Warrior's Will I
Logo Warrior's Will Logo copybetter
Date April 22, 2007
City London, England


TWA Warrior's Will was started in 2007. It took place in London, England, in Earl's Court, and filled the capacity with over 60,000 people. The main draws for the event were the TWA Global Cup, which featured winner Ken Kennedy, runner up MVP, Maltese Preacher, and Louis Kerry as the semi-finalists. Also, the TWA Tag Team Championship Ironteam Match, featuring the champions, Chemical Darkness (Tai Burns and The Darkness), going up against The High Rollers (Chris Foppa and Terry Buford). And the main event of the event was Kyler McCann vs. Undertaker vs. Will Esco for the vacant TWA Global Championship. Other memorable moments of the pay per view were the hardcore match between Darth Vader and Edge, Raven and AJ Styles returning, and Preacher taking out Phil Brooks after successfully defending his National Championship.


Warrior's Will has built a reputation in just one year of being TWA's biggest event of the year. This event saw such great moments as former TWF wrestlers returning to the ring at the masses, Ken Kennedy becoming the first ever TWA Global Cup Winner, The High Rollers and Chemical Darkness putting on 68 minutes of a pure classic wrestling match, and the omnibus return of Will Esco, winning the TWA Global Championship and ending the months of vacancy for the title. All of these, and many more great moments drove everyone to believe that this pay per view has been by far TWA's greatest event since it's inception. hey received their highest Pay Per View buyrate by the hundred thoushands for Warrior's Will, this event had the largest attendance of any TWA event, and it received the greatest reception from fans.

In 2009, TWA is making plans of bringing back Warrior's Will, dubbing it "Warrior's Will II". It will most likely be held in the summer, probably August, instead of April. In this event, we may also see the Global Cup returning.


# Matches Stipulations Time
Dark Gail Kim def. Maria Kanellis Singles Match 6:50
1 Montel Vontavious Porter def. Maltese Preacher TWA Global Cup Semi-Finals Match 10:43
2 Raven def. Tadd Starr Singles Match 4:26
3 Ken Kennedy def. Louis Kerry TWA Global Cup Semi-Finals Match 10:03
4 Darth Vader def. Edge Hardcore Match 18:36
5 AJ Styles def. Louis Kerry Singles Match 8:57
6 Maltese Preacher def. Phil Brooks TWA National Championship Match 11:45
7 The High Rollers def. Chemical Darkness 60 Minute IronTeam Match for the TWA Tag Team Championship 68:32
8 Ken Kennedy def. Montel Vontavious Porter TWA Global Cup Finals Match 13:53
9 Will Esco def. Kyler McCann and Undertaker TWA Global Championship 33:45

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