The TWOStars World Tag Team Championships are the main tag team belts inTWOStars.

TWOStars World Tag Titles(Current)


Under Construction

Tag Team Titles history

Wrestlers Times Date Notes
The Prime Time Playas (Lucian L. Jones and Kyle Gilmore) 1 25th June 2009 Won at Zero Tolerance in a TLC Match that also featured Maxximum Definition
The Wreckoning (Barry Gower and Draven Cage) 1 29th April 2009 Won at WrestleNova in a Ladder Match also featuring The Brotherhood and Evil Immortal
The Brotherhood 1 4th April 2009 Won in a triple threat tag team match against Image Inc and Sickness.
Sickness 1 25th March 2009 Sickness won the titles at Hell To Pay in an All Or Nothing Match against Winter.
The Blood Alliance (Sickness and Aaron Winter) 1 23rd December 2008 GM Winter and Sickness both turn on their tag partners at Seasons Beatings and claim the belts for themselves to reinstate them.
Draven Cage N/A 23rd September 2007 defeats Apollo Chambers in a one on one match to retire the Tag Team belts
AC/DC 2 16th August 2007 AC/DC defeat Care and Retromark after an injury to Care on XTV 3:23
Chris Care & Retromark 1 12th August 2007 defeated RBX when Chris Care made Ashton Butcher tap to an STF at Midsummers Night Destruction
RBX 1 9th July 2007 Ashton Butcher beats Apollo Chambers, Mikhail Mills and Mike Ward in a ladder match to secure the Tag Tiles for his team at the Endgame Pay Per View
AC/DC (Apollo Chambers & Draven Cage) 1 6th May 2007 Due to Judge's injury VL:O dissolved and Draven Cage took on Apollo Chambers as his partner and along with him formed AC/DC as part of the F.E.R.E. faction at TWOStars No Remorse Pay Per View
VL:O (The Judge & Draven Cage) 2 8th April 2007 beat The Flaming Dark at Wrestlenova III
The Flaming Dark (Sickness & Jaycey Baby) 1 28th January 2007 The Flaming Dark (Sickness and Jaycey Baby) beat VL:O in a Hotel Lobby Brawl
VL:0 (The Judge & Draven Cage) 1 30th November 2006 Violence Level: Omega (The Judge and Draven Cage) defeated The Incredible Holt and Drake Rush of The New Blood on XTV 2:14
The New Blood (The Incredible Holt & VVV) 3 26th August 2006 The New Blood (The Incredible Holt & "Violent" Vinnie Vengeance) defeated Butcher & Winter before joining the New Blood at TWOStars Middsummers Night Desturction
The New Blood (Ashton Butcher & Arron Winter 2 27th July 2007 The New Blood (Butcher & Winter) defeat The Caged Rhinos in what has been called a screw job ending on New Blood TV 2:27
The Caged Rhinos (Draven Cage and MBR) 1 23rd July 2006 Won in an Iron Circle match at Zero Tolerance
The New Blood (Butcher and Winter) 1 2nd April 2006 Defeated The Dark Alliance in a Tables, TVs, Ladders and Chairs.
The Dark Alliance 2 23rd December 2005 Beat The Judge and Redman in a Flaming Tables match at Zero Toleance
The Judge and Jimmy Redman 1 27th November 2005 Won in a stipulation multi man match where the remaining 2 men becoming the holding team.
The Judge and Jordi Warner 1 30th October 2005 Won the belts in a triple threat including The Dark Alliance
Arkham and Retromark 1 25th August 2005 beat the Dark Alliance in a lumberjack match on Xtreme TV 0:27
The Dark Alliance (Sickness & Boyo) 1 26th June 2005 beat Holt & Trash in an unscheduled match at TWOStars End Game 05
The Future (The Incredible Holt & Tom Trash) 1 3rd March 2005 win a 4 way elimination event at TWOStars Wrestlenova I to reinstate the title belts

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