STEAM who had followed him into the federation to continue their feud, during this match STEAM badly damaged his neck, which left him out for several months.

After that another confusing saga began to unravel when TITAN met his unknown daughter Calista Morbaine who introduced her to a girl named Lita, who he eventually had a love relationship with. However, their relationship became less stable when TITAN kidnapped Calista Morbaine’s sister Lara and raped her, making her pregnant in process. Calista Morbaine would then pursue each other through a hated feud. TITAN then took a girl named Fire Star under his wings who he mentored through XCW’s farm league ACW and into the main federation. This helped to reunite Calista Morbaine and TITAN as along with Fire Star and Kaine Salvo they formed the eliminators. Ty Dhomie then joined The Eliminators. Shortly after it became known that Ty Dhomie was married to another sister of TITAN’s, However, she died shortly afterwards in a road accident. After doing some research it was then revealed that Fire Star and her sworn enemy Looner Eklpyse were twin sisters and were TITAN’s daughters.

TITAN then went missing and it was assuming he was kidnapped. However, he returned and once again ruled XCW before the federation closed.




  • 1x World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Hardcore Champion
  • 1x Peoples Champion (last ever)


  • 8x XCW World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x XCW North-American Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x XCW Hardcore Champion
  • 1x XCW Intercontinental Champion
  • 1x time XCW Television Champion
  • 1x times XCW Tag Team Champion

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