TWF Xtreme Wrestling
Federation Name TWF Xtreme Wrestling
Abbreviation TWF
Shows Monday Night Mayhem(Monday)
Time open May 2008 - Present
Owner(s) Mr. Jalal Ansari
Federation type Match Writing
Website [1]

TWF Xtreme Wrestling is a wrestling promotion founded by multimillionaire businessman, Mr. Jalal Ansari. Mr. Ansari had long thought of forming his own wrestling promotion "since he was a small child watching wrestling on a black and white television" according to several interviews. His long standing dream was achieved when he had got clearance from Ansari Enterprises' Board of Directors to build a full-fledged wrestling promotion. He had decided to name the company after TWF (True Wrestling Fans), which was a group of loyal wrestling fans, mainly from India and Pakistan. Thus naming his new born professional wrestling promotion, "TWF Xtreme Wrestling."

Assembling the Roster

Mr. Ansari scoured the globe for talent. He persuaded disgruntled EWA Superstars, Lachlan Smith and Sycho Sam to join up, as well as bringing in veterans and newcomers of the Indy scene, such as Hemsly, Matt Falcon, Henry Rollins, S.T.A.I.N., The Bard, Pearce Hunter, Bionic Redneck, Dan Stone Jr. Victor Steel, Krylon, Genocide, American Bulldog, Daniel Throne, Bishamon and Dagger Dave. Ansari felt that TWF should have a little International flavor to it as well. He already had renowned Pakistani wrestler, Hassan Umer, otherwise known as Sycho Sam, but felt that TWF needed to be set apart from other promotions. He sought Sam's advice on who the best Indian and Pakistani wrestlers were, and was directed to Sumit Agrawal, Hassan, and Himanshu. Ansari also felt that some women should be in his promotion as well, and hired Stratusphere, Synful Diamond, and Miss Congeniality.

Making the storylines

With a full roster now in place, what was needed now, was some storylines, and good angles. Ansari contacted IHCW, the International Hardcore Championship Wrestling, and asked if they were looking for a merger, and a possible invasion storyline. After smooth negotiations, Mr. Ansari agreed to give IHCW their own show soon, as well as giving the original IHCW owner full control over the future IHCW brand's image, marketing, and finances. IHCW debuted in TWF soon on the first match card, with Dagger Dave interfering in the opening match, and making a statement. Ravel Draken, an IHCW original joined in as well the following week, with Bard, Matt Falcon, and Dan Stone Jr. jumping ship as well and Adam Bradbury returning. (for further detail on this angle, read the IHCW vs TWF paragraphs below). However, the tide was never steady in TWF as far as angles went. The introduction of Sycho Sam's and Lachlan Smith's infamous Chaos Theory stable debuted, portraying themselves as a nuetral faction in the ensuing war.

Current Progress

So far, TWF has survived its first month in business, with TV ratings ranging from average to good, and recently had their first Pay-Per-View event, Phantasmal Abyss, which featured many good matches including the Extreme Tables match, the Thumbtack Deathmatch, the Phantasmal Abyss match, and the main event, the TWF World Title match between Hemsly and Dagger Dave.

(under construction, storylines, titles etc. to be added)

Current Roster

Since the prime of TWF, many superstars flocked to it. Not many could avoid the opportunities that TWF gave them. Great Wrestlers came walking, but even more newcomers came running. So far, these people have joined TWF since it began and have already created history...

Ravel Draken-
The Bard-
Sycho Sam-
Matt Falcon-
A Wray-
Dagger Dave-
Victor Steel-
Sumit Agrawal-
Dan Stone Jr.-
Kid Dynamite-
Bill Integrity-
Henry Rollins-
Johnny Napalm-
Danny Stine-
Lachlan Smith-
Miss Congeniality-
AJ Johnson-
Adam Bradbury-
Daniel Throne-
Ray Hayden-
Xtreme Air-
Ben Phillips-
Bionic Redneck-
Donkey Dude-
Darnez FC-
Adrian Thomas-
King Rex-
Max Fury-
Brandon Hawk-
Synful Diamond-
Joe Jones-
The Animal-
The Masked Maskara-
Pierce Hunter-
American Bulldog-
"Sick" Rick Daniels-
And more are on their way to TWF

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