Tai Burns
Born July 4 1985
Height 6'7"
Weight 282 lbs.
TWA Debut December 2006

Tai Burns is an E-Professional Wrestler, currently under contract for Total Wrestling Annihilation.


Total Wrestling Annihilation

Debut: The Circus

Tai's debut is a memorable one, coming through the crowd with then friend TJ Court, and claiming that the "Circus was in town". The Circus started out as a solid unit, but eventually Tai grew tired of the antics, and felt that he was doing all the work, while Court, and newest member Freekshow, were having all the fun. Shortly before TWA Implosion, Tai decided that he had had enough. After a break up with the Circus, Tai had just a few short weeks to find a new partner for his upcoming title opportunity, thus Chemical Darkness was born.

Chemical Darkness

Tai quickly announced that at Implosion in the triple threat ladder match, it'd be Tai Burns and the Darkness teaming up. Two weeks later at Implosion, the newly named Chemical Darkness won the TWA World Tag Team Championships from the High Rollers in an intense match that also involved the Misfits. After nearly half an hour of back and forth action. Tai and Darkness managed to swat the High Rollers away, and grab the titles, making them just the second ever TWA Tag Champs.

This win also did one other thing. Ignited two of TWA's greatest feuds. Chemical Darkness and the High Rollers, as well as Tai Burns and Chris Foppa. Over the next two months both teams would be in many different matches singles and tag. Chemical Darkness got big wins over the Misfits, and the team of Maltese Preacher and Darth Vader. The Darkness even got the biggest singles win of his career, in a match with Edge. But those matches usually only added fuel to the fire of a much more heated feud.

The High Rollers, and Warrior's Will

So the saga continued, with Darkness and Tai picking up singles victories over both members of the High Rollers. CD was on a roll, until after Tai Burns beat Chris Foppa in what was one of TWA's most exciting matches, he was jumped and beaten, and the High Rollers stole the Tag Belts. For weeks Tai would try anything to get the belts back, even managing to get one of them after knocking out Terry Buford with a baseball bat, but he gave that one to Darkness, the title he wanted laid on the shoulder of Chris Foppa. Tai wouldn't get the opportunity to get his belt back before Warrior's Will though, where Chemical Darkness and the High Rollers took each other on in the very first ever Ironteam Match. The match was back and forth for 60 minutes, but as the clock was winding down, it looked as if the Darkness had Terry Buford pinned, but it was not to be, as Chris Foppa leaped in with a Shooting Star Press to break up the pin as the clock hit zero.

Not having a winner didn't sit well with Paul Heyman, and he ordered the match to be restarted in Sudden Death, after more near falls, the High Rollers managed to hit Darkness with Rollin' the Dice, and Chemical Darkness' dominant run as tag champs came to an end. As did their feud with the High Rollers, because after the match, in a show of respect, both teams shook hands. This match would later be voted Match of the Year for Season One of TWA.

The next week on Unleashed, in an emotional speech, Chemical Darkness went their separate ways, deciding it was time for both men to concentrate on their singles careers. They have not teamed since.

Chris Jericho, and the National Championship

It didn't take long after CD for Tai to get himself into a singles title picture, a shot at the Maltese Preacher, and his National Title. Preacher came out on top in a back and forth match on Unleashed. At the conclusion of the match, Burns and Preacher showed respect towards one another, but the debuting Chris Jericho would have none of that, as he came down to the ring, and physically destroyed both Preacher and Tai. Several weeks later, after another attack by Jericho, Tai was injured, and claimed that he may never return. He was replaced in the Triple Threat match for the National Title at Sunrise Over Hell by a childhood friend "The Samurai" Fayt Kasai. Fayt strained to use his martial arts skills to bring himself success in a TWA ring, and soon called upon Tai for help and guidance. But even with Tai's help, he still couldn't manage to come away with a win, soon disappearing from the TWA scene.

The Return of The Chemical

After weeks of absence from the TWA, Tai returned, claiming that he was once again ready to get into the ring, and that this time, there would be no replacements, or excuses. The next era of the Chemical has begun, and only time will tell how far it can go.

Tai Burns Facts

  • Tai wrestled in High School at Morgan Park High in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Tai has only been pinned or made to submit on two occasions.


  • Chemical Warfare Inverted DVD (Burning Hammer)
  • Detox Part Deux Vertical Rolling Cutter (Vertical Testdrive/Rolling the Dice)
  • The Injection Uranage Backbreaker
  • Detox Rolling Cutter (Testdrive/Rolling the Dice)
  • Greetings From Morgan Park Over The Shoulder Reverse Piledriver
  • Stalling Fisherman DDT
  • Crucifix Sit-down Powerbomb
  • Exploder Suplex (pin)
  • Juji-gatame armbar
  • Top Rope Clothesline
  • Buffalo Headlock with Bodyscissors
  • Standing Back Heel Kick
  • Neckbreaker Bomb
  • Elbow Drop (opponent on stomach)
  • Mounted Punches (opponent on stomach) followed by a Big Cocky Smile
  • Running Knee Lift into a Discus Lariat
  • Gorilla Press dropped into a Gutbuster
  • Three Punch Combo (sometimes ended with an obvious lowblow when the ref isn't paying attention)
  • Big Boot
  • Dragon Suplex
  • Pendulum Backbreaker into a Running Powerslam


  • Total Wrestling Annihilation
    • TWA National Champion (1)
    • TWA Tag Team Champion (1) - with The Darkness

Entrance Music

Hed PE-Get Ready


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