TJ Nike
[[Image:|px|Image of TJ Nike]]
Real name Tom Jackson Nike
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Height 5'8
Weight 190 lbs.
Date of birth December 24, 1985
Place of birth Hamilton, New Zealand
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Resides Anaheim, California
Billed from Hamilton, New Zealand
Trainer Nike School Of Wrestling
NPW (Nike Pro Wrestling)
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Debut Feburay 2006 (Approx)
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Tom Jackson Nike (born December 24, 1983), Is an New Zealandish professional wrestler better known as TJ Nike, currently performing for Pro Wrestling Xtreme (PWX) The developmental federation for the WVWF He was trained in his fathers "Nike School Of Wrestling".

Wrestling career

New Zealand

He started wrestling when he was about 16 in his fathers NPW promotion and rising up the ranks before winning the promotions main title shortly before leaving to tackle bigger and better things in the United States.

North America

Pro Wrestling Xtreme

TJ moved to America intent on getting into a major promotion when PWX called and offered a tag team contract with Paul Bullworth a former student in the Nike School Of Wrestling, His debut is set to be in a 3 way Tag Team match with Bullworth against Freeks of the Night and the Dublinerz.

Wrestling Facts

Finishing Moves

  • Air Nike (Diving guillotine leg drop while holding his ankle tucked until the last second)
  • Air New Zealand (630 Splash)

Signature Moves

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R (Shooting Star Press)
  • Nike Bomb (Rydeen Bomb)
  • 4Fiddy Splash (450 Splash)
  • Nikecanrana
  • Samurai DDT
  • Top Rope Leg Drop
  • Shining Wizard
  • Cradle & Leglock

Entrence And Theme Music

"Broken Promises" By Element Eighty (First Used by Matt Van Dam)

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