Tadd Starr

Tadd Starr
Born September 9 1980
Height 5 ft 11
Weight 220 lbs.
TWA Debut November 2006


Age: 27

Alignment: Face

Card Placement: Mid upper card

Banner Rep (If required): James Masters

Ring name/Nickname: Tadd Starr

Entrance Music: Senses Fail - Bite to Break Skin

Hailing From: London; England.


(street) black jeans with a black coat and a white shirt with red converse all stars.

(Ring)Black and white tap shoes, black shorts with four red stars across the back seam line, shirtless his hair tied back.

Ring Entrance:

The opening of hits as mist rises up from below the entrance curtain while red and white lights alternating onto it. Tadd Starr bursts out from the mist and runs down to the ring. He climbs the ring steps and then the turnbuckle and poses at the top (like Orton’s pose). He then does a front flip off the turnbuckle, landing on his feet inside the ring. Tadd runs up and poses on the opposite turnbuckle.


Simply put, Tadd Starr is an artist. His world revolves around music (“Rock and metal,” according to his girlfriend Maria Hope).

Still, this artist has always been drawn to another, very different canvas—that of the squared circle. Influenced by the likes of Ric Flair, the Fabulous Freebirds, and the Rockers—took a ramp he built for his bike and painted it to resemble an entrance stage for their “wrestling ring,” the backyard trampoline. As he grew older, so did his desire to take greater risks, whether it was to feel the rush of executing hundred-foot-high triples on his motor cross bike, or jumping off the roof of his house as a member of the “Teenage Wrestling Federation.” It was such fearlessness and desire that would bring the 22-year-old daredevil to Pride, Victory, Extreme, and after three years catapult him to worldwide fame and main-event status, first as one-half of PVE’s high-flying “Aces High” becoming a four time tag team champ 3 Time PVE Tag Team Champions (Tadd w/ Jeff Hardy); 1 Time PVE Tag Team Champions (Tadd w/ Ace Steel), then in singles competition.

Though many of his paintings are abstract, this free spirit is a Rembrandt inside the ring, signing his name not with the traditional paintbrush or pen, but with wildly unorthodox, high-impact maneuvers off top ropes and 20-foot ladders. His credo is simple: to create, then surpass his creation.

Unfortunately, most true artists must sink to their lowest point before attaining their greatest heights. For Tadd, frequent wear-and-tear of living life of a high-flying star had prompt him to leave PVE in 2004. But after a three-year personal journey of refocusing his passion and energies, he now finds himself “in a positive place…and that’s what motivates me.” Joining TWA in August 2006, this reinspired risk-taker is here to creating the art he loves most—entertaining TWA fans in arenas around the world. And his most extreme masterpiece awaits.

Tadd in recent times has begun to feud with old friend Kid Louis after Louis hung Tadd with razor wire before his national title match costing him the match. Ever since the incident that happened with Kid and Tadd, Tadd has found a new leash on life, one that he forms with the statement of "This time I will have the upper hand".

Now Tadd makes home in AWF while having knowledge in wrestling in TWA in a Tag Team with fellow AWF star Kid Louis, when asked if a return of their team "The Misfitz" Starr only reply with this; sod off.

Move List

Favorite Moves:

  • Enziguri
  • Running cross body
  • DDT
  • Regal-plex
  • Drop Sault
  • Springboard wheel kick
  • Super kick
  • Flying head scissors
  • Snap Underhook DDT
  • Cobra Clutch Crossface
  • powerbomb (only used on small opponents)
  • crossbody
  • Diving Head Butt
  • Cross Face
  • STO
  • Inverted DDT
  • Spinning heel kick
  • Springboard Moonsault
  • Snap Suplex
  • Overhead Hurricarana
  • Bronco Buster
  • German Suplex
  • Backbreaker
  • Tornado DDT
  • Flying elbow

Double Team: 2 for the Price of 1: Drop kick to standing opponent following into a back flip splash onto another opponent ( on ground ).

Moves that single a finisher: Panic attack: inverted Twist of Fate following a climb to the post for a Burn Out(Swanton Bomb)

Trademark Moves: Tornado DDT six jabs to the face followed by a roundhouse kick punch to the throat Big Air: front flip heel kick.

Finishers: Burn Out:(Swanton bomb) Dropped: Running STO

Submission Finsher: Boston Crab

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