Takuma Yoshimento is one of the rising stars of SWA having already won multiple titles he is now currently wrestling for the Rising Sun Wrestling Promotion RSW for short as apart of the Shootclub Wrestling Alliance

Early History

Takuma, A Japanese native wasn't one of the wrestlers that was born into the game, he came across it after attending several shows as a small child before meeting some of the wrestlers after a show, he asked them if he could start training with them and of course for the next couple of years he was training aspart of the ring crew and started to work as a jobber to the older stars. Takuma at the time was also getting MMA training as he believed if Wrestling didn't work for him than he'd have a career in MMA. Soon afterwards he felt it was time to break apart from the promotion he was currently working in, and that started with a trip to Shootcamp

Shootcamp and Shootcamp Wrestling

He soon arrived in Shootclub Wrestling Alliance and trained for a month to show off his talents to the academy promoters and soon enough he received a call to join SCW aspart of the stable known as eWa along with Joe Stanley, Steve McGhee and Samuel J Boddington. Aspart of SCW, Takuma engaged in a stable warfare with SSA's academy stable which involved The Rush, Johnny B Wonderful and Ratings and they were involved in a few battles in SCW. Soon afterwards though Takuma impressed enough to go to CCW with Steve McGhee Shootclub Online Wrestling Game

Crescent City Wrestling

Takuma met his newest tag partner Juve De La Rosa in CCW and the two soon started off a stable with another up and comer. But soon it turned sour and Takuma kicked out the rookie from the stable leaving just Takuma and Juve to wrestle matches in CCW. Soon 1 month later Steve McGhee joined and eWa started off in CCW. After awhile Takuma managed to win the CCW Cajun Title in a wild 5 man brawl. Takuma would engage in a bitter feud with Shin Ki Ryoku who Takuma would eventually loose the title to. His run in CCW also included a very short reign as SWA Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Empire State Wrestling

Takuma and Juve moved up to New York where Takuma spent the first few months on a tirade against the Front Office, New York and the USA as he vented his frustrations at not being given opportunities to prove himself. Soon after he received a Brooklyn Street Title match in a triple threat which involved Saint X Delore and Hito Kiri which ended badly for Takuma. Soon after Takuma and Juve won the ESW Tag Team titles which they would win for a 2nd time later on. Takuma went on a rampage through ESW winning the ESW Heavyweight Title in the process to prove how capable he was to be a main eventer for the promotion and soon he would get an E-Crown Title Shot. The 1st shot he didn't succeed at SummerStorm6 when The Deranged Outlaw managed to pin Shane Malone after Takuma had just hit the Mount Fuji Splash on Malone. However Takuma was set to leave ESW to go back to his native homeland of Japan for RSW, Takuma would win the E-Crown Title at SWA's Colossal Cup beating DRD, Jessica Heart and The Deranged Outlaw. Due to Takuma leaving he would face off against DRD and The Outlaw at Explosion in a match which saw Takuma loose the belt. Takuma also held the SWA US Title several times in ESW, renaming it the SWA Japan Title whenever he held it. (Takuma went to LSW for 1 month before returning back to ESW to feud with Turner the Metrosexual Cowboy in a USA VS Japan feud)

Lone Star Wrestling

Takuma only spent one month in LSW and started a short lived feud with The Galactic Avenger in a typical Japan VS USA feud. Takuma managed to win the LSW Heavyweight Title of Micah King before loosing it to Hydromancer after 1 Defence.

Rising Sun Wrestling

Takuma joined RSW in December 2006 and immeditely set his sites on Chijoku who was the current RSW Light-Heavyweight Champion and at Jingle Hell, Takuma would cheat to win the belt in his debut PPV performance for the company. The next month however at Reach for Immortailty, Takuma would challenge Chijoku to a MMA Match and if Takuma wins, Chijoku would never get a RSW Light-Heavyweight Title Shot again, but if Chijoku won, Takuma would be forced to spend time with him. Takuma using the MMA experience he had learnt from the past managed to fall short from a Chijoku knockout punch which caused him to loose the title. The next month, Takuma wasn't showing any improvement in learning the ways of good from Chijoku, having sworn at school children and refusing to help others, it looked like Takuma was going to be bad forever. But at Money & Evil, it was Davey Darko VS Chijoku for the Light-Heavyweight Title but Takuma, having used his lawyer learnt he was entitled to a rematch so added himself to the match. Takuma laid both men out and hit the Mount Fuji Splash on Darko, before putting the knocked out Chijoku ontop of Darko to let Chijoku retain the belt. Takuma would go on to face Davey Darko in a stretcher match for the RSW Light-Heavyweight Title falling short of the chance to retain the gold at Imminent Glory...Takuma lost after getting electricuted in the process. However Takuma would try to bounce back being apart of a 3 Hour Capture the Flag match featuring Snakebite, Darko and Chijoku. In the end Takuma didn't win the belt and would leave RSW having held the RSW TV Title 3 times during his spell.

The Return to RSW

Takuma would spend several months off the shelf and soon afterwards a mystery man kept attacking Chijoku during his matches. Coincedently a Shoot video was released featuring Takuma Yoshimento who shattered the friendship that he started with Chijoku after having to spend some time with him, blaming him for his career going downhill because he made him become a face. It would be revealed at Birthday Havoc when Intervention for New Influence were facing The Golden Mean for the RSW Dragon Tag Titles that it was Takuma who was the mysteryman as he attacked Chijoku and cost them the belts. Takuma would continue to do everything in his path to get to Chijoku including attacking his friends. Soon afterwards Chijoku had enough and threatened to press charges. But Takuma tricked Chijoku into having a "Civil Conversation" at True Colours 2K7 in a Garden Tea Party match. Takuma would brutalize Chijoku eventually getting the match stopped due to a severe blood being lost by Chijoku, gaining Yoshimento his 2nd reign as Light-Heavyweight champion. Takuma would grant Chijoku a rematch and at Jingle Hell, the two men will face off for the final time in an 60 minute Iron Man Match being billed as TAKUMA VS CHIJOKU IV- THE FINAL SHOWDOWN. Takuma managed to win the RSW TV Title for a 4th time before recently loosing it to Christopher Noteman

Titles Won

Shootclub (SWA) 1X ESW Heavyweight Champion 1X LSW Heavyweight Champion 4X RSW TV Champion 3X SWA US Champion 2X RSW Light-Heavyweight Champion 1X SCW Rising Star Champion 1X SWA Junior Heavyweight Champion 1X CCW Cajun Champion 1X ESW E-Crown Champion 2X ESW Tag Champion


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Shootclub Online Wrestling Game SHOOTCLUB [1] Takuma's Profile

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