Headquarters United Kingdom
Head Booker Omega
Co-Bookers The Fury
TV Shows Xtreme TV (XTV)
Next PPV Midsummers Night Destruction
Operated By Omega
Web Address TWOSuperstars home page
Host site Address
Training Site TWOStars Training(defunct)


TWOSuperstars (abbreviated to TWOStars)is an E-fed that ran for 7 years of operating although it has existed in various other forms before. Currently the federation is run by Omega after a recent reboot the fed in it's current forum has been running for nearly 2 years.

The federation is open for any male or female original characters and is match based with writers working their promos and matches around angles and booking given out by the booking team. There are currently 4 TWOStars Championships and a roster of 19 members.


TWOStars started life when 2 wrestlers (KJ and 'HBK' Andy Gee) clashed over who was the smarter in the summer of 2001. kJ declared himself the smarter, causing the

Former GM Arron Winter in the ring at Battle Royal

cocky Andy to challenge for the title straight away!

Eventually the matter was settled in a 'Hell in a Cell' ladder match, Andy gaining the win after crashing through the cage to the mat. In the following months TWOStars started to gather names that would go down in history: the sadistic seven-feet tall monster known as Skullmonkey, Hunter and future TWOStars sex-pest, Man Beast Rhyno.

After a few months TWOStars fell apart and the members went across to the Ex-Rev, and so a rivalry was born.


When they jumped across to ERE, KJ, HBK and Hunter joined together to become The Generation X (TGX for short), a group of anti-authority misfits and rebels who loved to play up to the crowd while making life miserable for GM Pabster.

Eventually KJ decided to restart TWOtars, but ERE had watchers in the locker room and every time anyone with promise or talent joined TWOStars they were poached by the bigger federation; Crippler, AC, Whole Show, Jerichoholic, Classy Q Driver and Chris2K were the biggest names who were tempted away from the restarted TWOtars, and this was the death knell again for the small company. In a last ditch effort to ensure the name of TWOStars lived on KJ invaded Ex Rev with his band of wrestlers, but he ultimately failed to cause the death of the federation he hated.

Current incarnation

The current incarnation of TWOStars has been operating for around the last 4 years or so. Since the devolution of Extreme Revolution and the closing of its forums site, many of the superstars joined up with the roster of TWOStars to create the latest version of the E-fed.

Under the charge of Darkstar the company once again grew in size and crowned its first World Champion on its opening show as the fan favourite Acid Christ was crowned champion.

The initial run of Darkstar as head booker led to many important and defining mooments in the history of TWOStars. The creation of 'The Future', the first major faction in the new federation, and the introduction of many new superstars who are now regarded as mainstays of the company.

The creation of a TWOstars training site was a major innovation that brought in newer talent to the e-fed. Such a volume of talent in fact, that a new super-faction, 'The New Blood', was born from a clutch of trainees all graduating at the same time.

Darkstar eventually handed over the reigns of the company to his trusted ally Christof. Christof took TWOstars into different directions than the previous management and also brought on new staff to help him book the product.

Draven Cage with the Triple Crown Belts

'The New Blood' angle created a wave of new ideas and feuds that carried the company through one of its busiest years and saw the roster swell to perhaps its largest ever. The old guard were presented with new challenges and new handlers prospered. However the growth was not sustained and the levels of handlers dropped alarmingly in the middle of 2007.

Eventually, Christof was to leave the fed, moving onto pastures new, and taking over from him was the returning Darkstar, with Omega booking the US and tag divisions. As a former member of the New Blood Omega had been running the training aspect of the company under Christof and was perfectly placed to step up. One of the first major changes that was made to address the dwindling number of roster members was to vacate the TV and US titles and create 3 new top tier titles; a World title, a Pure Rules Title and a HaRDcOre Title all ranked the same.

Each title was its own division with around 6 wrestlers in each division. The setup, whilst complicated, did lead to some interesting storylines and the introduction of new characters; but as it took off, some divisions did better than others, and after 2 months the titles were reunited into the new TWOStars Triple Crown Championship.

The fed ran for several more years but due to a drop in numbers briefly stopped running in 2010-2011. However the federation was resurrected with a new style by former Fed Head Omega. The current iteration, running under the strap line of "The New Dawn", has been running for nearly two years.


The most recent Elimination Chamber where Edwards Samson won the Triple Crown

Catch the shows every 2 weeks and the bi-monthly PPV on a Wednesday on

Federation Style

TWOStars was an Angle-Match writing hybrid federation. Handlers are expected to both promo and write matches each week. The main reason for the previous collapse of the fed was the time constraints of writing matches and promos. so to reboot the fed the style was changed to being solely roleplay based with not match writing required. Angles are generally determined by quality of submissions though sometimes angles are pre-booked to give the fed continuity.

Weekly 'television' show (XTV)

every 2 weeks, a booking thread is posted on or around the Saturday to show what matches are on the show. The matches themselves are used to give writers guides to things that can promo about including writing win/loss promos for those matches

A submissions thread is created where the writers post their promo, backstage segments and skits. TWOStars prides itself on writing the show "as if it were happening" meaning the show reads as if you were watching RAW or Smackdown not pantomime "RP's" where anything can happen.

Once the two weeks of the show are up the submissions thread is closed and the booking team orders the show posts as links in a "results" thread and a brief run down of the results for each match. This way posts can be out of order or submitted at any stage either re-actively to other posts or simply aside of other posts.


There are six "supershows" during the year, our PPVs as it were. These occur, roughly, every two months and are posted the same as a normal show. It is here, like in real life, that the big matches happen, that feuds are resolved and that legends are made. Bookers send out to all writers at the start of the two months what match at the PPV they will be involved in, to give the writers a chance to plan their feud among themselves and develop an appropriate build - and of course the bookers are more than happily to help in any way possible (as an example Draven Cage was allowed free reign to disband the Tag Titles when we ran out of teams for it and this created some very memorable moments of TWOstars history).

We allow Christmas time as off season so around the end of December the last XTV of the year is a "supershow" allowing writers to finishn of feuds if needed without the pressure of a full on PPV during the festive season.


Titles, angle and PPV wins are decided by who the bookers think has written the best over the recent months. In this way it is not possible for people to sandbag or get an unfair advantage by promoing later in shows to make themselves appear overly positive. As stated writing quality is the most important feature which will elevate a character to the top of the card.

Our shows are number X:XX which denotes the year we are in and the week's show number. the first X is the year of operation and the second two digits represent the episode which reset every WrestleNova.

All our writers are now active members of our parent forum [1] but this is not a prerequisit to join.

Become a TWOSuperstar

Think you have what it takes to be part of the TWOStars Roster? Then sign up at [2] with an application profile.

Show us what you've got!

All welcome no matter what experience you have!


Current Champion Championship Date Won Notes
TWOStars Unified Championship 3 August 2011 Defeated Deadman in an Elimination chamber match at MSND 2011. Match also insluded Evil Gringo, Lucian Jones, Da Chav and Matt Denton.
TWOStars Television Championship 4 March 2011 Defeated Barry Gower at XTV 6:
TWOStars Women's Championship 3 August 2011 Retained belt in final ever Women's Division match, a Battle Royal, at MSND 2011.







Charles Robinson


Chad Patton


Jack Doan


Mike Chioda

Commentary Team




Paul Heyman

Ring Announcer


Tony Chimel

Backstage Announcers


Josh Matthews

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