The TWOStars United States Championship is regarded as the second main singles title currently being defended in TWOStars
TWOStars United States Championship

TWOStars United States Championship(Current)


Under Construction

Title history

Wrestler Times Date Notes
Becomes ERE World Title 0 25th September 2009 Johnny Rockefeller burned the title live on XTV 5:25
Johnny Rockefeller 1 24th June 2009 J-Rock defeats Craig Van Dam(c) in a Fatal-5-way that also featured Evil Gringo, Edward Samson and Sickness
Craig Van Dam 1 29th April 2009 This was a singles match at WrestleNova V
Harry Hart 1 30th March 2009 Cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase during XTV4:51
Sickness 1 25th February 2009 This was an Ultimate X match at the No Remorse 2009 PPV
Robert Heard (Evil Gringo) 1 30th November 2008 This was a 2/3 Fall match at the World War 2008 PPV
Famous 1 29th August 2008 Fanmous defeats Twiggie via pinfall in a Triple Threat match also included Barry Gower on XTV 4:22
Twiggie 1 30th April 2008 Twiggie defeats Chambers via pinfall in a Triple Threat match at TWOStars WrestleNova IV in a match that also included Sickness
Apollo Chambers 2 26th March 2008 Apollo Chambers reclaims the TWOStars United States Championship in a 3-way elimination match including Johnny Rockefeller and The Chav
Johnny Rockefeller 1 29th January 2008 Johnny Rockefeller cashes in the XTV Money in the Bank at TWOStars Battle Royale and defeats Apollo Chambers via pinfall
Apollo Chambers 1 22nd December 2007 Apollo Chambers defeats The Judge via Tap out in a Triple Threat match also including The Big Bull
Title Vacant N/A 4th October 2007 Title Vacated Due to the Roster Split
The Judge 1 23rd September 2007 Defeats Drake Rush at TWOStars Genocide in the final match of a Best of Five series in a H.I.A.C match
Drake Rush 2 9th July 2007 Defeated Jaycey Baby at TWOStars Endgame to become a 2 time champion
Jaycey Baby 1 10th June 2007 Jaycey Baby defeats Arron Winer in a Lumberjack Match at TWOStars Zero Tolerance
Arron Winter 1 10th April 2007 On XTV 3:10 Arron Winter wins the vacant title in a triple threat match also including Twiggie and Mikhail Mills
Title Vacated N/A 12th February 2007 Gower gives up the title
Barry Gower 2 1st February 2007 Defeated SEX in a TWOStars Heavyweight Championship vs. TWOStars United States Championship match
SEX 1 29th January 2007 Defeated Mikhail Mills at TWOStars Battle Royale
Mikhail Mills 1 26th November 2006 After the title was upheld following a draw between Care and Sickness, Mikhail Mills wins the belt in a four way dance also including SEX at TWOStars World War.
Chris Care 1 26th August 2006 Chris Care made Christopher Eagles submit in a 3 way match for the TWOStars United States Championship and the TWOStars Television Championship also including Drake Rush at TWOStars Midsummers Desturction
Drake Rush 1 25th June 2006 Drake Rush pinned Chris Care in the King of the Ring finals
Title Vacant N/A 4th May 2006 Title is Vacated due to Contractual reasons
Vinnie Vegance 1 27th Novemember 2005 "Violent" Vinni Vengance wins a 10 man elimination match to earn the United States Championship at TWOStars World War
Keith Jaxx 1 6th October 2005 Defeats Tom Trash via Pinfall on XTV 0:33
Tom Trash 1 14 July 2005 Tom "The Disciple" Trash wins the vacant US Title, defeating Slim Jim, Jimmy Redman and The Chav in a Fatal Four Way match on XTV 0:21
Title Vacant 1 30th June 2005 "The Future" Barry Gower hands over his Championship belts to earn a TWOStars contract
Barry Gower 1 12th June 2005 "The Future" Barry Gower 'unofficially' unifies the Ex-Rev Intercontinental Championship and the TWOStars United States Championship belts in a steel cage match at E.R.E./TWOStars One Night Stand.
Welsh Scouser 1 1st May 2005 Welsh Scouser is officially recognised as the TWOStars United States Champion at TWO Backlash due to a strange stipulation enforced by The Chav
The Chav 1 3rd March 2005 Defeated Welsh Scouser on XTV 1:03 in a Tournament final to become the first ever TWOStars United States Champion


Record Record holder Record number
Most reigns Barry Gower,Drake Rush & Apollo Chambers 2
Longest reign Vinnie Vengence 159 Days
Shortest reign Barry Gower 11 Days
Oldest champion
Youngest champion
Heaviest champion Apollo Chambers 310 lbs
Lightest champion Tom Trash 187 lbs

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